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What's for Christmas, Google? Oh, you're taking away free phone calls from our Nest speakers


I literally don’t know a single person here in the USA who has a mobile plan that charges for minutes. Even $19/month plans are unlimited minutes and SMS.

You are correct about CPP vs RPP, but the concept is outdated in reality.

System at the heart of scaled-back £30m Sheffield University project runs on end-of-life Oracle database


And, ahem.. when students end their lifecycle by dying.

Canon makes 'all-in-one' printers that refuse to scan when out of ink, lawsuit claims


Re: No print? No buy.

My 2008 HP multifunction color ladder still works well.

Not the best scanner, but I don’t need great scanning all that often. I hate HP, but got it for free from them.


Re: Fax

I hate HATE HATE HATE fax, but to be fair, I haven’t seen a printed fax in well over 20 years. Businesses use fax apps, the images sit on servers and access is limited by permissions.

PSTN telephony is many times more secure than email. FoIP less so, but still more than email.

Working in IT Healthcare, the challenge is primarily B2C. There may be some B2B challenges I’m not aware of, but even small medical practices all seem to be connected to a health hub. B2C is improving, but Fax will still be with us until at least 2026. Arrrgh! I’m old enough to remember sending my first fax using an acoustic coupler to an old fashioned phone. If memory serves me right, this was sometime around 1978.

'Father of the Xbox' Seamus Blackley issues Twitter apology to AMD over last-minute switch to Intel CPUs


Re: Final and best price

Try Twitter #BillGates No image rehaBILLation there.

Ad-blocking browser extension actually adds ads, say Imperva researchers


So when it comes to browsing the Internet, everything is all forked up?

Soaring cloud division turns things around for SAP after annus horribilis that was 2020


Re: "It is estimating sales to grow by up to 19 per cent year-on-year"

Larry? Is that you?

How Windows NTFS finally made it into Linux


Re: I can only warn

I chortled because I say exactly this behavior at MSFT back in 2002. My team was down the hallway from the top Office people. The comments they openly had about the OS folks was hilarious (or sad, dependent on your perspective.) I think the Office people got along with Apple MacOS people better than the Windows crew.

A Burger King where the only Whopper is the BSOD font


Windows has fallen and can't get up!

Seems Mrs. Fletcher took Clara Peller's place in asking "Where's the beef?!?"

USA 1980's TV commercials....

HPE finds second new CTO in 16 months with Fidelma Russo


Re: Dancing at a Dismal Digital Derelict

You're right, all of the executives have changed so many times.


The executive merry go round remains the same.


Dancing at a Dismal Digital Derelict

I had the poor luck to have been with a great company acquired by this dud. My brief time there was highlighted by my walking out the door as they tried to make their mind up as to what they wanted to be.

HPE goes through executives like diapers on a baby with diarrhea.

Come to think of it, I would prefer changing those diapers instead of spending one more day at HPE.

Tennessee agrees to pay Oracle $65m for Nashville relocation plan


HQ not moving here

Just for clarification as several people here mentioned HQ.

As reported in the Austin American-Statesman April 14, 2021: Austin-based Oracle considering $1.2 billion expansion in Nashville


Proton welcomes Sir Tim Berners-Lee to its advisory board – as ProtonMail suffers a privacy backlash


Re: Logging...

Yep, turned it off first thing.

Chinese developers protested insanely long work hours. Now the nation's courts agree


Re: Long hours <> productivity

I've been working in Korea for 30+ years. I wouldn't say it is an across the board norm in the society, but it certainly is prevalent in certain industries, mainly not in the roles where knowledge is a key component.

And I am speaking of the hours worked. However on the "stuff rolls downhill" side, it definitely is a cultural attitude.

SCO v. IBM settlement deal is done, but zombie case shuffles on elsewhere


Re: Legal blackmail

Here, my wife baked you some nice ziti. "Pauli, take the man's jacket."

Zoom incompatible with GDPR, claims data protection watchdog for the German city of Hamburg


Meanwhile there is considerable concern still on the USA about Zoom's ties with China.

Google staff who work from home might see pay cut under corporate policy – reports

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84-year-old fined €250,000 for keeping Nazi war machines – including tank – in basement


Re: WTF?

1966...Beatles? Govt sex scandel? Soviet Spy in M6?

Nothing else to think of.

Hard drives at Autonomy offices were destroyed the same month CEO Lynch quit, extradition trial was told


Re: Lynched?

I have to be very careful here, but I screamed at the top of my lungs to Leo and his cronies that Autonomy was almost a nobody in the segment that they competed in. But Leo was hell bent on moving to a "Software company" and Meg was clueless. What really irked me was Marc Andreesen's attitude. Out of all of them, he should have known better.

I was out of HP in June 2012, and was happy for it.

Once Larry Ellison posted the PowerPoints that Lynch used to pitch Autonomy to Oracle, it was very clear to me that Lynch wasn't just a sleazy salesman, but also a complete fraud.

