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Is this possibly the worst broadband in the world?


It could be as simple as a line fault. Mine at home (also in the sticks) was horrifically slow. After some time the landline stopped working completely, no dial tone or any sign of life. broadband wasn't affected as it seems to work okish on a single wire. We got the line fault fixed and broadband went from 1Mb to 6Mb and the router has not dropped the connection since. Whilst we were having problems, the landline was fine until it died.

Maude reckons UK.gov web makeover will save £1.8bn annually


drink the kool-aid.. Will people kindly stop saying this, it makes no sense of any sort. i've just googled it, sounds disgusting anyway. The of course there are the people who start sentences with So.

Education Secretary Gove: Tim Berners-Lee 'created the INTERNET'


I hope to God none of you ever attempt to teach. The problem with Gove's little fantasy (mirrored in The Thick of It) is that when people turn up to work they need to know how to use Word, Excel and Outlook. They do not need to know how to write some silly thing for a mobile.

World's stealthiest rootkit gets a makeover


Or more simply, use AVG and run the rootkit scan. Worked for me when TDSSKiller refused to execute. I expect other AV programmes do the same. Just a shame they don't pick it up when it gets installed, but wait until you scan. I had a pc that wouldn't boot from a Windows cd because it had a virus. AVG fixed it.


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