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50 years ago today Apollo 11 slipped the surly bonds of Earth to put peeps on the Moon


And, Don’t Forget The Last Moon Mission, As Well

Enthrall to https://apollo17.org/ with real-time multi-channel audio and real-time vídeo & photos.

Apple strips clips of WWDC devs booing that $999 monitor stand from the web using copyright claims. Fear not, you can listen again here...



...is not “some booing and mostly gasping and groaning.” I’m sorry, but given the quite unique tech reporting at El Reg that I’ve been enjoying for ~25 years, it’s so lame that you sometimes stoop to this childishness.

Yes, I know you’ve been blackballed after you f*cked with a touchy SPJ with your “jag-wire” teasing, and that’s the way sh** happens sometimes. It would be interesting to ask if you could go back to August 2002 and expunge that one line of “jag-wire” so you can be involved with the orgies at Apple Park every quarters, would you...?

Yes, $1000 stands that are optional is hilarious, but then again, bluetooth beacons forwarded from strangers to locate your lost or stolen Apple devices that is OFFLINE is pretty f**cking cool, isn't it...?

I guess you have nothing to lose now by writing this kind of clickbait, but it’s still unnecessary. Just take the high road...or maybe not. ;)

Frankly, I think I.F. Stone had it right: one's reporting is more accurate if you don't get too close to the powerful. Keep up the insightful reporting that still makes me laugh out loud sometimes.

Apple boss decries 'data industrial complex' while pocketing, er, billions to hook Google into iOS


Default Search in Safari

Not like Google Mobile Services collection of apps, on Android...this is simply the default search provider in Mobile Safari (and the iOS Search field, as well). Given that the vast majority never change the default, it’s incredibly valuable, thus Google forks over $9B this year, and apparently $12B in 2019 for the privilege (according to Asymco).

Not sure about your comment about Chrome. Yes, you can get Chrome from the Apple App Store (or Opera, for example) to browse instead of Safari.

Note that it takes 10 seconds to change to DuckDuckGo or other search engine. (Yes, that scream of horror that you just heard was from Larry & Sergei.)



Re: Things have gone downhill since the 1600s

Entertaining fable.

(I was of the impression “boink” was a verb…)

You can take off the shades, squinting Outlook.com users. It has gone dark. Very dark


Re: Here we go again

True enough.

I would note as Google started growing fast, way back, most (or many) of the management team were former Microsofties...so the same "embrace and extinguish" approach with a fake "don't be evil" feeling from Brin & Page became the norm...

US gov quizzes AI experts about when the machines will take over


Algorithm Audits

Beyond what could be achieved from future GPU performance, it should be noted that quantum computing will take that to another level.

Another aspect of this is related to the “black box“ characteristic of algorithms, that lead to disturbing results based on limited or constrained training data. Proper controls need to be placed on them given some of the recent experiences with runaway social chat bots, like Microsoft Tay, for example.

By the way, here’s the video of the congressional hearing.


US Supremes just blew Aereo out of the water


Re: Sad? probably. Surprising? no.

An interesting side-benefit of the internet is that those that are so certain of their superiority can reveal themselves to be the ultimate doofuses...

Tell everyone how Dred Scott "established case law" still stands, made by those "qualified to judge" back in 1857...


This case can be overturned at any time when more clear-thinking occupants reside at the Supreme Court...and it will. This case is akin to SCOTUS banning the Sony Betamax VCR in 1985.

Aereo is essentially a cloud-based Betamax and since over-the-air TV programming is free to all in the US (and supported by cost-free public spectrum to the TV networks making massive profits), this is the most stupid, f-cking SCOTUS opinion I've seen in a long time. (Maybe just behind Dred Scott and Citizens United.)

Note that only one Supreme Court Justice (Kagan) uses email. There you have it.

Tech patents latest: Google, Cisco search pockets to sling $490m at TiVo



Gotta say, Tivo inventing DVRs has to be one of the most under-rated innovations of all-time. How many hours of our lives have we saved with that machine...??

