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Windows XP spotted on Royal Navy's spanking new aircraft carrier


Misdirection operation ...

That is to thaw Chinese Spies into investing time hacking WinXP while all the time, they are using WinNT

YOU. Your women are mine. Give them to me. I want to sell them



The solution to this is simple - you make three invalid claims, you lose your right to make any further claims for a year. You can bet that the biggest culprits of illegal copyright claims would be MUCH more careful about such claims if it hurt them to make one.

Red Hat teams up with community-based RHEL lookalike CentOS


Test your bl**dy software Red Hat

Now if Red Hat could get back to their claimed dev model then I would be happy: develop in Fedora, evolve/test/evolve/test, push to RHEL.

Lately the "develop in Fedora, evolve/test/evolve/test" part has been missing, with tons of buggy software pushed straight to RHEL. It's got so bad we are beginning to consider alternatives.

Gay hero super-boffin Turing 'may have been murdered by MI5'


where's my tin foil hat!!!!

Avago Technologies chomps up LSI for BEELLLIONS - in CASH



I wonder if this is not the key to this acquisition. Maybe someone in Silver Lake is thinking of building ASICs to satisfy China's Bitcoin mining appetite.

eBay head honcho: Amazon drone delivery plan is 'FANTASY'


ebay ceo is a little late. drones are everywhere for everything. there will only be more. In his own town there is TacoCopter.

He comes off as a jealous clown who missed out.

Bezos scored a PR bullseye.

oh and does anyone remember paypal outer space payments? long term fantasy anyone?

Beam me up.

Cheap 64-bit Snapdragon hopes to blow Chinese middle class's SoCs off


Re: With support for so many GPS systems, this chip would be great for...

Sadly most GPS receivers refuse to work above 18,000 m of altitude and/or a speed of 515 m/s due to US export restrictions.

Winamp is still a thing? NOPE: It'll be silenced forever in December


foobar2000 rocks used it for years , free open source fully skinable

'I'm BIG, I'm BALD and I'm LOUD!' Blubbering Ballmer admits HE was Microsoft's problem


or it could be the fact that he was a complete prick?

'I WAS AN ADMIN FOR SILK ROAD': Alleged hit-man target tells all


yeah i wondered that looks like someone has got funky with an airbrush for some bizarre reason

Hate data fees but love your HD slab? Here's a better way to pay for bytes


Re: Crowd funding can come to the rescue

Spectrum is our enemy - controlled by Govt agencies and not very socialist in their practice to allow Crowd Funded Services.

MEGA ASTEROID could 'BLOW UP EARTH' - Russian space boss


shouldn't think we will do anything , too expensive for a species obsessed with the cost of everything

Here comes Windows 8.1! Microsoft grits teeth, pushes upgrade to world


i really don't understand Microsoft anymore , they fail to understand the concept of "choice" , simply give us a freaking menu at installation or 1st startup for preinstalled jobbies that asks what configuration you want for the device that you are installing it on , ie most people installing it on a desktop system will opt for the classic windows 7 look which works well yet they try to shovel their tile system on it which i no doubt is fine for tablets etc but absolutely dreadful for desktops , also give us an advanced mode or idiot mode for people who have used windows for years and those just starting out ,how hard can it be?? , unfortunately they seem to be going down the route of forcing people to use their crappy new ideas which just don't work for everyone used to the older versions of windows , until they do this i am sticking to Windows 7 and Kubuntu and i have absolutely no intention of ever installing another version of windows until they sort this disaster out.

Billionaire dumps Apple stock because Steve Jobs was 'really awful' guy


I ain't buyin it.

I'm not buying his arguement. If I were a client of his, I'd have to question my holdings with him.

Revolting peasants force Wikipedia to cut'n'paste Visual Editor into the bin


Re: Nothing wrong with the editor

Sooooooooo, it's not broken, it just doesn't work with the millions and millions of pages that already exist? Riiiight.

E-book him! Entire Judge Dredd back catalogue gets iDevice treatment


or you could download the entire 2000ad archive for free on Bitorrent in great quality?

