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Remember when Republicans said Dems hacked voting systems to rig Georgia's election? There were no hacks

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Re: Just one nose-picking minute

@Malcolm Weir

It wasnt long ago the Dems were claiming Trump colluding with Russia. The idea that republicans are crooks and dems are not is the same bunkum that one party is more justified than the other. And before the AC jumps in I am calling both sides as bad and no I am not justifying it for anyone.

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Re: Just one nose-picking minute


"And even if it were true, are you suggesting that "but the other side does it too!" is some kind of justification?"

Actually the opposite. That both do it and its as unacceptable regardless of which party.

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Re: Just one nose-picking minute


"Republicans are well past the benefit of the doubt and not even bothering to try and make them plausible, though."

Like the Dems then. The illusion is believing that one's lies are justified and the others are not or as you put it 'Lies are not created equally'. The simple fact is that both lie their arses off. It doesnt matter if you support either or none. Surely that should be common ground most people can agree on?

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Re: Just one nose-picking minute


"What's wrong with the g*damm United States of A?"

Both parties routinely lie so policing for honesty would lock them all up.

After 30 years of searching, astroboffins finally detect the universe's 'missing matter' – using fast radio bursts

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Re: ...but does it really "matter" given the state of Humanity?

@Christopher Lane

"How can one set of Humans conduct science like this but another fall for this"

Just look at some of these replies. The necessity to label some people as uneducated for holding a different opinion such as trump or climate change. A singular attribute to feel superior to others while requiring no more thought or intelligence than to apply a label to someone.

And most people do it possibly even the intelligent, yet if you cant discuss and learn (instead you must accept the label) then you could believe in some really stupid things purely for the lack of allowing your mind to consider other options.

Former Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman calls on UK govt to legally protect data from contact-tracing apps

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Re: Oh what a tangled web we weave!


"Was that from his secret base in South America, or on the moon?"

Lmao oops on the date. 1933

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Re: Oh what a tangled web we weave!


"I'm sorry you've misunderstood the essay you posted"

You obviously need to reread it then. In march 1993 Hitler secured power. The cooperation in the quote I posted being continued even in 1939.

I see why you are posting as AC. Your attempt to rewrite history shows your agenda.

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Re: Oh what a tangled web we weave!


"But unfortunately it does not in any way back up your assertions"

You missed it. Here you go-

The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, formalized on August 23, 1939, was the final culmination of a two-decade crusade by both sides to arm themselves, eliminate the postwar order established at Versailles and destroy their mutual enemy, Poland. The resumption of military cooperation played a vital role in reforming the interwar alliance. Stalin, who had begun personally directing Soviet naval construction in 1936, made sure that the Soviet military received vast quantities of German military technology in the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact in exchange for Soviet raw materials. Germany again began to send its officers to the Soviet Union to advise and assist the Soviets in training and technical development. Further, in the fall of 1939, the Germans agreed to supply Soviet submarines fighting against Finland, while the Soviets did the same for German commerce raiders. At the height of cooperation, Stalin even granted the German Navy permission to open a secret naval base near Murmansk to interdict British shipping and assist in the invasion of Norway. Only with the German invasion of the Soviet Union would the last of the joint ventures be terminated.

"You are trying to conflate German/Soviet collaboration pre and post the rise of Hitler to forward your incorrect position that the two ideologies are the same. i.e. left leaning."

Which is very arguable that the National Socialists with socialist policies and while not nationalising they did command industries centrally were left wing.

"This is a false narrative that is pushed by the modern extreme right to distance themselves from the heinous Nazi past"

Which has some valid argument to it. Amusingly the heinous Nazi past was nowhere near as deadly as the heinous socialist past which killed far greater numbers than the Nazi's achieved. Walk around with a nazi symbol and you are looked down on (with good reason) yet people dont seem to have the same issue with the hammer and sickle.

