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Trump administration labels WeChat, TikTok ‘threats’ to national security, bans transactions with both

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Re: The DeathStar analogy is apt...

Please don't insult Vogon culture: Trump can not write poetry.

Neither could the Vogons - it never stopped them.

And lack of any ability at politics or diplomacy hasn't hampered Trump much either.

First alligators, then dogs, now Basil Fawlty is trying to standardise social distancing measures

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The Osman

Standards Soviet

I'd no idea who or what an Osman was initially (the bulb makers? did they mean the Osmonds? etc.)

Not all of us watch TV anymore.

They say the tooth will set you free... so Brit dentist trade union tells members: 'Bad news – we've been hacked'

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The revenge of the Big Cheese (and Floppsy)?

Wrap it before you tap it? No, say Linux developers: 'GPL condom' for Nvidia driver is laughed out of the kernel

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Re: NVidia keep on trying

It's Linux that needs nVidia, not vice versa.

Why would Linux <u>need</u> Nvidia?

They are holding back wayland adoption.

When they stop supporting their older cards, Nouveau isn't going to be much help because of signed firmware on recent cards.

They keep promising to sort it out, but nothing comes of it.

Nvidia cards are not good value for money for linux users.

US drugstore chain installed anti-shoplifter facial-recognition cameras in 200 locations – for eight years

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Re: "Humans are pretty good at spouting a lot of nonsense, too"

Ignorance is treatable by education - stupidity is unfortunately not treatable (except by the Grim Reaper!!).

You left out aggressive ignorance - most ably displayed by many politicians and certain religious types.

Venerable text editor GNU Nano reaches version 5.0 and adds the modern frippery that is scrollbars

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Ah Nano

I tried learning vi and emacs countless times, but nanos elegant simplicity I just keep coming back to.

Someone made an AI that predicted gender from email addresses, usernames. It went about as well as expected

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Re: The complaint seems confused

If you want to be targetting your tampon adverts, you need to do it by sex, not by gender.

Well, advertisers have long been convinced sex sells - although in this case....

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Re: The complaint seems confused

the targeted promotions are for items I buy regularly, and would buy even if they were not discounted.

Sounds a little like Amazon marketing strategy - you buy a fridge freezer after a day or two of perusing, and the next month you are bombarded by fridge freezer ads online, because they think you have a fridge fetish, or maybe a lot of bodies to store.

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if your input is 'woman' and the tool indicates a 90%+ chance of the result being male

Well, in the 'machines' defence, the majority of the letters do spell 'man'

AI assistants work perfectly in the UK – unless you're from Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, Birmingham, Belfast...

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Don't forget West of the river Bann.

The servers will need overclocking just to have a chance of keeping up.

It's been five years since Windows 10 hit: So... how's that working out for you all?

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Re: Chrome on Linux the telemetry and snooping is far more than on WIndows

Why would they bother?

It's not as if a Linux user, even one deranged enough to want to use Chrome on it, would be a large enough demographic to interest most their advertising customers.

Irony isn't dead... Facebook sues EU on data privacy grounds for requesting too much personal data

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'Ow much?

"including highly sensitive personal information such as employees’ medical information, personal financial documents, and private information about family members of employees.”

You can't harvest more than was sown. Surely in requesting, they can only get as much information as Facebook is hold on their employees.

Just how much information is Facebook keeping on it's employees?

Too much that they feel revealing how much would damage the companies reputation (further)?

What the duck? Bloke keeps getting sent bathtime toys in the post – and Amazon won't say who's responsible

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Re: Yellow Duck? Part anagram: dell.co.uk!

Lemon Curry?

UK's NCSC reveals Premier League footie clubs to be ripe pickings for cybercrooks: One almost lost £1m to BEC attack

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Re: Football

Are you absolutely sure Professional Football itself is not a huge Scam?

From new kit every season so the wee nippers want the latest to the TV broadcast rights to the fat old FIFA geezers....

Bill Gates debunks 'coronavirus vaccine is my 5G mind control microchip implant' conspiracy theory

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It might be sub-standard but it has powered the PC revolution and even the wider IT revolution. Could something better have done that? Sure. Might it have turned out better if another company had been the major driving force?

If you excised MS from time, the PC revolution would still have happened, perhaps a little differently, remaining a little more fragmented for longer (such as the early Commodore, Amstrad, Sinclair etc era).

That we might be in a better place is just as likely as an a worse.

VMware to stop describing hardware as ‘male’ and ‘female’ in new terminology guide

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Re: White board good, black board bad?


Black board, chalky,

White board, ruined by use of permanent marker by some numpty.

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I believe you should say ”... as Jack is a _plug_ name”

Can we call the socket for a Jack, a Jill then?

Sick of AI engines scraping your pics for facial recognition? Here's a way to Fawkes them right up

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Re: Artificial Competence

Given the typical failure rate of most AI projects, Artificial Incompetence seems more apt. So still AI.Just not the "I" we are led to believe.