Microsoft: Surface a failure? No, it made us STRONGER


Re: We alienated our partners, wrote off $900m, and were the laughingstock of the industry...

i don't hate them , i just wish they would get their act together , if anything i feel sorry for them being unable to dig their way out of the sizable hole they have made for themselves Maybe now they have ditched that prick Ballmer they may have a chance provided they also give windows 8 the boot as well.


yes we cant possibly admit we fxxxxxx up so we will carry on , stiff upper lip old chap.

Dog bites man: Apple's Macs trounce all Windows PCs in customer love


Re: Arrogance?

i think since Jobs snuffed it Apple has become less arrogant and outspoken , he was basically the head of Apple propaganda and his expiry has in many ways helped apple out.


Re: Smuggly satisfied

yes but who the hell wants to be seen dead in a fiesta?


well its not hard now to beat wiindows since they launched windows 8 , even windows 3.1 is preferable!

Microsoft relents: 'Go ahead, install Windows 8.1 on clean PCs'


i built a top notch machine recently and there is no way i would pollute it by installing windows 8

Just how flash is your enterprise storage rig?


lol i have 30 2tb hard drives rigged on my home server , ssds are a nice idea but way too expensive for the kind of storage i need.

Google fluffs DEATH DEFEATING startup Calico


humans are not ready for immortality.

Windows 8.1: Microsoft's reluctant upgrade has a split-screen personality


I never understood the rage against Win8.

I'm now using Windows 8 myself. My mom (who is the least tech savvy person in the world) uses it. A friend's father is using it. It's easy to use and not cluttered for the people who get confused or aren't tech savvy enough to understand the options. Metro may be a tablet UI, but as a side effect, simplifies things for the average person.

If you want desktop applications, you can still download them like you would Win7 and earlier. This hasn't changed. Hell, I spend all my time in desktop mode because I don't need to be babied. I spend literally just seconds each day in the Start Screen for searching for settings and whatnot (muscle memory has not changed since Vista/7: click /press start, type.). For me, Win 8 behaves pretty much the same as WinXP - there's just simple defaults for users who don't want to run around downloading Adobe Reader or a photo gallery application..

Canadian family gives up modern tech to live like it's 1986


Laserdiscs, ancient widescreen CRT T.V's etc. Oh, what glorious hardware you could dig up! Unfortunatly DAT wasn't available until 1987...

Samsung to bring 55-inch MONSTER curvy-telly to the UK


cant really see the point i would (given the choice) have a 55" flat tv thanks

'BLING BLING, BLING BLING' 'Hello, yes, my iPhone is made of GOLD'


just shows that you CAN shine sh.it!

Boffins find evidence Atlantic Ocean has started closing


This is serious bowel-movement but...

Based on the comments here, I'd say; the British are responsible if anything.

Windows 8 'sales' barely half as good as Microsoft claims


Re: If Windows 8 is a spork

Uhh... let me be more direct... Obviously it is necessary.

First, that hypothetical someone may have tried and hated it, and duly returned to another os. Not using it (in the present tense) does not disqualify one from passing judgement.

Secondly, I did not ever drive a trabant either, and I mostly had fiat or renault derivatives, but I can guess what a junk a trabant is when I see one, and how superior a mercedes is compared to the ones I drive.

Your reference sample of people actively using win8 is biased. For once, it may (I don't say "does") contain mostly ignorant people who can't discern a good os from a bad one. Or they may be inherently happy types, and when you give them junk, they may pull a Pollyanna with it.

Therefore, we have to fix the bias of the sample. Disqualifying people who do not use the OS is not the way to go.


Re: If Windows 8 is a spork

Well... You have 2 groups of people: The ones who like 8, and the ones who don't.

Those who like, use it, and well... like it. You consider these as acceptable data.

Those who don't like it... guess what? They don't use it. But because they don't use it, they do not count as a reliable source for you.

Do you notice any problems with that line of reasoning?

Netbooks projected to become EXTINCT by 2015


Re: I think we should be talking about the death of Ultrabooks...

My phone and tablet can connect to a TV through a small adapter (about the size of a large camera battery). I can use a bluetooth (or wired) keyboard and mouse.

Take the Asus Transformer series or the Fonepad.

Translation: the netbooks haven't died. They've transformed into other platforms.

Firefox: Use new stealth window to satisfy your wife, suggests Mozilla


"You can also use a private browsing window to check multiple email accounts simultaneously."