"There are easier and less dishonest ways to argue against extreme left politics without resorting to such sophistry and unintentionally (or otherwise) advancing current extreme right tropes and historical re-writes."

Enjoy this then- https://hurryupharry.org/2018/11/02/labour-blog-publishes-half-of-hitlers-manifesto/

Who needs to rewrite when we can literally put it in front of the left now and see?

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Re: Oh what a tangled web we weave!


"You are incorrect."

You are so sure of your position that you hide behind AC. So as per your suggestion please feel free to read-


Cooperation between Germany and USSR pre WW2 got their forces up to scratch to conduct the war. Stalin didnt believe Hitler would turn on him even when the German forces were lined up on the border and his commanders reported it back to Moscow. The order (as I understood it) was not to fire on the German forces and to do so would be treated harshly (revised after the war started that those who didnt try to stop the Germans were put on 'trial').

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Re: Oh what a tangled web we weave!

@Jamie Jones

"A lot of people - mainly right wimg Americans - seem to think Hitler was left wing."

There is fair reasoning. Nazi and commie were fighting for the same left wing voters of Germany. The Nazi policies cleaned up of Aryan talk pass fine with Labour voters in the UK. Stalin and Hitler got on very well (it was in the USSR that Germany trained its WW2 army and tank manoeuvres when it was illegal for Germany to do so) and both used state directed economies.

Both used concentration camps and execution to further their goals. Both blamed the rich (Jews vs Tsar). The difference seeming to be more in that Hitler listened to advisor's (initially) vs Stalin executing them and USSR nationalisation vs German state direction of private companies.

And if right wingers are so racist and xenophobic why were the Nazi's led by an Austrian? *that being more of a humorous observation

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Re: Oh what a tangled web we weave!

@Jamie Jones

"Though left wing extremists will cry for their safe space, whilst right wing extremist will lynch you! :-)"

The left wing march you to the gulag while the right to the concentration camp. Assuming we accept the national socialists as right wing.

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I am amazed that seat warmer is still around, never mind sharing an opinion on anything. She is no better than the current data fetishists and the lot need to have their entire lives dumped in public so they can see why its such a bad idea.

Twitter ticks off Trump with new 'Get the facts' alert on pair of fact-challenged tweets

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Re: Ooh, fun!

@Phil O'Sophical

"Or maybe we should just exercise that most uncommon of skills, common sense?"

Why do that when we can be told what to believe /sarc

Far-right leader walks free from court after conviction for refusing to hand his phone passcode over to police

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Re: @elaar


"Thank you for taking the time to make clarifications. In effect "Extemist Left": Really bad. "extremist" Right not so bad."

Again you need to show some evidence of me saying that. You seem to have an issue since we are commenting on what is extreme left and you are discussing something else.

"Or am I misunderstanding you?"

I honestly think that is the case.

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Re: @elaar


"From your various posts you seem to be arguing from a standpoint that extremism on the left must involve killing people."

So your complaint about my post is you have a more broad definition of brutal actions to qualify as an extreme lefty? Good for you, thats your opinion and I am happy to leave you to it. You started to talk about GBH and ABH which generally gets conducted by pretty much anyone.

The extreme left ideology is a killer, which is why I consider that to be fairly defining.

"(Whilst at the same time trying to suggest that extremism on the right doesn't exist or is of no concern.)"

I am gonna need you to show me some evidence there.

"It seems that your definition/understanding of extremism is naive."

Is it possible you are missing something by broadening the term? We were commenting on 'extremist left' not 'extremist'.

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Re: @elaar


"Only an extremist if you kill someone or encourage killing? Wow. Just wow. One can be an extremist and hold extremist views without killing anybody."

We were discussing the extreme left and their views pretty much involve the death of people through direct action or their ideology. What the hell your talking about I dont know.

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"the noises [Golding] made about abuses of power were a wilful attempt to camouflage his disobedience"

Yes he was disobeying. His argument was his disobedience was because of the state enforcers overstepping (which legally they didnt). Unfortunately I doubt this will make enough public impact as the other events didnt either concerning the overreach of the law.

