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Apple tries to trademark the term 'startup'


You're comparing coporate names to product names. Apple if awarded the TM on startup could not sue for the use of the name and win against a non-computer branded product for which their TM will probably only cover specific computer usage. Windows is a case in point, there are plenty of companies that use Windows in their branded product name and cannot be sued for it. Using MacDonalds is no different than say "Wendy's", a well known burger chain. It's like pizza, there must be 1000 variations of business names with pizza in them, there's nothing stopping someone from naming their company MacDonald's Tires. TM's usually only exist within a specific industry. McDonalds has only litigated within their specific industry that I can tell.


For the trademark it is not all things but specific to their industry, although each country would have limits on how many things even within the industry it applies too. "Windows" is a case in point, try using that common generic term inside the computer industry for branding. But you can use "windows" for anything else, such as a purveyor of windows could use the name windows in their brand without violating the MS trademark. So "startup" would never apply to the casual use of "startup" but specifically to product branding and only specifically for those areas of the computer industry it was approved. Other than that, branding "startup" is lame besides would they actually service other computers, sounds a bit desperate to me.

'Steve Jobs killed music biz', but Bon Jovi don't mind Google Glass


But not as offensive as your illiteracy and vulgarity, eh?

Jury mulls verdict in Oracle-v-Google Java spat


Oracle Should not Concede

I don't think any company should be subject to IP theft regardless of who it is. The arguments here are trite. Being able to simply decide to misappropriate software will have a chilling effect on IP development. You think Google has created anything original? No read the news, someone is taking them to task almost every week over some misdeed, it is unprecedented. You can't keep defending the indefensible. Why should Oracle concede anything, after all both Java and ME have been around awhile supporting many devices, like it or not. They have a right to protect their mobile Java investment, not Google.

Himalayan glaciers actually gaining ice, space scans show


Re: So which is it?

Well since you believe those with "big" intellects know everything about everything, then it is "they" (scientists) who actually have caused the problem we are now facing. "They" have managed to invent every conceivable product which man and the environment now suffers from. Why is it you continually blame "people". We aren't the ones who have rained down a holocaust of chemical pollutants on the world. Apparently "science" still can't cure cancer and still denies chemicals are harmful. WTF do we need yet another boatload of nitwits tellings us the obvious. We can start by just laying waste to all the scientists who keep improving our lives, then and only then will we see a genuine reduction in pollutants and "incurable" disease.

Larry vs Larry: Oracle and Google in courtroom smackdown


What, who me?

And Sun wouldn't have objected? Give me a break.... Just more open source fantasies.

Insulin pump hack delivers fatal dosage over the air


In a sensible world people would have sense before commenting

Programmers do not decide supported transmission protocols unless they themselves are the device manufacturer which is never the case. Maybe if the idiot medical community would learn to heal instead of medicate then there would be no need for implanted devices. And maybe in a perfect world you get to decide everything.

Apple gets patent for ‘unlock gesture’



Any patents are nonsense in this regard since Xerox created the GUI interface and gave it to the world. It is understood that they did not patent all of their technology that they invented. Windows nor Apple would have made it past puberty if the GUI wasn't invented by Xerox. So NO company has a right to patent any of this. Basically software patents are the bane of IT and only serve to create monopolies, of which Apple has a big part in software patent trolling or territorial terrorism. I'm tired of companies claiming innovations on the backs of engineers who actually created the tecnology, the technology stack and the infrastructure decades ago and it wasn't Apple or Microsoft either.


Reality Check

Apparently that means laughing at himself since Apple is the patent holder who ISSUED the application for the unlocking patent.


Not that simple

Patents are now used as weapons by companies with billions to protect them. Given that the fundamental reason for patents has been thrown out the window concerning the software side of IT it has now become standard predatory practice to try and stifle competition using patents as weapons. The nature of software IT is so fluid that it is impossible to contain innovations. But large companies can at least receive monetary rewards which they do. All companies of that size ignore patents on a pay you later basis because they can make a whole lot more by copying an invention and be sued then doing nothing at all. Apple is not innocent in this regard.

That said, ignoring is not an option for a little guy who the large companies wish to suppress. Product will never see the light of day. For example, research emulators of IBM systems, none were ever commercially availble although 2 very good ones exist. For example TurboHercules.

Apple's iPod: ten years old



It would be rather refreshing if every article since Jobs death did not have the words "Changed the world " or something similar in the article title. Not one of the Apple (other companies included) products has much purpose without all the supporting companies and their products. An iPod and iTunes are worthless products without the music industry to support them. Music was and will always be a huge market without iPod or iTunes. The hyperbole surrounding Apple and these products far exceeds their actual value personally, professionally and on Wall Street. Yes, the world has changed since vinyl albums and rock and roll died, but not for the better, musically or otherwise.