Google says it can predict movie box office with 94% accuracy


Re: Er....

Yes, I was noticing the same thing. It doesn't seem predictive, but more reactive.

I also noticed that the peaks don't correlate, meaning some high search peaks are lower than the box office peaks.

Me thinks this is just Google drumming up business from the notoriously clueless film studios to take their marketing money. If you watch Soderbergh lecture on the "State of Cinema", they have NO idea why or why not various movies are successful or tank...(and what's worse, the studios don't even seem interested in any self-analysis or A/B testing -- given the "big data" that is available).


Google is good at vacuuming that ad money from the clueless & insecure.

FreedomPop aims to gut US wireless oligopoly with free smartphone



So, the equivalent comparison is $100 down & $28/mo for unlimited voice, SMS, and 2G data.

So, for @Don's use case, that's $2400 per 2-yr VZW contract in direct savings. Even if you add a bit more for 5G or 10G of data (which is more than 95% of normal usage), it will save over $1000 over contract time.

Watch out.

Jobs' 'incredibly stupid' prattlings prove ebook price-fix plot, claim Feds


Re: How does this work?

Nice inquiry, @AC. This is the essence of the whole case and the concerns Steve Jobs was negotiating with the book publishers, as I've been able to understand after doing some online research.

Amazon had, just before the iPad was announced in January 2010, a ~90% ebook market share using the wholesale model...and the publishers were really steamed about it.

As you rightly point out, the publisher CEOs were horrified at having zero control over industry pricing as ebooks proliferated via Amazon (and their fear of paper books going the way of the Dodo bird). Bezos was in the catbird seat, because his vision of zero profit is supported by Wall Street, so he can drive down pricing to 1¢/unit profit (or, even negative) while the Amazon stock price still goes up (giving him huge cash reserves).

Note also, that while the publisher CEOs were freaked, so, too, were physical book store owners (not the warehouse book stores, the million family-owned corner bookstores throughout the US). They can't stay open if they have to meet Amazon ebook pricing.

So, now, here comes Apple with their iPad and iBook store (and Steve Jobs as white knight) by offering an agency model to the publishers to give them flexibility to price as they would like: market pricing...as opposed to zero-profit Amazon pricing.

I'm fascinated by anti-trust law after following the Microsoft trial and reading about the IBM mainframe consent decree and the AT&T breakup. How can Apple be accused of collusion when they had zero market share in 2010, while Amazon has a 90% monopoly?

My guess is that the Eliza Rivlin testimony will be revealing if there was some backroom dealing, but I'm not so sure.

Here's the email thread from Steve Jobs to James Murdoch that is quite informing.


Elon Musk pledges transcontinental car juicers by end of year


Re: Musk obviously has staff to pay his bills and thus never actually sees them ...

New disruptions are always confusing; stay calm.

And to help your false view of "capitalism", that's actually not the way it works...yes, there's inflation, but that's the way unfettered, unregulated greed works (especially when externalities like spewing pollution into the atmosphere with no chargeback -- same as when London had the black fog from profiteering coal plants, remember how fun that was -- while people died off, like ants?) .

Here's why 100-year-old power companies are resisting solar:


As Musk said, incumbents get stagnant..only new entrants will innovate in big leaps (i.e., continuing with gas-only engines, despite the Toyota CEO's bold $1 billion move into hybrids in 1995). See "Who Killed The Electric Car?" and enlighten yourself.


Musk has another IPO, called SolarCity. Buying a Tesla means that you have access to solar-powered Supercharging stations for free, FOREVER (and a software update will allow 200-mile range after 20 minutes).

Don't be a downer; try to dream and make the future happen...it's healthier and more fun.

Here's Musk's D11 interview:


Google adds Atari Easter Egg for Breakout's birthday


Works fine here, using Opera for OSX.