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"What's a left-wing extremist these days?"

The people who basically promote death through direct action or through a repeat of some of the worst failed experiments in history. Often intolerant of others of differing opinions but also some also try to enforce that view so nobody can hear other opinions. Almost always totalitarian in their beliefs.

Often about as stupid and thought deficient as extreme right.

You know this Land of the Free thing, yeah? Well then, why allow the FBI to trawl through America's browsing history without a warrant?

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Re: And who is shocked?


It's a very defeative attitude you have there - "if we can't get it to work properly, give up"

Thats an amazing defence of doing the same thing over and over no matter how stupid it turns out. Power corrupts being a fairly obvious observation of human nature. Then there is the one about people punishing you for your own good being the worst. Stuff like that.

Thats before we get to the command economy stupidity and how it actually factually cannot work.

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And who is shocked?

This must surely have wide support from the population though surely? Those who want more government that is. Those demanding for more federal interference and demanding federal diktat must surely support this? Or do proponents of big government (R or D) think a big gov will only do what they want?

Total Eclipse to depart: Open-source software foundation is hopping the pond to Europe

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Re: Bye bye


"I wish more Americans started to understand the difference between Social Democracy, Socialism and Communism."

Under the assumption that they dont who says they would want it anyway. From the UK we might wonder why California is considered too far left but from America its probably fairly easy to see. The interesting commentary of the place being that those who work and earn are leaving while the 'something for nothings' are rolling in due to the tax rates and more socialist approaches (government intervention and increased welfare state).

Social democracy is on the left in the UK but to Americans our conservatives are far left (even before they moved centre left after Corbyn abandoned the spot). So even if the assumption that they dont know the difference is right, they would still likely reject it as it doesnt seem to appeal.

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"Brexiteers will be disappointed to learn that Blighty's contortions had not figured in the decision to redomicile to the heart of the EU"

Go on Richard give us a clue. I use their IDE and have for a long time and probably will do until they cock it up and I find something better. Where they are domiciled makes no odds to me as long as they can continue to provide good products. You might notice that they get contributions from the US and Europe (which is not only the EU) and the rest of the world.

As Brit cyber-spies drop 'whitelist' and 'blacklist', tech boss says: If you’re thinking about getting in touch saying this is political correctness gone mad, don’t bother

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Re: This . . .

Damn I wish I could upvote this more

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"If you’re thinking about getting in touch saying this is political correctness gone mad, don’t bother."

Because the mind is closed, the ears are shut off, the possibility of accepting that they are wrong is just not there because they must obviously be morally superior by somehow equating standard terms as a racial issue.

Except they are the ones (including the customer who made the request) thinking in racist terms as it is that self identifying racism (seeing different skin colours as unequal) which requires such a change. For the non-racists this is a standard term being arbitrarily changed because the few who misuse the terms somehow feel it is their duty to police our speech for their problem.

When someone asks blacklist and whitelist be changed because of racial connotations, the reply is no. It is not a racial issue it is a clearly defined standard relating to security and if you somehow equate that with race that is your problem you really should consider getting advice/help with.

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Re: It’s political correctness gone mad


"All it takes for these people to win is otherwise good people losing the plot and vanishing up their own arses."

Hate to tell you but those people won because the supposed 'good' people have lost the plot and are vanishing up their own arses.

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"Turns out the theory that CV19 will get rid of non-problems like particularism was clearly wrong."

I am guessing the CV19 has given those people of such obsessive a disposition more time to focus on this kind of irelivant minutia. And they probably cant see their therapist either because of the lock down rules.

Jeff Bezos tells shareholders to buckle up: Amazon to blow this quarter's profits and more on coronavirus costs

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Amazon isnt the evil bastard then. Good. Well done them.

