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When Facebook says you're not a good 'culture fit', it means you're not White or Asian enough – complaint

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"Silicon Valley has long conceded that it needs to improve the diversity of its staff,"

And this is where the problem begins. Letting idiots dictate what your hiring policy is opens the door to idiots thinking they dictate your hiring policy. It is irritating to hear the word diversity thrown around at the dumbest level (racism) when diversity of thought is surely the defining criteria.

"He notes that he has “never had a Black person evaluate his performance or determine whether he should be considered for a promotion.”"

What a racist. Why is the skin colour of the evaluator relevant to their capacity to evaluate? If it is then that person (evaluator) is a racist but doesnt mean a black man should only be evaluated by a black man. And I say man because the next step will be gender, then it will be sexual orientation and so on.

"in no small part because its products and services are used universally"

Now this is the part that rules out the stupidity of the line I quoted first. No. Sod off with your racist diversity and start your own company if you think skin colour makes it better. Shove your wet dreams of dividing people by race, gender, pronoun, hair colour and trying to dictate quotas. The products are widely used because they already appeal to the various divisions in the real world.

UK space firms forced to adjust their models of how the universe works as they lose out on Copernicus contracts

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Re: "two Leave campaigns were found in breach of electoral rules. "

@John Smith 19

"I'm more aware of the flat out lies told by the Leave campaign"

You should be acutely aware of the remain lies too. Tried and tested and shown to be false because we voted to leave and the remain claims were disproved outright.

"starting with the big red bu***hit mobile and it's claims about the NHS"

Was the bus a lie? It stated the gross figure. I would prefer the NHS was left out of the statement but the national religion was used against brexit and Boris used it for brexit.

"Bul**hit Boris's money to the NHS is about 5 weeks worth of EU contributions according to the side of the bus so far.

So where's the rest?"

Same place as the 2 predicted recessions and the punishment budget. I support brexit but the official remain and leave campaigns were both bull. The desire for brexit has been a thing long before Boris and we dont need to be Boris supporters to support brexit.

"These are the lies Leave told to win. Now let them either put up or admit "Britain we lied. We told you what we thought you wanted to hear so we could win.""

Amusingly remain has been exposed by this too very openly. Yet I dont see the remainers announcing that either.

"Then tell the UK how you really think you're going to make the British economy better outside the EU than inside it."

I cant speak to Cederic's posts but me and you have traded comments before and I have often enough offered to discuss leave reasons, and the few who didnt do the usual ears closed ranting got reasoned discussion (even if we didnt agree).

There are many reasons to leave but my favourites are economics, democracy, trade, sovereignty and border control

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Re: About this 'Taking Back Control'...

@Intractable Potsherd

"even Tony Blair has said he's pleased his children aren't interested in going into Westminster because it is such a toxic environment, FFS!"

I think that brings relief for more than just Blair. Now if he could just sod off out of UK politics.

£40m wasna enough for ink and toner cartridges in public sector, says Scottish government

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@Arthur the cat

I picked up some very easy cash 'teaching' a class that was never advertised because it was to clear out their budget money they needed to blow to justify their future demands.

One does not simply repurpose an entire internet constellation for sat-nav, but UK might have a go anyway

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"I don't know why you people keep repeating that experts thing as though what you're claiming is true - don't you feel a little dishonest when you intentionally lie?"

I dont think they are lying when they say it. Its like when they misquote Thatcher about there being no such thing as society. I think these people truly believe what they are saying is the truth because they are either too stupid to understand the context or unwilling to verify what was actually said.

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Re: Why Galileo?


"Ummm, why then are we spending/wasting millions/billions on reinventing the satnav wheel?"

Actually that is the question that should be asked. While the article has little content in it at least it does comment toward the end- "sign up for one of the existing systems".

Germany is helping the UK develop its COVID-19 contact-tracing app, says ambassador

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"You'd think it would be worth being in some sort of Union with our European friends"

Why? Being capable of working together regardless of such a union does not mean we need a union. And what about everyone else in the world? Are they not good enough? Are we not friends?

Once again, racial biases show up in AI image databases, this time turning Barack Obama white

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Re: Ha

Is that down vote for mentioning saint Obama's campaign? Or for suggesting those complaining write an AI that doesnt have the issue they complain about?