Mind boggling to the think where we've come since Breakout was first released (as if remembering horse-drawn carriages and now watching the moon landings). Astounding advances (in wasting time). ;)

Bill & Jobs' excellent adventure: Steve's tech looked better than mine


Bill Gates, meet your old VP Dick Brass

While the Tablet PC design was fine for the time it was released in 2001, (I remember getting a 1st-hand demo on a flight with an executive flying in the next seat), Bill (with probably Steve Ballmer's bumbling) blew the first-mover opportunity when they let internal politics in Redmond block development of an MS Office for Tablet PC.


The Fat Lady sung after that (until iPad in 2010)...

Larry Ellison forks out over $200m to slurp up sexy Malibu strip


Re: What The Fuck?

Billionaires' "Giving Pledge" was initiated by Gates & Buffet, in 2010, I believe...



Re: Hmm

...Except that buying Carbon Beach property means it's wealth being transferred from a billionaire to another billionaire, so basically another tax deduction to an opera or art gallery or some university for some dumb "think tank" pontification.

Other than Gates (whatever you think of his business tactics) deciding to heroically eradicate various global diseases in Africa (like Pres. Jimmy Carter sans his own money) and Buffet doubling down another $45 billion, most billionaires in the world are insanely meek & small-minded in their actions. (Or maybe the news media just doesn't publish others' details.)

Note that it's been shown that philanthropy is sadly self-interested and appallingly stingy (as Teresa Odendahl revealed on C-SPAN way back...).


Noblesse oblige, indeed.


Re: Is he bored or something?

Not bored, the LAT article says Ellison enjoys and is inspired by residential architecture...

How much will Google pay to bring fiber to Provo, Utah? Try $1


Leverage with other cities

This is another typical case of free handouts or corporate welfare for a billion-dollar company.

Having said that, Provo has no leverage. If they didn't agree to Google's tough negotiations, they would just to any any of the the other 500 cities begging for Google Fiber.

If Provo mismanaged their city fiber rollout so badly, the citizens should hold them accountable somehow. Chattanooga and others have city fiber networks and seem to be managing it professionally.

Netflix plotting move to HTML5 video - but only if DRM works


Re: anti-piracy ads

As others have mentioned, the only way to avoid this and kill it off, once & for all, is don't buy or rent DVDs and try to use Netflix streaming, iTunes downloading, or other video services. The only message movie studio executives hear is when DVD sales go down (and Netflix & iTunes revenues go up).

Netflix is trying to get to scale ASAP with their $8/month (almost-free) service, so they'll have enough money to buy expensive content from the TV networks & movie studios...and the Netflix global audience will be so huge that the studios can't say NO (as the earlier Walmart example).

Apple has been doing a great job negotiating with the studios, as well, for movie downloads. If you haven't noticed, practically all the latest & greatest movies are available very quickly for reasonable pricing. And many new movies are available on iTunes the same day, as released in the theaters (in the US anyway).


Linear TV (and even set-top DVR use) is going away quickly (except for live sports maybe). Netflix & iTunes & Hulu (as app channels on an Apple TV, for example) are all the new, cloud-based DVRs.

It's as simple as that.

Dubai splurges on 700hp, 217mph Lamborghini police cruiser


Re: Any Reg readers own a Lamborghini...?

Would that be a Red Barchetta...? I thought so. ;)

WTF is... H.265 aka HEVC?


Buy it all again

Was just thinking that, as well. hahaha.

(I wonder if Apple or other movie services will be able to negotiate upgrade fees with movie studios, as was done with transition in iTunes music from MP3 -> AAC...?)


Re: Math problems


Who wants 2K or 4K video? No one...until they see it, then it's amazing. My guess is we'll keep pushing display technologies until we get close to 3D resolutions of the human eye...

(Strange that companies waited for Apple to go Retina before others followed with hi-res displays. I guess we can assume Apple will be first with a desktop Retina display, as well.)

Facebook VOICE is what telco barons should fear - not a Zuckermobe


Re: Why are the traditional carriers still around?

Not their core competency...Apple looked at starting an MVNO to support iPhones in 2006, but way too many issues.

The sooner cellcos act like smart utilities for fast cellular connections & reliability and nothing else, the better.


Re: telcos .... dumb bit carriers..

