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Whoa-o BlackBerry, bam-ba-lam: QWERTY phone had a child. 5G thing's newly styled


Priv was the best phone I ever had. Don't last long when I moved to the country though. Adored it. Linked work and personal accounts through BB suite and it worked so well. Calendars and emails all in one place.

BlackBerry Motion lurches into UK stores


Re: Yep...

Finally an affordable price for a decent bb!

China's phone quartet is shouldering its way into Western markets


Re: 'There's very little round the £100 SIM-free price today.'

Suspect like tablets, people bought cheap ones and then regretted to it, and are now keen not to repeat the same mistake.

Finally, that tech fad's over: Smartwatch sales tank more than 50%


Re: Called it

It's a great example of when shiny corporate marketing world of 20 somethings in 'generic Western advert city' meets the real world of normal folk in rainy swindon or Sheffield.

I mean I like the idea of having a 70s scifi film prop on my wrist but until it does something useful and has a battery that lasts at least as long as a kindle, I'm not taking the risk of getting robbed or breaking it.

We tolerate smartphones batteries and risks because they are just So. Damn. Useful.

So. Farewell then, BlackBerry Classic. You were a classic ... of sorts


Re: Know your market

It was odd how for a time BlackBerry were in the unique place of being trendy in two entirely different markets; suits and urban teenagers. They went to smart phone too late to keep the teenagers (and the fact they handed over the BBM data from the London riots so willingly can't of helped). Then BB10 was just too late and too different to keep the suits.

But I think it comes down to price. Q5 was too expensive for PAYG teenagers and q10 / priv too much for IT depts.

The classic was a clear signal they'd made a mistake with the q10 and STILL cost too much.


I hope so. Managed to get a priv for a reasonable price after months and months of waiting. It's already my all time favourite phone.

The problem with the classic was price. Same with the priv. Just completely unjustifiable prices!

I wanted a classic but could never justify the price. Especially given the battery was by all accounts so poor.

Islamic script kiddies aim killer blow - at Bristol bus timetable website


Re: Security

I think to be fair its a low risk target. There is no sensitive info on a site like that and you can roll back in hours. There is not much point in spending huge amounts on top end sec.

Plus they're in good company. Not many organisations seem to be immune no matter how hard they try.


There's 'real time' info on there too mind.


Re: Update your wordpress

Its drupal.

Silk Road admins: Sorry for the hack, we're sorting out refunds


A victory for prohibition.

Drug prohibition makes more nasty people rich. This time hackers. The war on drugs is working.

BlackBerry CEO: I LOVE keyboards, so if you want them, you'll get them


Agreed such a device is needed. There is so little differentiation in phones. I've never quite got over losing qwerty, but they just don't make flip downs anymore!

Android, Chromebooks storm channel as Windows PC sales go flat


Re: So if we award all desktops to Microsoft then I make it...

That's not true. I live in a reasonably sized town in Somerset... Hardly the 'sticks'. Copper wire broadband is very flaky. And I commute on a train without broadband. Chrome books are cool some, but I'll take a tablet with keyboard any day.



Re: Fairly meaningless

Agreed. The hard core are driving sales at present. And they were *seriously* annoyed at MS proposals over ownership etc.

When the mainstream takes over it will be even more interesting. My anecdotal view was grown ups were buying PS and kids XB. So maybe the price difference will be even more important.

BlackBerry flings John Chen $89 MILLION to save troubled firm


Re: beans

None are as funny as the "Foxconn reseller..." joke.

Bad for Bezos: Amazon's German workers threaten pre-Christmas strike


Luton makes vans now. As others have said last time I heard a news story about the German economy ... It wasn't doing so bad.

As these 'new economy' jobs like etialing and call centres become the norm its good to see workers getting representation. IMHO.

Xbox One users will have to pay extra for Skype and gamer-gratifying DVR


Re: I don't get it

Oh dear you nearly had me there too MS! My wife was excited at the prospect of having a single box which handled TV, DVD, BR, and SKYPE ready and running to talk to relatives in Norway and France. I'd persuaded her it was day one purchase.

Well you know what. Get lost MS.

Hey, you know Android apps can 'access ALL' of your Google account?


So if Android is so damn insecure...