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Didnt Obama use a white man picture of himself to get elected and make the election about electing a black man?

Maybe if these offended are really upset they will go and make one that doesnt have such a problem? Maybe? **tumble weed**

The incumbent President of the United States of America ran now-banned Facebook ads loaded with Nazi references

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Re: I didn't know of the triangle badges in the prison camps


Not sure if this is of interest but this is a very interesting book on the definition of socialism-


That a country is trying socialism until it fails and then it is redefined as not real socialism, but while the idea sounds nice they end up at the same destination.

Of course some people mistake the nordics for socialism but then people arguing that dont seem to want that.

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Re: What is scariest..


No, Rand Paul. I was particularly impressed with his desire to reduce burden on people such as complex tax returns and also his desire to reduce regulatory burdens. Unfortunately libertarians do have a tough run.

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Re: What is scariest..


"I think you mean “with only the stinky parts”. At least, I hope so, since anything else makes you look bad."

Nope I ment what I said. Obama stank. Bush too. And so on. Trump is far less filtered. He hasnt been groomed to say something other than what he means. He doesnt have the diplomatic slimy shine to deal with people who screw up or take advantage. Instead he just removes them or the resources from the US they rely on.

His private opinions are more public because he doesnt bother to hide them while other politicians have the two faced approach.

I dont care if you think it makes me look bad because I dont turn off my brain and shout 'orange man bad'. He wasnt the one I was hoping would win until mine got knocked out of the race. And I didnt want him to win because I thought he was good or whatever, just that he was better than the slimy suit alternatives he was against.

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Re: What is scariest..


"Most politicians at least try to cover their stink."

That is precisely my point. Obama, Bush and so on all polished public front yet not much different behind the scenes. It didnt matter which side you voted for it still had slime being covered up until Trump who was opposed by both and still won.

He has had success and failure. He has done things positive and negative. The opposition to him not being about what he achieves but the noise he makes.

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@Version 1.0

"but in the US they don't try and get the poor to vote "for" them, they are busy making sure that the poor can't vote against them (or even vote at all)."

That is where Hillary went wrong. She not only got the poor to vote against her but for her opponent by insulting them all. Apparently she still doesnt know why she lost

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Re: What is scariest..

@Mark 85

"Once upon a time, we would be appalled at a pile of lies coming out of the Oval Office"

This is why I like Trump being in office. There is still the spewing of lies but he is unvarnished. Its like having a politician but without the stinky politician parts.

No surprise: Britain ditches central database model for virus contact-tracing apps in favour of Apple-Google API

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Re: Hmm

@Nick Ryan

"The other key reason being that any investigation will start with the incompetence of the government as everything stems from there."

I am not quite sure. Not that the gov will escape unscathed but the initial reaction not to lockdown seems to have been right. But that of course got the gov in hot water and their reaction to deal with lockdown was swift.

Of course the information of what we can and cant do by the gov has been a bit illogical but they are dealing with people who already ignore the lockdown and a virus that isnt as dangerous or deadly as originally feared. WHO and China needing a clap around the ear but as for our actual reaction PHE and the NHS really do seem to need a serious review

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I hope the gov to a very public autopsy on the handling of Covid and shine the light on NHSX, the NHS and PHE. They should also highlight the success of the HMRC response.

That would be a great time to ask what these people do for the money that is thrown at them.

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Re: No echo chamber here...

@I am the liquor

"If the government wanted to move to the Google/Apple model, they should have done it, shouldn't they?"

This is the problem of big government. Nobody can know everything about everything so they need 'experts'. Unfortunately nobody really notices if the outcome is good but everyone notices when it goes wrong and blame the gov.

With all the privacy and tax arguments against Apple and Google it would be a risk to use their app. And some will ask why cant the gov get an app built, yet this experience is why..

The girl with the dragnet tattoo: How a TV news clip, Insta snaps, a glimpse of a tat and a T-shirt sold on Etsy led FBI to alleged cop car arsonist

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Good on em

Nice to hear the FBI doing the police work to catch someone probably best removed from the streets. Protest does not include criminal damage and these riots are not acceptable. Lets just hope in the UK we do the same

GitHub to replace master with main across its services

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Appeasement doesnt work

These are the kind of idiots who will never be happy-


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Re: Master copy


"As someone else said, what's the harm in making the world a little better?"