Given that the typical failures are often implemented anyway, I suggest 'Annoying Incompetence'

Computer misuse crimes down 9% on last year in England and Wales, says Office of National Statistics

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missed misuses

Sounds like plod doesn't know how to use computers. Is that not a computer misuse crime in itself?

Of course they do, a fair few officers are caught in misuse every year, often using it in stalking.

Personally, I'd count flagrant use of facial recognition as misuse.

UK.gov admits it has not performed legally required data protection checks for COVID-19 tracing system

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Re: But of course

Maybe not but COVID-19 has shown that here in Scotland, over the water in Northern Ireland and doon a bit in Wales we all have more competant governments than the UK.

Very scary, having lived in N.I, I find the thought that the N.I. Assembly could be considered competent extremely hard to imagine. It wasn't that long ago they spent an awful long time not doing anything.

Nokia 5310: Retro feature phone shamelessly panders to nostalgia, but is charming enough to be forgiven

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Darn, sounded good up to that point.

FYI Russia is totally hacking the West's labs in search of COVID-19 vaccine files, say UK, US, Canada cyber-spies

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I see

I see a beautiful woman and I want to make babies.

I see a beautiful woman and I want to make pornart.

Spend too much time in life drawing, it'll happen to you.

The Devil's in the details: Church of Satan forced to clarify that no unholy rituals taking place in SoCal forest

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Re: Not How Satanism Works

Didn't necessarily used to need to be an actual Satanist to be considered a heretic.

Heretics were considered anyone who diverged from the prescribed doctrine of those who could wield enough authority to impose chastisement.

Google employs people to invent colours – and they think their work improves your wellbeing

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Give me puce, any day.

A down to earth working mans colour.

Sounds exactly what it says on the vomit bucket, whether it looks it or not is another matter.

UK government marks 'at least' £115m for new Brexit systems against backdrop of chequered IT project history in customs and border control

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Re: Brexit is coming

Don't you remember a tearful Margaret Thatcher

Hmm, the only tearful Margaret Thatcher I can recall was when her party booted her out the door of No. 10.

It's handbags at dawn: America to hit France with 25% tariffs on luxuries over digital tax on US tech titans

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Re: Pay tax where users reside

the prime reason I see very well off people and companies dodge tax like a devil dodges holy water is because it just keeps going up.

Or maybe very well off people and companies dodge tax like a devil dodges holy water is because they can, and not matter how much they are asked to pay, they'll do their darndest to avoid paying any at all.

And you can add Coprolations to that too.

How much of the French population is using US digital services vs. the population of the US buying designer french handbags and cheeses anyway....

Smile? Not bloody likely: Day 6 of wobbly services and still no hint to UK online bank's customers about what's actually wrong

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Re: I did some IT consultancy...

almost every one of the senior managers at these banks considered IT to be an "overhead" rather like its cleaning services

Honestly, I've gotten the impression that most management at most companies thought the same way.

.NET Core: Still a Microsoft platform thing despite more than five years open source

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Re: girls won't be particularly impressed

This kind of comment implies a male audience, bro's at that, and is juvenile and sexist.

Can't think why the industry is still failing to draw in a more balanced workforce.

I was going for a certain humorous exaggeration of possible motivations.

Congratulations on taking me much, much too literally. So literally in fact, you completely missed the actual message.

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Job Ads?

I don't think I've seen any Job ads specifying .Net that didn't also mention most of the rest of the Microsoft stack (not in the last six or seven months)

And if not, why would a hobbyist coder bother with .Net on a non-windows platform except from some perverse masochistic challenge project (granted, some are inclined to odd language picks, just because) - girls won't be particularly impressed, and it doesn't seem like employers are looking for the combo.

Don't make any sudden moves: Huawei urges UK government to wait before declaring it 'unreliable'

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Do we even need 5G?

From what I've gathered so far, it's only going to encourage demented VCs to fund enterprises to flog us internet connected...cars, any number of home appliances and, sooner or later, shoes, raincoats and (sooner or later) prophylactics...

Another anti-immigrant rant goes viral in America – and this time it's by a British, er, immigrant tech CEO

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Re: Trump

Why? He is condemning the thugs, terrorists and criminals tearing things down and wrecking livelihoods and actually causing serious physical harm to people.

Yes, but to Trump, anyone who disagrees with him or merely gets in the way of a photo-op is a thug, terrorist and/or criminal.

Mind the airgap: Why nothing focuses the mind like a bit of tech antiquing

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Re: Don't be silly.

Fountain Pen?

My Primary school mandated fountain pens when time came to learn joined-up writing.

I came in first day with a Parker rollerball, but that wasn't good enough apparently.

Thick, slow drying ink is a bugger for left handers - not much legible after the hand following the nib smears the ink.

I did the best I could, learnt to write with my hand at a weird angle.

That's infotainment, that's infotainment: Android Automotive OS goes virtual with new reference platform

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Just what every busy commuter needs,

To be harassed about 'Reviewing their security settings', in an attempt to inveigle more tracking and ad serving, every time they get behind the wheel.

It's gonna be like the cars of the near future in Rob Grants 'Incompetence'.

Barclays Bank appeared to be using the Wayback Machine as a 'CDN' for some Javascript

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Re: Data not at risk?