How comes there's been no major breach / scandal / mainstream news story?

What is it 50% of new smartphones are Android? I've never heard of anyone actually having a problem with it... out of all the people I know with Android.

Genuine question, every week something new yet its all hypothetical?

Sad shop-shelf-clinging BlackBerry Z10 AXED ... in price, contracts


Re: Q10

My work curve has made me fond of BB. But the price of the Q10 is ridiculous. BB had two markets, business and teenagers. The Q5 should of been for teenagers and business lower ranks (£120ish PAYG), the q10 for the execs and enthusiasts (£240 ish).

When the Q10 comes down, i'll think about jumping ship from Android. I am *that* desperate for a qwerty.

'Do the right thing and tell on a pirate' - software bods


Somthing to do at lunch

Whoo. Time to go down to 'vuh senterrrrgh' (the centre) and laugh at an empty stall manned by thought police wannabes.

They'd better have free gifts. I want a FACT baseball cap.

MySpace zaps millions of teens' tearful rants, causes wave of angst


Re: Content you create but don't own

Agree. Might of been vacuous junk, but they could of warned the poor dears. There's vacuous junk of mine from years ago I'd miss if it disappeared.

Not that I care enough to actually go and get it...

So, Windows 8.1 to give PC sales a shot in arm? BZZZZT, wrong answer


Re: +1 avoiding an upgrade

Oh no! No one stocks the screen I need. I'm doomed!


+1 avoiding an upgrade

Dropped my lovely 17' XPS and broke the screen yesterday.

1st thought: arrrghh!

2nd thought: Hmm... excuse to buy a new one

3rd thought: oh no it'll be windows 8!

4th thought: use phone to buy new screen.

Anecdotal, but that's the how the economy works, millions of individuals all making their own decisions on their own terms. Made me chuckle to my self.

Ofcom to UK: Really - you're using the same password for everything?


Re: No mention if 2-step verification?

The only problem with that, and granted, it may not be a problem for many, is what you do if you lose your mobile / get mugged / are abroad / don't have coverage / ran out of battery.

Don't get me wrong, great feature, but in some ways, my email account is more reliable and important than my mobile to me... maybe i'm weird.


Re: True but misleading

I agree entirely. It took 7 attempts to remember the correct pass for El Reg just now!

very much blame 'the victim'.

I have low sec for stuff i dont care about and then about 4 or 5 others as they get more important (ebay, paypal etc).

What happened to openID etc?

SimCity 2000

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Inspired a generation of town planners

This is the definitive version for me personally (although 4 is close).

During my degree in Town Planning, it was not a surprise given most of the people on it had been 16 - 18 when this came out, that many, perhaps most of the group had been influenced in their choice of career after playing this game.

Of course the real thing is no where near as much fun, and I'm more or less and IT bod in a related field now :(

Google asks YouTube commenters to stand up and be counted

Big Brother

Re: Sod google


How about "I don't want the people I actually know in reality to know that I like looking at strategy game walkthroughs and other such geekness".

I don't want to mix personal and net all the time.

Spotify coining it at home in Sweden: But are artists getting any?


Re: Please...

Have to agree. What else can anyone do? People don't seem to want physical media lying around as much. People will not pay 'per play', and buying DRM infested MP3s is subject to storage failure and portability issues (granted i-tunes is good for this).

So i want to be legal, Spotify is clear, you get to play it as long as you subscribe, after that you lose the lot. The problem is the record companies and Spotify creaming off too much, not the users. Its a shame because the internet could potentially remove the middle men altogether.

Google makes Opera bloggers an offer they can't refuse: Use Chrome


Re: Boooo!

That's what was going through my mind as I read this... "don't be evil..."

Google+ takes on a location element as it pushes deeper into iPhone


"Google + Local"?

Really? Reminds me of when Microsoft renamed everything that previous had a logical name with something like "Microsoft MSN Windows Live {product name}" and then had go and invent 'bing' which sounds absolutely moronic and makes me think of a short American with bleached teeth in a cheap suit selling time-share.

Microsoft to open UK retail store early next year

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Nothing other to say than that's one of the funniest things I've read in ages!

Google Maps API now costs $4 per 1,000 requests



How on earth am I going to get all this set up through local gov procurement. Oh my goodness...