Lars Ulrich makes veiled threats of another Metallica album during web chat with Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff

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Re: Reload was the first album I ever paid for

I think they lost it when they lost Jason Newsted. Not sure if that is the reason but the next album was St Anger and I wondered why they even bothered it was just noise. I even bought death magnetic in the hope that they got their mojo back but nope.

The older albums were definitely the better. Even the noisy 'Bay area thrashers' has a good sound and raw effort.

Why should the UK pensions watchdog be able to spy on your internet activities? Same reason as the Environment Agency and many more

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Re: @Whitter

@Glen 1

"It depends on the power dynamic"

PC enforcement is abusing the power dynamic. As you seem to say even if you didnt mean to- "When such people are *WRITING/ENACTING THE FUCKING LAWS* thats a *MASSIVE* problem."

"You say you have no issue with enforcing harassment laws"

Actually you need to read what I said. I agreed with enforcing laws against direct threats of death and rape. It is the direct threat against another I have issue with. It is non-PC if someone looking for offence can take it, which is too far and just wrong.

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Re: @Whitter

@Glen 1

"That's called religion. If they have evidence, it's called science."

And once the world was ruled by religion. We can see how destructive it is to allow such a mental disorder rule our lives. And we pulled away and gained so much knowledge. Now we are back to discussing a tiny minority dictating how we can discuss only their version of reality vs the real world.

"Insisting *the world* is a particular way (with or without evidence), is different from insisting *you are treated* a particular way."

Wrong. Gonna make the point now- I am god, so bow down puny mortal and look after me like a king of old. At what time shall I expect you to arrive?

Or maybe I should insist on being treated as a single mother (I am male, in a relationship and no kids) so cough up that welfare money. Or does reality trump the way I identify myself?

"Refusing to call someone by their preferred pronoun is such a petty thing."

I will agree to that. However the expectation or worse the enforcement that we must call someone by their preferred pronoun is dangerous and wrong to whatever extent of self identifying they use.

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Re: @Whitter

@Glen 1

"I already answered the 60+ gender part. I answer to the others: If it's not hurting anyone else, what's the problem?"

So we should scrap self identifying then. Because it is hurting people as per criminals sent to the wrong prison for identifying as a woman. The restriction of freedom of speech due to the imposing of make believe over reality. The same issues which make trans age, species, etc make believe also applies to self identification.

According you you we can identify legitimate trans through brain scans so we should surely mandate them before allowing a change and only if they go through the mutilation/surgery? And that would of course make them trans gender not the actual desired gender (science hasnt got that far yet).

"People want different things. A lot of time there is an overlap. (Eg Gay man vs straight women), and that informs our actions. It doesn't imply one is more capable than the other. Wanting different things doesn't imply that those wants are more or less valid than anyone elses. Thus stuff like maternity leave."

Nope sorry no backtracking. You claim mens brains and womens brains work differently (as used to be the accepted belief until it became sexist). I am not interested in fantasy but fact. You claim (I wont argue either way) that brain scans identify male and female. So that would explain the differences which may now be classed as sexism.

If on the other hand you wish to blur the lines with overlap then the idea of trans being identified via brainscan is not correct. Maybe its only part of it. But does this justify assisting in self mutilation? Allowing the demand for the world to change for a very minority suffering a mental disorder?

"except not from different genders, according to you."

Did I say that? Pink used to be for a boy. Men wore heels. I am not sure where you attribute this to me.

"You compare gender to race"

No. I am discussing trans because you started the transgender topic and I am screwing with you because you dont seem to have defined a boundary between reality and not. Which is actually why the trans topic is so difficult because it is against the reality identified. I too dont care except for it being PC enforced which is then in the realm of dictating 'reality' instead of understanding reality.

"If only you could take that next logical step and apply it to gender"

Ok. So effeminate men and masculine women (tomboy's more commonly known). Not mutilated anyone. No permanent scarring and no removal from reality. You have gone much further which is why you are struggling with this discussion.