Dumb pipes have all they've ever been...and all they can ever aspire to be. While they seem to be able to push bounds on network design and cellular connectivity, mobile telcos are utterly worthless in building any value-added services (while raking in billions of your money).

Can anyone name any service they've invented? SMS? MMS? Yeah, cool innovation from 1992 in a Danish pizzeria, any other enhancements after that? VOIP, high-res photo & video messaging, delivery & read receipts, HD video calling, mobile screen-sharing, etc...? Oh, those were BBM, Skype & FaceTime 10-15 years later.

Do you remember when carriers were dictating handset designs before Apple's agreement with Cingular/AT&T to release iPhone 1...? And Nokia & Blackberry tried, but were perfectly powerless to stand up to the carriers before Apple got into the game.

Movie bosses demand Google take down takedown notices


Affecting profitability

The silly joke of the studio conglomerates' lawsuits is that no movie was unprofitable because it was pirated...and no TV series was canceled because of low TV ratiings due to after-the-fact pirating.

In fact, as the "Where's the 'any' key" executives and attorneys at TV networks & movie studios spend millions on legal fees, they could've used that money to hire great technical teams to build any-device, time-shifting, place-shifting video services. (See Aereo, as an example of Barry Diller doing just that.)

And the Nielson rating company monopoly in US, was being lazy in not adding viewership statistics from DVRs and YouTube, so some shows that were actually popular were canceled because the ratings measurement was incorrect.

James Cameron proudly proclaimed that as "Avatar" zoomed past $1.5 BILLION in revenue, it was the most pirated movie.

The intrinsic friction here is that the movie bosses want to artificially reduce day-one demand, because they think they'll be able to milk revenue through all the various distribution "windows."

o Theater

o iTunes/Amazon

o Netflix (expires if movie wins an Oscar or sold to HBO for a 12-month window)


o HBO or other movie channel

o Basic cable channel

o Free TV broadcast (after 15 years)

o Etc...

In fact, it may be likely that many people with families, busy schedules, less disposable income, traffic/parking annoyance, ugly local theater, whatever reason...would rather watch the movie at home on their internet set-top box or tablet...

Btw, note also, a movie ticket for the Wizard of Oz in 1939 was 23¢.

Steve Jobs to supervise iPhone 6 FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE


Re: "Competitors are nipping at the heels of the once unassailable Apple"

Except in Economics 101, if you don't make any profit selling your widget, you will eventually go bankrupt.

No company other than Apple & Samsung make any profits on their handsets. (And Apple's profits are 250% of Samsung, so you do the math...)

It's hilarious to keep reading these comments about zero-profit, market share numbers. How will these company stay in the mobile business without any profits? (Maybe Microsoft can fun Nokia for another 5 years, but who else?) Only Apple, and to a lesser extent Samsung, have any non-zero profits...

Steve Jobs' death clears way for Adobe CTO defection


Re: Apple's problem with flash

Except that there's been a YouTube icon on the iPhone homescreen since day one in 2007 -- and iPad since 2010 (along with Safari in-browser support for embedded YouTube videos), so what's your point..?

Samsung's next smartphone to scroll by watching your eyes


Re: Why the hate?

Not really "hate," just cynicism...and the reason is because Samsung leaked a possible new "feature" to the NY Times to create hype before the new model, instead of just doing a great announcement demo during the release event.

(Also, cynicism pointed at news media, like NYT and others, that are happy to shovel rumors via anonymous sources for page views & ad hits, instead of real reportage.)

For those engaged in the continuous Apple foodfight, my guess is every handset maker or mobile OS maker has this in their R&D labs, it's just about thinking whether it works well enough or will confuse their users (or just release it as a hyped check-box item).

Review: Living with Microsoft's new Surface Pro




Well said.

Let's be brutally honest: anyone that has lived or studied the last 15-20 years of IT history, must admit to the Surface as being a laughable device.

This is simply a warmer-over $2000 Tablet PC with Windows from 2000 that has now been upgraded with the laziest design sense to a....$1000 Surface with Windows for 2013.