Nothing, but thats not what we are talking about here. What we are talking about is playing victim to gain power over the very language people are allowed to speak. So is the world better with some having power over others to dictate the language they are allowed to use. Even more insulting it being our very language we are being dictated to change not which parts of some other language.

And if you are a fan of such inequality and a command over lesser people can you provide a suitable name for those in power? Or can we call them master?

US senators propose $22bn fund for new fabs on American soil because making stuff is better than designing stuff

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Re: Meh


"It's an error to assume that these jobs are low value."

The typical excuse to offshore these things to China was to cut costs considerably. Jobs that are low pay and can be done in a cheaper country and lower paid being attractive to companies.

It is that which makes them low value as their pay and economic value will be low. I am not commenting outside the economic value just to be clear.

In my opinion bringing back the low value jobs does have knock on effects. The argument for a higher minimum wage for example will remove these jobs anyway. And we have to accept a slowing down of taking people out of actual poverty globally.

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Re: Meh


"The PPE/Testing problems recently show what happens when there is a worldwide shortgage and you are entirely reliant on imports."

Interestingly this seems to be a self inflicted issue as far as the UK and US is concerned. Both insisted on central control of testing which of course limits the amount that can be done. We had companies offering to make protective gear except public health England added bureaucracy to it which stopped the provision of protective gear.

In the US's case the federally mandated initial tests even turned out to be contaminated anyway and so were of no use.

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If the US wants to try and bring back low value jobs its up to them. It should make some people happy, particularly people who like to complain the UK doesnt do any manufacturing (which is wrong) as I assume they will argue we should do the same.

What is worth more? The chip or knowing how the chip works and the R&D to improve on it?

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Re: Damn socialists

@You aint sin me, roit

Is it subsidies or tax breaks? They are very different things. Not taxing progress is a tax break and it sounds like that is what is proposed (quick glance I might be wrong) for people to make such factories. A subsidy is the gov picking a winner and throwing money at them.

Barmy ban on businesses, Brits based in Blighty bearing or buying .eu domains is back: Cut-off date is Jan 1, 2021

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Re: @Olius

@Intractable Potsherd

"Gold-plating was nothing to do with the EU, and everything to do with those people you want to have sole law-making powers."

Yes, the same people (Blair particularly) who would sell his own grandmother never mind our country just to suck up to the EU for a job. So yes I want the law making powers in the UK instead of directives which come from those we cannot throw out and then have some scum here gold plate it for personal gain.

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Re: @Olius

@Intractable Potsherd

"When did that happen?"

Gold plating EU directives into our laws for a start.

"it was very much a deal in which the UK took what it wanted and ignored what it didn't"

Thats an interesting view. But there is a split between gov (who wants to be in the EU) and the electorate obviously. We didnt get what we wanted even if the few did. I do have a very clear memory of Tony Blair absolutely guaranteeing our rebate was not up for negotiation, just before it was renegotiated. Apparently the stupid expense of our CO2 efforts is because Blair offered to cut our total emissions when his advisers told him only for energy production.

But then there was little doubt Blair wanted to be EU president so he sold us willingly.

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Re: @Olius


"They are legally fine on this, and if we think they are being stroppy and childish, well, that is their right."

Very true. Just as its our right to have voted leave and have no business stuck under these people who act so childish and stroppy. But since we are stuck with them under this current extension I will continue to comment on the continued articles about the EU's latest revision. As stated in the article-

"even though the decision has already cut income to the registry and undermined its standing."

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Re: @Olius


"We won't exactly be in a position to say that we need to get away from these tantrums pronto."

Why not? Trading with others is not the same as coming under their rule. We can trade without selling the country out to another gov to run. We are talking about a gov that sits above the UK gov and is hurting themselves for no apparent gain. We would care less if we only traded with them.

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Re: @codejunky


I am not sure if they had considered doing that. It isnt a bad idea. I am not sure it is a two fingers to Johnson as much as a comfort blanket for those who are struggling with the idea of leaving.

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Re: @Olius


"It can't be "literally stealing" if people were effectively hiring it and that hire is conditional."

I have already accepted that technically that is correct (I admit when I am wrong). It goes against the norm and expected behaviour of web domains.