"The "medical need" is that their brain is fine, but their body is wrong."

No. That doesnt respond to my statement- 'at their own cost unless there can be some proven medical need' because you initially said brainscans can identify these people but have now greyed the area. A gay (wo)man is not trans. A trans person is someone struggling with the mental disorder. So it needs to be medically sound to mutilate the person to actually medically help them, and that has not been demonstrated yet to my knowledge. Same suicide rate as before change. Kids being experimented on and suing health systems for doing it. And then the abuse of a mental disorder of people self identifying (and dictating others must comply).

"If there was a surgical solution to PTSD, would you class *that* as a medical need?"

And how would we know it was a solution? Because it would be trialled to see if it actually solves anything.

"Just because there are no/few physical symptoms, doesn't mean it's not real."

I never said it wasnt real. You stated a trans woman is a woman and I am showing you how unclear cut that is. Anyway good news I found it! The entertainment of watching people lie so hard about reality and then struggle to put a boundary between the lie and reality-


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Re: @Whitter

@Glen 1

"Possibly, if your opinion means jack shit - as armchair warriors such as ourselves. People can curate their own echo chamber as they see fit (look at twitter as an example). Just because you're free to say it doesn't mean people have to listen."

Actually that is my point. You dont have to listen, so there is no need for enforcing PC speech. In doing so we have an echo chamber already of looking for offence and using PC as an excuse to attack people. Some armchair warriors looking as far back as they can to dig up anything they can construe as 'wrong' under the current witch hunt.

"Sidenote: Messaging folk directly (@ing them) with slurs/rape/death threats isn't free speech. It's harassment."

I dont take issue with that (slurs being more grey area. A slur in one situation is a friendly greeting in another).

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Re: @Whitter

@Glen 1

"I should point out (as you no doubt have had this conversation before) gender is distinct from biological sex"

Thats fine to say but entirely dances around answering my questions. We are talking about a medical mental condition 'gender dysphoria' and dysphoria medical conditions also lead to trans species, race, age and then the idea of 60+ genders etc.

If a schizophrenic insists the world is a particular way because of their medical condition do you agree with them and demand society do so? Or is it a medical condition where we want to help them with their condition?

"As for the "Identify as race, age, height" question. Its a legit question.

At least with gender dysphoria there are cases where brain scans come back closer to an opposite gender baseline. Can you make a similar case for race, height etc?"

I have no idea if the brain scans do the same for race/height/etc but would you expect the brain to work differently if so? They used to think the brain worked differently for races, now that is considered racism. The argument of we are all equal took issue with the idea that men and women think differently. But if brain scans can 'gender' someone then some old sexists may have been right.

On the plus side it does mean that if someone wants to transition for medical reasons (taxpayers dime) then there is a sure way to identify those who truly are miswired for their body.

"There is also the question of cultural appropriation vs assimilation. Are people from mixed race backgrounds *permitted* to choose which culture they identify with more? Or do they just have to live with whatever *you* (as a proxy for society) label them based on their complexion?"

This isnt so much a question as the idiots crying appropriation can shut up and get lost. I dont see them complaining about Asians wearing western clothing nor our language being used worldwide and if they did complain about it I would still tell them to shut up. It is sharing. Racial biases aside we all pick and choose throughout history from each other and we teach the number zero in math because of it.

"Sidenote: People who "identify" as a different hair colour, or eye colour can already do stuff about it thanks to technology, and no one gives a shit. Hell, people get cosmetic surgery, and some people feel its a symbol of status. *shrug*

Gender reassignment surgery should carry no more stigma than a boob job."

I agree about the stigma. Surgery should be at their own cost unless there can be some proven medical need. Unfortunately we have kids who used to identify as super (wo)man identifying as the other gender, being medically experimented on due to ignoring reality in favour of a mental disorder and then suing the health system for doing it.

However this does not excuse the self identification crowd with reality and the self identification becoming further apart.

