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Auto auto fleets to dodge British potholes in future


The earth isn't flat you know

Especially on any road in the UK.

We need to stop thinking two dimensionally to solve potholes forever.


Stop trying to get us to Mars,

just give us the flying cars.

The new Tesla, with wings.


Its more likely than a County Council getting the roads mended because of IOT

OK Google: A stranger with stash of pirated films is spamming my Google Team Drive


Google, your cracks are showing

This issue of unwanted content being joined onto a drive appears to be made worse by the business drive team and the team that herds the great unwashed being entirely separate entities.

There is much passing between forum sections in that Google drive help forum.

a Google team cannot work with another Google team to resolve an issue?

Superb, the implosion of the GoogleBorg begins, this will need much popcorn.

Tech giants at war: Google pulls plug on YouTube in Amazon kit


YouTube, not an essential service

Is YouTube still a thing?

I stepped off the YouTube train when Google insisted on having a Gmail account to upload to youtube.

Last time I looked at YouTube was for Project Binky.

The rest of it seems to be "Hold my beer while I catapult a squirrel into a lake", shaky videos from iPhone users that film everything in portrait because of the Selfie Reflex and some inexplicable bloke called PeedoPie.

I have Netflix, prime, and Spotify.

Google don't have anything I want and many things life is better without.

Other search engines are available that don't mug you off through skewed search results.

Amazon scores, Google tantrum is not big news.

Chinese gamer plays on while BMW burns to the ground


Try google with the following three little words

Tesla Fire NHTSA

Here's what YOU WON'T be able to do with your PlayStation 4


Re: ***I Know It's Long But Just Give It A Read

TL;DR : Throw out your old crap, its 2013 Dude, stop living like its 2011 already


So its a games console and nothing else ?

Good luck with that then Sony, it was nice knowing you

Sod it I'll buy another Wii instead

Digital radio may replace FM altogether - even though nobody wants it


I dont need anything that costs me extra to replace something I already have.

My cars all have factory fitted FM radios and these work perfectly.

At home I have T'internet and all its joys to entertain me, radio at home just does not happen.

At the moment I have absolutely no need for DAB, if FM stops working I will simply stop listening to local radio when I am out and about in the car as I'm neither old enough or young enough to enjoy any BBC radio content.

BBC Radio has WandErection for the Yoofs and Terrys Old Gits for the departure lounge massive but nothing in between.

However as a licence payer I am funding these services I dont use but have the means to access.

Here is a simple test, a reduction in the TV/BBC License fee if I have no DAB devices in my house or car,

how many people would still be keen ?

British judge: Say you're sorry Apple... this time like you MEAN it


14 days to update a website?

Is this the one and only time Apple have not been able to dismiss the slow bits with the phrase "Sequences Shortened" ?

Google's latest webspam crusade 'breaks' search results


Hadnt noticed any difference

Google ranking has dropped a couple of places in my own user ranking.

If I dont find it on duckduckgo.com or yahoo then google might get a go but its no longer my first choice of search engine.

Google used to be good when real page content outnumbered junk pages.

You could search, spot new keywords and use them to refine the next search usually finding what you wanted while watching the number of page hits dwindle to show how close to either hit or miss you were.

Now google seems too scared to say "I dont know" and returns a load of crap just to try and convince you it knows everything and really has looked everywhere.

When was the last time google didnt have enough hits to fill a page ?

Ten exabytes wedged into a rather large box by Cleversafe


So this is the real reason

The world hard drive shortage appears to now be sod all to do with Thailand flooding.

4,500,000 drives indeed

Windows 8 hardware rules 'derail user-friendly Linux'


WTF is all that noise in here ?

Locking out Linux ?

I have just been reading a Red Hat doc titled "GRUB and the boot process on UEFI-based x86 systems"

It doesnt look too hard, for a fat fingered oaf like myself.

Some of you flamers could probably do it too.

So calm it down chaps, penguin power still appears to be an option

Linkage for the lazy


Google's social search mash gets EPIC FAIL


Now it all gets a bit clearer

I used to have a YouTube account, not a very active one ,just a couple of dozen videos of cars and the like.

Then one day YouTube told me I HAD to have a google account as well to use YouTube.

I have no need whatsoever to have a google account so after several seconds deliberation, rather than create yet another flaming account to lose the password for I simply deleted the lot.

Now the reasoning behind this second account becomes clear, Google are buying up online content providers and getting the content owners to organise all the content for them by pinning it to a google account allowing them to build a GooFaceGleBook 1.0 out of all the bits.

Wow, deleting my content and ditching YouTube was a lucky escape.

It may come as a surprise to you Google, but some of us havent signed up for social media sites, trying to lure us in wont increase your userbase.

Netflix set to make your video history public


Yet another reason to avoid using Twitter, not that I needed any further persuasion.

No doubt there will soon be a phone app so geeky dullards the world over can watch the same film on Netfailix at the same time.

I suppose it keeps them all indoors out of harms way.

Open-sourcers suggest Linux secure boot block workarounds


Anybody remember winmodems ?

A long while ago, just after the last ice-age, it was possible to buy a bit of hardware called a winmodem.

It was a cheaper to make and slightly cheaper to buy way to get a modem in your PC.

It was cheaper because it was a brain dead card with a lump of software from Microsoft to make it work and dropped packets if you played an online game like quake due to CPU load.

Mine went in the bin long before I found out they didnt support Linux

Any manufacturer desparate enough to tie their hardware to a single OS is probably so close to chapter-11 that you would be best to avoid them completely.

Vmware might have some input to make on excluding them from hardware too, its not all freeloading beardy sandal wearers that want to boot something other than MS products.

Virgin Media touts high-speed signups and TiVO


Wish I had just left it alone

I had years of good uninterrupted service with Virgin until in a moment of stupidity I agreed to to a 50Mb contract.

Yes it peaked at 49Mb on Virgins own service monitor but nothing else ever got that close and it would fall apart every day at about 3:30pm for an hour, oh yeah thats when all the kids get home and spank iPlayer.

I really do wish I had left it on the old 10Mb service, rumour has it they cannot traffic manage the 10Mb Terayon modems so they dont get constantly arsed about with to free up Bandwidth for Tivo

They are now one customer less, all my equipment is in a carrier bag by the front door waiting for an Engineer to collect it.

I'll take a 6Mb ADSL service over a 50Mb service thats spends an hour a day at 0Mb if thats OK with Virgin.


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