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Re: @codejunky


"For full disclosure I'm not British, just a massive Anglophile being tested severely by the misguided filth being spewed in British public discourse."

No worries. I am British and about as impressed.

"Firstly, how is it self harm? Missing out on domain payments? Meaningless"

Yes it is meaningless. This is a trivial issue of no grand importance. Which is why watching the EU handle this so badly is self harm. First they made this decision without informing their own people. Those managing the EU TLD found out through the news, and since it breaks from the norm the TLD guys completely disowned it and dropped the politicians in it by telling everyone they didnt have a hand in the decision nor know about it. That made it look like a toddler strop and highly disorganised.

Since then the decision has had so many revisions it looks like the EU is incompetent. The effects being to provide a huge demonstration of stupidity publicly, as well as the reduced revenue and trust in EU domains but likely to spill into distrust over the EU handling other things too. If they cant handle something so trivial like grown-ups then how can they do X, Y, Z.

All of that is a loss to the EU and for what gain? Zilch. They lose out and look stupid. As I said I dont think this is a pro-EU/Leave thing this is just blazing stupidity they would be best just leaving alone and not reminding people of how they handled this.

"There is no conspiracy against Britain or thirst for retaliation. Why would a bunch of bureaucrats hold a grudge against you?"

Actually there are bureaucrats in the EU with a grudge against us, often enough to our amusement. That doesnt mean they all are but some are just twerps as we have some twerps in ours.

"Your politicians and media have built up this idea of Britain vs. EU conflict out of self interest"

To a point. It seems more an internal conflict of those who wish to remain vs those who voted to leave. People voted to leave consistently over numerous votes which of course is part of the problem. We decided, that is it. But stirring up conflict buys some votes and sells some news.

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Re: @Olius

@Robert Grant

"This isn't monumentally stupid. It's just the rules for owning a .eu domain. Nothing debatably stupid's being "done" other than Brexit itself; this is just a totally normal consequence."

So a normal consequence of brexit is for the EU to tie their knickers in a knot over TLD's? Not only to break from the tradition of not messing with it but to be so indecisive about the issue by repeatedly changing their mind?

This is after making it look like a toddlers tantrum by declaring the removal initially so the EU TLD guys find out from the freaking news! So the very people in charge of the TLD turn around and say its nothing to do with them, its politicians and they didnt even bother to mention it?

The entire handling of this (non)issue has been monumentally stupid. If you consider that normal then we are absolutely in need of getting away from the EU pronto.

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Re: @codejunky


"It’s not the EU who has hurt itself, as is evident from where the squeals are emitted from."

Yet again I will mention that this article is like an article about someone hitting themselves because we wont play with them. Yes there are squeals but likely in amusement or pity depending how much a person dislikes the EU.

And the EU keep our attention on this by repeatedly changing their minds on if they are going to hit themselves or not. It isnt the UK that gets money from EU domains and for the few who care its easy to get around, but it is the EU putting themselves in a very bad light as decision makers and competent ones.

For an article like this it doesnt matter if you are pro-EU or pro-Leave this is watching self harm.

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Re: @Olius


"While I disapprove the move, you can't call it "literally stealing" as it was stated in the T&C's"

I guess on a technicality it isnt, that is fair to say. But by action they will be removing someones legal property without compensation and possibly not due to their action (I suspect those with EU addresses and care about it are pro-EU).

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Re: Shock


"Oh - I really really thought for a moment you were talking about Brexit there"

Then reading comprehension might not be your strong suit. Read the reg article then the comments section to avoid further confusion.

codejunky Silver badge


"even though the decision has already cut income to the registry and undermined its standing."

Maybe they have realised they already shot themselves in the foot and looking like incompetent fools wont change anyones opinion of them by changing their mind again. They are already taking damage for their self harm efforts, maybe they think it cant get any worse (I am sure they will find a way).

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"We're joining the ranks of non-EU countries whose residents can't own .eu domains without good reason. No more, no less. This is what we wanted, isn't it?"

This isnt about us, it is entirely about the EU doing something so monumentally stupid to hurt themselves. Think of the article as one about a stropy kid unhappy we dont want to play with them so they are slapping themselves.

Regardless of where you come down on the brexit debate the EU is cutting off a load of revenue and screwing its reputation by literally stealing (taking away a paid for service without compensation) for no good reason. It isnt the norm to cut off domains, maybe let them expire and not renew but not cut them off.