Gross incompetence really needs to be added as an offence on the Computer Misuse Act.

The good news: Vodafone switches on first full-fat, real-life 5G network in the UK. The bad news: it only got sent to Coventry

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Re: News flash!

5G is perfectly fine, but I heard that 6G will make you impotent and ugly.

I heard that 6G will interconnect all of humanity and usher in a world of peace and harmony....

....of course, we'll all be wading hip deep in broken Smart devices and failed IOT rubbish by then.

I was screwed over by Cisco managers who enforced India's caste hierarchy on me in US HQ, claims engineer

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Re: How did they learn he was Dalit?

A semi-popular pub game in Northern Ireland was to take turns guessing at the religion of people as they came in the door of the pub.

(Not a true pub game, as you never truly knew the answer, so no forfeits).

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Re: Protecting culture...

Male Genital Mutilation is rife in the US isn't it? With no small thanks to Mr Kellogg, of Cornflakes fame.

Well, where else was he to get those sun dried crispy flakes?

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Re: Good luck sir

Too often, HRs job is to try to ensure the company can continue to exploit it's workforce just to within a hairs breadth of legality.

UK space firms forced to adjust their models of how the universe works as they lose out on Copernicus contracts

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And yet

ECHR isnt part of of the EU either, and not mentioned in the but the current Slovenes in Westminster want us out of that too.

MIT apologizes, permanently pulls offline huge dataset that taught AI systems to use racist, misogynistic slurs

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Re: No Sh*t Sherlock

MIT guys were supposed to be intelligent

Intelligent doesn't necessarily mean mature or even wise.

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Re: This is a problem in general

I think many of us here would find that any girl cute or otherwise (even some mid-trans ex marine in a floral dress and a half past eleven o'clock shadow beard) would be horrified to be taken home to meet the parents...

It'd be a Bates Motel moment. Mine have been dead for ten years.

Coat: 'causer I probably by-passed my good taste chip again.

Germany is helping the UK develop its COVID-19 contact-tracing app, says ambassador

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Re: "In the interim, the British government has been forced to adopt human-powered contact tracing"

I think the British Government should be pushing ahead with the development of the Mark II Travel Machine as the superior solution in exterminating the virus threat.

Best Wishes, Davros

Linux Mint 20 isn't exactly bursting with freshness but, hey, there's kernel 5.4 and it's a long-term support release

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due to no support for Qt

For some time after Plasma 5/Frameworks 5, other desktops had theme problems with Qt due to no QPA Platform theme set or setup.

Mostly fixed for desktops now, but purist Window Manager users might still encounter problems.

'It's really hard to find maintainers...' Linus Torvalds ponders the future of Linux

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Re: "COBOL programmers of the 2030s?

I don't know about COBOL. but I challenge anyone to name another language that's as portable as 'C'

That sounds like a direct comparison.

COBOL is no threat to 'C', and vice-versa. They both have totally different ideal uses.

You wouldn't dream of trying to write drivers in COBOL, and anyone trying to write the sort of business logic you can easily do in COBOL in 'C' needs their pointers extracted.

CompSci student bitten by fox after feeding it McNuggets

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Re: This is why we can't have nice things.

animorphism I can somewhat understand.

But Princesses singing duets with clocks and candlesticks?

I'm always half expecting a reveal that said young lady is actually really barefoot, straightjacketed and drooling in a padded room banging her head off a padded wall.

We're no longer helping UK Post Office persecute postal workers with our shonky system, says Fujitsu

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Re: And hopefully the summary

Where as old squadies from operation Banner get dragged into court regardless of the time since the alledged offense....

You know why, don't you?

It's 'cause the interested public in NI has kept up the pressure doggedly.

It's up to the concerned UK citizens to keep the pressure on the Gov over the P.O. managements behaviour, and keep the demand up that the management responsible are held to account.

But you expect Whitewash from Whitehall, and you'll shrug and 'move on' as they want after a coat or two is licked over the stain.

Fasten your seat belts: Brave Reg hack spends a week eating airline food grounded by coronavirus crash

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Re: As a child of the 1970s, I have a fear of savoury dishes involving fruit...

I don't think my primary ever served tapioca.

But I recall semolina, custard (and probably most, now I come to think of it) puddings that could have been used as trampolines.

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@AJ MacLeod

No offence taken.

My work here is done. Don't forget to flush, Now wash your hands.

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As a child of the 1970s, I have a fear of savoury dishes involving fruit, and this one invoked bad memories of apricot chicken casseroles and prunes put in places they should never have been allowed.

I rather liked those. I recall when I was a kid, my parents were exasperated by my constant choice of 'chicken maryland' on meals out (while seemingly oblivious that their general option for a 'steak and chips' wasn't exactly adventurous either).

I usually regarded Restaurants having been 'stiffed' if there was not both deep fried banana and a slice of pineapple.

Windows 10 Insider wondering where Notepad has gone? Fear not, Microsoft found it down the back of Dev Channel

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Good Grief...

how can they 'lose' an application that's hung around since the mid 80's?


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