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Price-slashing fails to ignite PlayBook sales


It really is a nice little machine though...

We bought a 16Gb Playbook last week when the price was reduced to £250 at PC World.

It's a lovely little device - it's feels like a premium product when you're holding and using it. The gesture control is genius - if Apple had developed it people would be fawning from here to eternity about it!

The main criticism I have with it is the limited content compared to the quality content available on my iPad. However, I'm not really a gamer and for what I use the iPad for I could get by with the more pocket friendly Playbook . At £250 it's a bargain and far superior for the everyday user than the Android 7" tablets - IMHO.

This comes from a household with me owning an iPad 2 and an Advent Vega (really not worth £200 and a bad way to explore Android), my daughter clinging onto her 3G Samsung Galaxy Tab (still not nice), and my Blackberry loving wife looking after the Playbook.

If you're not sure about buying a tablet and you own a Blackberry have a look at the Playbook - I dont think you'll be disappointed.


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