Hence this is nothing more than self harm for the sake of being stropy. Its of no consequence to the UK but does have direct and indirect consequence for the EU.

BoJo looks to jumpstart UK economy with £6k taxpayer-funded incentive for Brits to buy electric cars – report

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Re: Weird echoes?


"My memory of the idiot Brown is of his extortionate increase in Road Tax on petrol engined vehicles to compel their owners to buy diesel."

I have been scrolling to see if anyone was gonna mention this. The incentive to diesel being far worse in the end with the benefit of hindsight. And that is the problem with these dumb schemes where the gov 'picks the winner' because the gov can never be smart enough to pick the right one.

If the gov wants to inject cash they need to give tax holidays.

Franco-German cloud framework floated to protect European's data from foreign tech firms slurpage

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Glad I am not the only one thinking this. Will we ever hear of this project again? We will see.

Spending watchdog doubts UK is capable of managing Brexit and coronavirus info campaigns at the same time

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Re: Didn't that happen already?

@Charlie Clark

to buy proportionately the ECB needs to buy German sovereign bonds and Germany therefore controls the supply-


I dont like the UK blasting the cash but we are still in a better place than the Eurozone because we control our currency.

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Re: It's obvious....

@Loyal Commenter

"To anyone who has actually bothered to follow this line of concern, the issue has always been US food safety standards"

Yes. First that it was washed in Chlorine and people were worried about it. I had this discussion so many times and kept posting the link to the European Health Agency stating it was safe because some people were so misinformed and worried. Then they found out the salad they eat was Chlorine washed and the goalposts shifted.

"one of which is the use of chlorination to make unsanitary chicken "safe""

Therefore the output deemed safe and so no realistic argument is there to say it isnt. It is the output that matters as that is what we consume. And its acceptable to developed world standards in the US and Europe.

"The underlying concern, of course, being that meat production in the US doesn't meet EU food safety standards"

Because the French farmers would be up in arms. They would be the next riot in France. We cant have choice because the French cant compete.

"Concerns don't start and end with chicken."

Chase the next goalpost.

"It is the press who have dumbed this down to "chlorinated chicken", as you no doubt well know."

Yes. It was very easy to rally remainers around something so wrong and misinformed which is why the goalposts moved once the dumbed down version was not only defused as an issue but shown to be hypocrisy.

"But not one of those nasty foreign ones, like Bourbons or Nice Biscuits, or $deity forbid, Garibaldis, obviously."

Why? Are you racist or just have a passion for UK biscuits? Your entire comment is centred around being against foreign meat and now you try to claim I have a problem with foreign sourced food? Are you an idiot?

"Ironically, the far-right have long perfected the art of accusing their opponent of doing exactly what they do themselves"

Its also known as a skill of the far left but hang on, what is this to do with chicken? Bring back the goalposts.

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Re: And they wonder why we take the piss.


"You think it's safe in the hands of a pair of incompetent bumbling fools like Boris and Cummings? Dream on boyo."

Nor in the hands of those varied idiots in the EU

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Re: Didn't that happen already?

@Charlie Clark

"At some point the money will run out. The Bank of England has already started monetising government debt, so far with no apparent risk."

Its damning isnt it? Doom for the country? Go on please tell me how bad it is and in painful detail!

The reason..... the EU is in this exact argument with Germany and Germany has determined the money has run out! Germany's courts have decided they are not willing to allow Germany to pay to keep the Euro currency alive!

I am no fan of the governments spending habits (I hoped we had got rid of new labour big gov) but the EU is further along that path than we are. And if we remember the UK bounced out of the global recession but the EZ stewed in it and never really recovered.

Now this brings us to the interesting question of what got us out of the 1970's situation.

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Re: It's obvious....

@Jamie Jones

"You must want a hard brexit"

Yes, that is what I voted for and what I want. I am not sure how anyone is still confused at the idea of leaving the EU, it means leaving the EU.

"because no way any negotiations will be successful during this pandemic..." and "Forget the little-englander delusions"

Hard brexit requires no delusion. The negotiations have been going great, the EU is unwilling to negotiate until the last second and we are sick of it and just gonna leave. Its great. Through incompetence and stupidity on both sides throughout the whole process we are now more likely to hard brexit because the EU aint great leaders and our gov is backed into the corner by continued public voting to leave the EU.