Whatever or however you feel about Steve Jobs & Apple, the iPad has, simply and irrevocably, changed the world.

Let's try a counter-factual: the iPhone & iPad were never invented by Apple. Would Microsoft have released this Surface POS now?

One step further: let's grant that MS actually does care about R&D and innovation, and they actually did release this in 2010 (again, with no iPad). Would the world give a rat's ass about the Surface as "a game changer"...? No. They would've sold 5,000 Surfaces, as many as Tablet PCs were sold in 10 years, and we'd be stuck still buying ugly, lame netbooks that were slow and crashed every week (and/or that sucked hours per week of my life to do personal and family and colleagues' tech support).

And while there is a Cupertino bubble, the Redmond bubble is a much different place with really shortsighted outcomes and unoriginal results.

The confusion stems from Apple not fearing to cannibalize OSX, while Microsoft can't see beyond protecting their Windows & Office monopolies. Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson, in 1999, could have been allowed to beak up Microsoft (like Standard Oil or AT&T) into separate Windows & Productivity entities, and we would have Office, identically, on 10 platforms now and who knows what else.

There. I said it.

Lotus 1-2-3 turns 30: Mitch Kapor on the Google before Google


Re: Preferred

Good point...it's that kind lame thinking that wasted billions of user-years since 1990.

Speaking of which, I discovered Opera for browsing back around 2001. I've haven't typed "www" or ".com" for over a decade... ;)

Microsoft rolls out always-on Skype for Windows Phone 8


DND or Mute or Don't Answer

When did the El Reg readership turn old-fogey and senile...?

Since when did it become too complicated for tech-aware users to ignore incoming voice or video calls, texts, IMs, email notify, calendar invites, etc...? (Especially, as others have pointed to using invisible status or mute, etc.)

Gotta love the hyperactive headline. Since multitasking APIs were added to iOS a few years ago, battery-efficient background tasks have been the norm (with VOIP, such as Skype, then in 2010 with always-on FaceTime with phone# integration).

(I said, "battery-efficient"...please no flaming. Maybe WinCE and PalmOS had multi-tasking in 2001, but no one cared.) ;)

Bruce Willis didn't Buy Hard: His girls can't inherit his iTunes


Hoax story

Everyone just got duped by Samsung.



Re: Apple Schmapple

If you had one more year of "working in IT", you would have known to look inside this top-secret, hidden dialog box in iTunes called "Preferences" or "Options."

Inside, you will see two confusing (almost invisible) checkboxes:

o Manage music files manually

o Sync over WIFI

I'll let you figure out how those cryptic settings will work. (Your decade of "working in IT" should serve you well here...finally.)

And don't tell anyone about these iTunes settings. Very hush hush.

As to Bruce Willis' "issue", all his mp4/AAC files are DRM-free. I'm certain his lawyer didn't point that out before asking for his retainer-fee payment.

Sharp's slim screen factory 'flogged to death' by Apple


Hedge Fund short-selling

Behold the symbiosis between click-baiting tech media, anonymous sources and Apple short-sellers.


Australia threatens telcos with mobile roaming price laws


1000% profit

Is there any other company or organization being allowed a 300-1000% profit margin...other than the Mafia?

Come on.

This is a no-brainer for govt regulation to help protect consumers from extortion. (And note also that while you're roaming internationally, do you get a credit for 2 weeks of domestic non-use of voice or data? Heck no...! Nice racket, if you can get it.

Google screams into top Opera soprano gig - again


Supporting browser innovation

Good to hear that Opera was able to re-up with them, despite Google's ongoing attacks at discrediting Opera usage...which is, frankly, weird to behold.

Google continues releasing updated services that break in Opera and it takes 6 months of "consultation" to get it right? Sure. (And pundits wonder why Opera desktop share stays stagnated despite their phone/tablet share is booming?)

Btw, if you're worried about your 3G/4G data ceiling, try out Opera Mini with it's built-in 80% compression. Amazing cloud browsing innovation that remains under-utilized by most mobile users.