Just wish Meg and Marc could be neighbors to Lynch once he's settled in behind bars.

IBM's 18-month company-wide email system migration has been a disaster, sources say


Pretty sure they are solely focused on manufacturing Soylent Green.

Pure frustration: What happens when someone uses your email address to sign up for PayPal, car hire, doctors, security systems and more


Re: Netflix

"What I do not understand, though, is when you want to sign up for a service where you will have to verify you e-mail address, why would you use an address that does not belong to you?"

Woman in Florida using her husband's email addy that is 1 letter different from mine. 30-50 times. I called a gynocologist office in Florida to inform them that they broke HIPAA laws, and please inform their patient to get her own email addy as I was tied of receiving emails from various Cadillac dealers she was test driving at, house development realtors, etc. Clearly she's dreaming of big money while her son is still in prison and husband not long out in the free world.

The curious case of a WordPress plugin, a rival site spammed with traffic, a war of words, and legal threats


Here's hoping the people at kotrynabassdesign.com tie up dear old Phil in the courts for years, while draining all of his financial assets.

HPE slices and dices globo org chart


Less chairs to shuffle on the Titanic

Yet I see the lunatics at Dropbox added the clueless Meg to their BoD. Another Walking Dead company.

How to avoid getting hoodwinked by a DevOps hustler


Re: If they’re a 'DevOps Expert', they probably aren’t

and don't forget that they aren't going to make the sprint without a Scrum Master Guru leading them!

HP Inc, HPE both slapped with racism, ageism lawsuit



HPE's layoffs since 2011 have been openly touting ageism. Of course, it's nothing to do with skills or even value extracted. It's purely pay related.

Silicon Valley IT biz boss cops to lying about Cisco H-1B jobs


Re: I think this is the business model of those companies.

Ah yes. The 1 in a million guy.

"Everybody else is full of it" in his mind.


Re: I think this is the business model of those companies.

And Trump had yet to take one action against H1B or OPT.

He even refuses to overturn Obama's illegal EO expanding OPT, or EAD.


HPE dumps Grandpa Software in Micro Focus care home, hightails it


You missed reality in your comment

You're clearly out of the know at HP. Mike Lynch snookered Marc Andreesen into selling Apotheker on buying Autonomy at 10 times actual value during his West Coast "Buy Me" tour.

Old Aunt Meg sat at the corner of the Boardroom table, nodding her head yes until her wattles flapped.

Apotheker should have known better to listen to the fat boy and his old Aunt, so but got the heave ho while the two idiots who were most excited about it stayed on and continue to drive the Titanic into the iceberg at full steam ahead.

Best be Nimble, best be quick. You're out of a job at HPE – and that's sh*t


I was an HP customer in the 90's, defining and authorizing 8 digit purchases from them year after year. I decided to get into the provider side as Carly the Destroyer arrived.

Later, my employer was acquired by Mischief Mark and suffered the same fate as the other heads on Mark's den wall. Acquired with no strategy, instead of integrating with HP, just picked over for parts, and then cast aside by the mentally diminished Aunt Meg.

HP is what Rolls Royce would be if Trabant had bought them.

HPE kills off its entire OpenSDN line, pulls plug on customer demos


So true. But HPE is filled with "nodding donkeys" these days whose mantra of "what is this any key I keep telling people to be pressing?" belies the end of a former great company.

Open source? HP Enterprise will be all-in, post split, says CTO


It won't matter

Sadly HPE is a Dead Man Walking with Meh Whitman at the helm, and backed by the slack jawed drooling idiots on the BoD.

Whitman has blown more billions of dollars than anyone in the world, save the US Government.

I have friends that work there and they don't have a single positive thing to say about what's going on at HP. It looks very bleak.

A Norsified Linux for Windows and OS X wobblers


Re: The feel of a pig in a cage on antibiotics is kept alive by cozy words

True story: twenty years ago I joined a new employer who named their Unix servers after the planets. Earth was training, Venus was primary, etc.

I received a call from an effeminate IT admin who proceeded to declare "I need your permission to back up Uranus, I've been wanting to do that for so long!"

My response was "Can we start pronouncing it Yerunus instead of YourAnus?"

Ubuntu's Oneiric Ocelot: Nice, but necessary?


The fervor defending an intuitive and productive interface for the default distro, is from those who wish to convert as many people as possible to Linux and by default, via Ubuntu.

Given the nattering nabobs of nuttiness in the UK have ruined Ubuntu's reputation by forcing the abomination called Unity on new users, everyone is giving Canonical the middle finger send off as we move to distros not tainted by their feces infested fingers.

Yes, all of us seasoned Linux fans know that there are other desktops and how to get them. Yet we're very dismayed that Canonical took their lead position and flushed it down the loo.


Just as Canonical shouldn't have gotten into user interface design.


Are you enjoying that new self-spanking machine from S&M Inc?


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