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Re: @Whitter

@Glen 1

However, saying things like "Trans women are not women" comes under a similar heading as "Black/Asian people can never be British". It's a shame more racist folk aren't locked up.

Oh wow you hit the controversial one there. Is a scientifically and factually identified person with gender dysphoria another gender because their mental disorder tells them so? And at what point does this stop? Trans species, race, age and then the idea of 60+ genders etc.

I wish I could find the link to the interview where the interviewer asks college students if they would accept him as (gender, race, age, height) becoming increasingly absurd and watching these students squirm with reality and the self identification becoming further apart.

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Re: @Whitter

@Glen 1

"If you mean *not* racist homophobic xenophobic scum, then that's a good thing."

Sorry but I am not an authoritarian and I believe in freedom. I may disagree with someones opinion but believe they should be free to say it. PC has gone beyond the outrageous to creating outrage.

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And yet some people want more government control over things and people. But anyone with the capacity to think should recognise this kind of state creap is not good.

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"for no reason other that it will cost to fund sufficient policing"

We already do. Unfortunately their job has expanded beyond being a police force, which rounds up criminals and investigates crime, and now must fill in various forms in triplicate and police the internet of bad thoughts. They must be PC and by that I dont mean 'police constable' and their effectiveness is further blunted by ASBO's and a justice system not dealing with criminals.

Billionaires showered with wealth as experts say global economy set for long and deep recession

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Well done

Congrats to those people who have done so well as to have such wealth. And good luck to those going through hard times right now.

We know for those with great wealth that it isnt their actual monetary wealth but valuations of things that have not been cashed in and would probably bring them less. We hear of when some people make lots of money (it is news) but not when they lose a lot of money (as they do during recessions and economic events like this).

For those on hard times it is a moment to look at their situation and to plan to protect themselves from being in the same situation again. It might be that they are living paycheck to paycheck or that they have debts or maybe they need to make moves to change career.

It is easy to get all green eyed and try to blame people. But that wont fix the situation. Good luck

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"Funny, I've been working for the last month. Admittedly, my office has changed to my home, but ... (yeah, I know not everyone can do that, but it's false to assume everyone can't ...)"

Thats great (absolutely no sarcasm, glad some people can still work) but for a lot of people this lock down and severe reaction to the virus has stopped the majority of economic activity.

*moving on a tangent now*

Interestingly with all the people out of work and the damning situation for peoples livelihoods apparently Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has publicly acknowledged (with pride if I read it right) that this would be life under the green new deal in the US. Over here I have heard some passing comments about it being a free trial of socialism (back when the shelves were empty) but such analysis of similarity seems to have passed us by.

IBM Watson GPU cloud cluster Brexits from London to Frankfurt – because GDPR

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Re: Pointless And Political


"UK will be GDPR compliant as its UK law now and any amendments will probably be implemented too, to keep things simple with our so called EU partners/competitors/dictatorship"

I know you said 'to keep things simple' but we are talking about politicians. And while we have our politicians they have 27 countries of simpletons who managed to make a recession worse for their people by action. I am not sure anything could be simple enough to get through 27 countries of politicians all trying to agree on the location of their back orifice with a map and two hands.

Of course we knew that so voted leave

As Amazon's stock price soars and Bezos adds to his billions, affiliates face massive cuts in their commissions

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Re: Time for a new "AA"


"but is there really any viable competition for Amazon?"

Was there any competition to the old book stores? The supermarkets? Google wasnt the first nor the leader, it took time and a better product/service.

"He's become a shopping gateway/monopoly in pretty much the same way as Google has put itself between the Net and the resources on it"

That is wrong. Its people who have put it (google or amazon) between themselves and resources. People choose to list on those services, people choose to go to those services.

"so does he really need to scrape the barrel here and then give what is in relation a pittance back to society"

Like the jobs, wages, products and a slick supply system which beat out the various areas of finding a supplier, ordering the product quickly and easily, lower prices, faster delivery. He is giving to society, he is giving them what society wants and you now want more!

