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Julian Assange extradition: What's next for WikiLeaker-in-chief?

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Re: @Velv

I hope you aren't saying that victims of rape should be identified. It is difficult enough to get victims to come forward who have been raped or sexually assaulted, even when they do people won't believe them because of cases like you have stated. For every false accusation there are many suffering in silence.

I agree that the cases of false accusations are bad for everyone but lets not forget about the reasons for that annonymity. People who admit to bringing false charges should of course face charges themselves unless they are admitting it under duress (eg a forced retraction) This is a difficult issue and not as clear cut as you seem to make out.

Brussels' statement of objections against Google is MEATY

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Maybe I'm nieve but I trust Google, I have watched videos from it's engineers on it's search algorithms and it all seems above board with users in mind. Google sells ads, it makes money from those ads because it has lots of people looking at them, it has lots of people looking at them because they are the best at what they do!

I use Google Search because 9/10 times it gives me the answer in the first few results, I tried Bing for a while and rarely did it have the same hit rate. I was a longtime Altavista user going way back.

I use Gmail because it offers me the most features and storage, I used to use Hotmail.

I use Android because it's the most open of all the mobile operating systems and allows me to customize my phone in any way I want to (custom ROMs and the like)

I don't use Google+ because it is not the best it does not satisfy my social needs (few of my friends are on it) I use Twitter & Facebook.

I could give more examples, Google aren't forcing people to use their products they just make the best products for a lot of people, they don't try and hide how they use your data it is all there for you to see in their privacy policies. If you don't like it then there are alternatives for all of their products out there!

Devs still frozen out of Android ice cream source


Google answered the devices question here:


"Oh, I see. Yes, that could have been confusing. The plan is very much to wait at least until 2 different people buy a Galaxy Nexus. If only a single one gets sold ever, we probably have bigger problems on our hands.


I think the article is being unfair to Google here, they have always said they would release ICS at some point at the end of the year and gave good reasons for not releasing Honeycomb. They obviously are not releasing the code now to prevent some idiot compiling the source and then bringing out the first ICS device before Google/Samsung


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