PayPal co-founder sells out of foundering Facebook at VAST profit


Re: Foundering?

Most of the IPO issues revolve about Wall Street corruption, I think..the rest is outside investors with imperfect knowledge trying to pretend that insider trading doesn't exist...


Assange granted asylum by Ecuador after US refused to rule out charges


The Muppet behind the sheep behind the wolf, behind the curtain

The ignorance and hypocrisy (and chest-thumping) is truly astonishing to read in the comments, even at El Reg (which is British-based, but still)...


Opera updated following unexplained Outlook.com lockout


$13M past settlement

I'm shocked, just SHOCKED that Microsoft would not spend a bit of time testing in Opera for its 300 million users. They would never do it intentionally would they? Nah.


(Remember Google, for that matter; 9 months to fix Google Instant, when changing the UA string to FF in Opera prefs would make it work...)

And guess what? The strategy works to scare less-knowing users away from Opera to IE or Chrome. Opera does giant heavylifting to handle sitepatching while waiting for web sites to workaround legitimate bugs or problem, stop discriminating with UA sniffing or sit on their hands and just wait for users to stop using Opera.


Here's the jsQuery minify problem with Outlook.com.


Apple disappoints at first Black Hat briefing



Whatever your pre-bias about Apple may be...give them credit where due.

They've designed a quite secure mobile ecosystem from day-one. It's not perfect, but they evolve...and quite rapidly (unlike other vendors we can indict that have been sloth-like. Note also how many person-decades those others have wasted on tech support disaster mgmt for us, for our family, friends, and colleagues).

They've utterly dominated the mobile industry profit-wise and don't seem to relent or relax (again, unlike others that go on 5-year hiatus until their monopoly-trapped customers have been immolated).

As others have mentioned, more info at Black Hat would've been great but they don't telegraph intentions and don't do FUD (unlike past IT history shows those others doing).

For a hint, Apple just bought AuthenTec, a fingerprint sensor firm.

(To those frothing at the mouth...no, Apple won't claim they invented fingerprint security, but it will likely be implemented delightfully in iOS 7 in the next 15 months. Just admit it and enjoy the ride -- and how the industry reaction will veer off to hysteria & desperation.)

Bill Gates: iPad is OK, but what Apple really needs is a SURFACE



I have to give credit to Big Bad Bill. He just keeps going & going & going.

Can we get back to some figment of reality?

No price. No idea about battery life. No availability date. No one has used that Surface keyboard.

The wild thing about long-unchecked monopolies is that they have unlimited resources. As Microsoft did in decades past (while this Surface is Tablet v2.0), they'll likely need to do another iteration to Tablet v3.0 until it becomes "good enough."

Yes, it will be nice for someone to push Apple on tablets, but they don't really seem to be getting fat & lazy like some other companies did, since about 1998 (i.e., XP, Vista, IE, no auto-backup, no auto-restore, no save state, no window management, etc... I mean comparing what the last few releases of OSX have improved and Windows is laughable).

If anyone is straight about what's happened since 1998-ish, the waste of time & resources that Microsoft has caused is catastrophic. Yes, great for millions of tech support minions, but look how much every regular user HATES their computers. This is one of the reasons, iOS appliance-like devices with a child-like touch UI are booming.

So, we'll wait until someone can actually use this Surface device. (And let's hope this time, Ballmer isn't dumb enough to not direct an Office for WinRT to be released concurrently.)


Microsoft's Surface plan means the world belongs to Android now


Opera hybrid model

Interesting take on things the blurry venn diagram of profits and market share.

I'm surprised you didn't mention Opera's browser and their HUGE (and growing) market share outside of North America & Europe, supporting 3000 handsets and tablets.


Opera having an Opera-branded "Mobile Store" in their Speed Dial, while offering a low-cost browsing solution on more than 3000 phones/tablets is impressive and quite unique. The unacknowledged fact that Opera is the #1 mobile browser globally is more than a bit humorous...