"Would it not be better to take a bit less and so keep the entire eco system intact?"

An eco system he provides that people flock to and so amazon is trying to get a little more for the work they have done vs the people who choose to use the platform.

"I often wonder why nobody seems to be interested in ensuring a long term revenue flow - it's all about take today, leave nothing for tomorrow, which never fails to fully destroy resilience."

Does that describe amazon though? Or google? They invest their profits into improving their services instead of paying out and extracting that value. They expand and try new things, some work and some fail. And we are richer for it.

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Re: "people participating in the Amazon Affiliate Program have complained"

@Pascal Monett

"Plus, you don't have a choice. Where else are you going to sell your tat ?"

Somewhere else. Depending on the types of product or if amazon is offering such an invaluable service why shouldnt amazon get some of that reward?

If the reductions are too much Amazon will lose the 3rd parties and other sites will rise. Or amazon is taking a smaller part of the profit than it could because on balance the service is worth so much more than amazon is charging currently.

French monopoly watchdog orders Google to talk payment terms with French publishers

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Re: Greed

@John Brown (no body)

If the news sources dont like it they can easily stop google from reading their site with a robots.txt. The publishers choose to be on google because they want the traffic. Now they also want to charge google for providing the traffic.

I hope google turns them off in france or tells em to sod off.

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They want google to funnel traffic to them. They want to extort money from google for doing so. Hopefully the french will surrender quickly too.

Revenues up, taxes down: Google UK reports its slice of the Chocolate Factory pie

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Re: Hmm


"Is that clear for you now?"

No. So we want jobs and business and to be part of the global economy. We have laws in place for tax. More jobs created and more people getting a wage (or higher wage) and yet this is a problem because maybe another employer pays more tax.

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So more people employed in the UK, awesome. Yes we can complain that Google pays less tax but then thats the green eyed child who wants what others have just because.

Who's going to pay for Britain's Aunty Beeb to carry on? Broadband users, broadcaster suggests to government

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@Jason Bloomberg

"The way I look at it is that it's not as good as it was but I'm still getting enough out of it to make £3 a week a bargain."

But is it £3 a week? Lets remove the tax and see how much it really is. That £3 a week assumes people with no interest in the BBC can be forced to pay for it. Instead of providing some people with a bargain, why not have those people pay the real price? For the rest of us that £3 a week can go toward whatever we want to spend it on instead.

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Re: Ha


"Also why should I pay for sick people on the NHS, other people's pensions and the education of children that are not mine?"

Are you equating an entertainment provider with healthcare and education? This is such a ridiculously rich country that low quality entertainment could be considered on par with education and healthcare. I say low quality because people pay for the others but are forced to pay for the BBC and even though the BBC like to claim it has popular support they obviously dont believe they would be supported by people paying voluntarily.

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Re: Ha


"Sorry but that idea is fundamentally flawed. Channels 3, 4 & 5 are paid for by advertisements."

Thereby showing that the BBC tax should shove off. Unless the BBC is undesirable or incompetent it should be capable of continuing as all the other channels do.

"Even if I don't have a television if something I buy has been advertised on television then a part of what it costs me goes to the advertising and television companies"

And you choose to buy it. Not only that but if it has any costs they are incorporated in the price of the product/service you buy. So special little princess BBC has no excuse for the BBC tax.

"notwithstanding the fact that not having a television means that I did not see the advertisement in the first place."

And by not watching BBC people get robbed to support that singular protected source for obviously no good reason (as you have demonstrated with other channels).

"In short I would be "propping up the independents" even though I was not watching their (often horrible) programmes.

No point in replacing one wrong with another..."

Since the odd one out is the BBC it would be no point allowing such a wrong when others get by without the BBC tax.

codejunky Silver badge


Let the people who use the BBC pay for it and let everyone else get what they want without propping it up.


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