Yeah, you could, but all of the private browsing windows will have access to the same cookies. Try it: http://cookiedemo.com/

So you can't use it to login to multiple Facebook/gmail/whatever accounts.


Re: Really?

Ctrl+Shift+P does it on Linux.

Only way to stop the iPad: Flash-disk mutant SPEED FREAKS


Re: Not so good for mobile devices

Isn't power a consideration as well?

EU: We'll force power plants, Apple and pals to admit hack attacks


the real question is:

...does the EU disclosures it own security incidents?

Netbooks were a GOOD thing and we threw them under a bus


On THIS Planet...

Dear editorial person posing as a news-writer,

The entire premise of your article is invalid. I'm not sure about your planet, but here on Terra, one is allowed to purchase a spare battery. Problem solved, take whichever crappy Chinese electronics you wish to - assuming that it has not been designed by and for halfwits and therefore has a user-replaceable battery - and just pick up an extra battery.

Have a nice day.

Review: Google Nexus 4


Wakelock bug

I think it's worth mentioning that a qualcomm bug in the firmware is preventing Nexus 4 devices from going into dpee sleep - so the cpu stays on the whole time. Qualcomm have fixed the bug, but Google haven't pushed an update yet. The update doubles battery life. If you don't mind running a non-vanilla kernel you can get the fix right now. Google "msm_hsic_host wakelock" if for more info.

Windows Media Center EPG has SWITCHED OFF, wail Euro users


Re: Hmmm... XBMC

If you search for the XBMCHub wizard and install that, it will add loads of tv/movie/music etc channels. Both live tv and recorded.

Hope this might help.

Adobe's revenge on Steve Jobs: HTML5


Re: Oh no!

True, and even Windows users can use a different PDF reader if they wish. Adobe Reader is overkill (and a security risk) for just about everyone.

Also, it sounds like the OP may be failing to distinguish between Adobe Reader (a free tool that many people still call "Acrobat" because it used to be called Acrobat Reader) and Acrobat or Acrobat Pro, which are non-free software for massaging PDFs in various ways. Most people have no contact with Acrobat / Acrobat Pro.

Kobo Glo illuminated e-reader review


How is it with PDFs? Apparently the nook isn't so hot with them.

Malware made which can share a smartcard over the internet


So it's a long USB cable then?

So it's essentially a very long USB cable, but they've replaced the bit in the middle with a network link?

Opera site served Blackhole malvertising, says antivirus firm


In Eastern Europe.

I don't know why but Opera has a very large market share in Russia, Poland, Ukraine...

I remember an Putin opponent webbloger, on tv. He was using Opera.

BOSS Bang boffins: DARK ENERGY spreading across the Universe

IT Angle

Re: Dark Energy-

"Is this in fact stating that "dark energy", whatever that might be, is effectively being created out of nothing, and thus is a completely different beast from the energy we know and love and which cannot be created or destroyed?"

Space as we know and love cannot be created or destroyed either. And yet The Universe does exactly that at its expanding borders. Conceivably, it's quite a different environment out there. If this 'dark energy' really is a property of space ('vacuum energy' anyone? ;-), it must have been created when space came into existence.

Windows 8: Is Microsoft's new OS too odd to handle?


Simple to fix...

Just allow Metro to be disabled, and reinstate the start menu. Without those two things fixed, Win 8 has no interest for me.

I have played with it for a few days, and it just makes everything more awkward. There's no reason for me to upgrade from Win 7 just to give myself added frustration.

Pay TV giant Hulu becomes victim of its own success



The Content providers are concerned about control. All they care about is controlling their content. They care more about that than making money.

The question is - why?

Bill Gates, Harry Evans and the smearing of a computer legend


ISIS and ISIS II/FDOS were used on early intel systems NOT CPM

http://www.retrotechnology.com/dri/isis.html tells the story the way I remember it...ie 1976

CPM wasnt around at this time...

someone who actually built his own IMSAI and programmed it in 1978

Fusion-io flies into flash SAN space


Re: Hurry up

EMC chose Micron and LSI over TMS, Cisco chose Fusionio and LSI over TMS, and NetApp chose Fusionio, and TMS put itself up for sale back in December. What does that tell you about TMS? Hint: all you need to know about how irrelevant TMS is to the Flash conversation.