TiVo spits out monster 6-way Pace box for US eyes only


Right idea, wrong implementation

Is it just me or is this a total ratf-ck of a solution?

I don't know how long it will take, but why is this not all cloud-based or server-side? The TiVo/DVR physical-box complexity seems unnecessary. There was recently a judicial precedent when Comcast (I think) got sued by the TV network dinosaurs about its cloud-based DVR. These loud, hot, power-sucking settops in every house -- in every room, now -- is a user & support & energy-wasting disaster.

If it's all server-side, you don't need more complex hot & loud DVR boxes, it's all integrated on the back-end -- and time-wasting linear TV is dead. All channels will be on-demand video, as it should be. (And 5-yr-olds growing up on iPads will stop asking their parents, "What is this twice-louder cereal ad for 30 seconds, every 10 minutues on the TV, instead of my favorite show that I want to watch now??"

And trying to program a 6-tuner DVR manually of their 500-channel programming grids? I've wasted hours & hours helping friends & family with their damn gadgets; all because of brain-dead DVR & Cable TV product managers?

My guess is if someone doesn't fix this mess sooner than later from an architectural standpoint & from a UI standpoint, a small group from Cupertino is going to make them all look extremely unimaginative & lazy.

Steve Jobs speaks from beyond grave: 'iPads are toys'


Re: My first thought was that Bill Gates didn't have any..

Excellent recall about XMLHttpRequest...however you ignore the salience of it.

It was only beneficial to all and revolutionized web apps until those same, ingenious Microsoft developers got recruited away, to go to Google in Mountain View.

They then used it to design Gmail and other cool, new web services & browser UIs. (Besides, remember that Microsoft's "vision" was relegate it, only using XMLHttpRequest in OWA...and ONLY when viewing in IE. Using Netscape or Opera back then defaulted it to an archaic, simple HTML version with less features.)

Torturing monopolist, indeed.

Tim Cook spurns $75m Apple divvy


Re: Why?

Yes, we've seen so many Wall Street & City CEOs turn down extra money because they just hate paying their taxes (especially when they money-launder it in Geneva or elsewhere).

Let's just be honest. There's a vile & repulsive gene that we've seen revealed in the run-up to the Collapse in 2008, and Cook definitely doesn't have it, in his DNA. He seems to be a better man. (The kind Peal Jam seemed to be looking for.)

Apple updates iOS, mum on Wi-Fi, battery fixes


Re: 3GS still on sale

...or "homeless iFans", since a 3GS is free (w/ the requisite 2-yr data contract).

Now India snaps on gloves, bends Google over for antitrust probe


AdWords, not Search

Nice sleight-of-hand in Google's non-sequitur.

India CCI is not investigating if general users are being strangled into NOT using Bing or DuckDuckGo, it's about their restraint-of-trade with Google's advertising customers regarding access & transparency to eponymous keywords.


OCZ flexes its Flash guns, predicts further embulgement ahead


Amazon high-growth/no-profit ramp-up

Sounds like OCZ is doing interesting things in the SSD market and thinking long-term. My question is does Ryan Peterson look like Jeff Bezos...or just he just strategizes like him? ;)

Google to FCC: Protecting Street View coder didn't derail probe


Re: $25,000 fine?

Sorry to be tedious, but it's actually like being fined 22¢... ;)


Opera retires Unite, widgets in latest browser cut


Tail wagging dog

Nice to see Opera 12b going public. It's a great update.

Their Vega software backend is fast enough that they've decided to turn-off HWA until they can tweak it further with all the combinations of graphics cards, OpenGL, WebGL, DirectX. It is blindingly fast w/o HWA still -- as long as web devs don't browser-sniff and send the wrong code (Google, Flickr, *ahem*). Changing the user-agent string usually fixes any hanky-panky.

Opera has 250+ million users, and continues to innovate (in terms of speed per watt).


Opera market share is #1 on mobiles, while their smaller desktop/tablet share is just a bludgeon used by the others to discredit.


It's really worth trying for a week. (And don't forget to enable "On-Demand Plugins" for even faster browsing.)



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