"So, whilst in shock from the virus, you think you the country can cope with more shortages of food, companies leaving, gridlock at cusroms"

You seem confused, why is there a shortage of food? The virus hit and the supermarkets adapted really quickly (much faster than the NHS). The EU order of equipment we didnt join in with is about ready to be delivered in 3 - 14 days. The world isnt out of food. The markets aint out of food. As far as I am aware the EU isnt out of food unless that is your claim?

"If you're planning on shorting the country to make money, that's disgusting - however there is no other rational explanation for that view."

So you assume thats my reason and condemn me for it? Idiot. No I am not shorting anything. And if you are unable to see any rational explanation to my view of wanting to leave the EU after leaving it has already been extended multiple times for pathetic excuses, that is not my deficiency. Using this virus as the latest pathetic excuse is just scaremongering or being a victim of scaremongering.

codejunky Silver badge

Re: It's obvious....


"Because salad and chicken are so alike..."

The issue with chlorine has been a moving target. First it was because it is chlorine, which is deemed safe and used on EU salad. Now the issue seems to be the hygiene of the process, which is surely determined by the output and the output is clean chicken ready for consumption to the standards of the developed world.

"I'm all for cheaper food but not if the trade-off is an increased risk of food poisoning."

This is interesting. Since such a comparison is not easy to make and both are acceptable to the developed world standard then as a baseline they are both fine. So if you are for cheaper food then you are for the chicken being sold here in the UK should people in the UK be willing to buy it? That requires no new regulation or protectionism, only to put it on the shelves for people to buy what they want.

codejunky Silver badge

Re: It's obvious....


"Wanting to make a killing as the economy crashes?"

Like Germany did with Greece? No

"Money abroad so not wanting EU inspection?"

Nope. And no money in Ireland nor Luxembourg nor the Netherlands

"Getting out of CFP but then we can hand all the fishing to EU for trade?"

Nope. EU handling of fisheries causing reduced fishing stocks isnt working. But if we are willing to 'rent' the waters to the EU we do get an income from it.

"Getting out of CAP but then we have to accept Chloronation Chicken?"

Actually yes. Salad is already chlorinated in the EU. The European Food Safety Authority deems it safe. It is cheaper than the expensive chicken we are FORCED to buy from the EU. Allowing food prices to fall due to buying at correct market price is not a bad thing. It makes the country richer.

"No one has yet to convince me it is anything but stupid."

That is a valid position that it is your opinion and nobody has managed to sway you yet. I have the same issue of not being persuaded of remain.

"So what worries you?"

A currency literally designed not to work without federalisation. A political pipe dream being more important than the populations it is to rule over. A body that wishes to inflict consensus on varying countries and economies yet cant even agree where it holds its meetings. Overreach and micromanaging while being incapable of dealing with actual real challenges of a large scale. Certainly not nimble nor capable of keeping up with a changing world while being designed on an old 'cold war' model. Rules and laws being 'flexible' or 'inflexible' at a whim. Protectionism of 27 countries inflicted on 27 countries. Severe removal of the people from the political rulers.

I am sure there is more if I thought about it.

*I am the second downvoter. If the first would like to pile on feel free to join in

codejunky Silver badge

Re: It's obvious....

@Jamie Jones

"In coronavirus, Boris has the perfect excuse to delay brexit. Cummings could quite easily spin that even to their most xenophobic followers."

I doubt any leaver would be happy with another pathetic excuse to stall. The desperation to remain has infected decision making for too long and getting out has been shown to be necessary otherwise we will be tied to that sinking ship all the way down.

codejunky Silver badge

@Doctor Syntax

"Not a very surprising conclusion given that they've proved themselves incapable of managing even one thing at a time."

I would say either information campaign, one at a time. Not very clear guidance for either issue

Remember when Republicans said Dems hacked voting systems to rig Georgia's election? There were no hacks

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Re: Just one nose-picking minute

@Malcolm Weir

It wasnt long ago the Dems were claiming Trump colluding with Russia. The idea that republicans are crooks and dems are not is the same bunkum that one party is more justified than the other. And before the AC jumps in I am calling both sides as bad and no I am not justifying it for anyone.


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