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Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean AI's not after you


BT could also...

Replace all their employees with jobs titled "C[ETIOF]O" with AI.

Imagine the short and long term savings the company will enjoy...

NASA experts looked through 800 UFO sightings and found essentially nothing


Open source approach to UFO observations

There's this new project called Sky360 intended to unite UFO enthusiasts from all over the world to provide the said hi-res pictures of UFOs using custom-built hardware. AI is supposed to help with distinguishing the U[nidentified] from the I[dentified] FOs.

On another note - when the UFO subject gets picked up by the mainstream media, historically some political or economical mess is taking place in the background...

Microsoft to buy 4% of London Stock Exchange in 10-year platform deal


... and introduce a brand[ed] new financial term "Market Reboot(tm)"...

Look like Bane, spend like Batman with Dyson's $949 headphones


Mask apparently(?) addresses urban pollution and noise, but doesn't even seal to the face

Shouldn't that "apparently" be replaced by "allegedly" ?

'What's the point of me being in my office, just because they want to see me in the office?'


... It is in our DNA...

There's this thing called "evolution". Your DNA might be stuck couple of decades back, but the recent pandemic, for example has proven, that stuffing tons of people on public transport and spaces helps distribute bugs. So either your DNA evolves or you are history.

What's the root cause of the hatred of Corporate office spaces?

The fact that they suspiciously resemble chicken battery farms? Where the boss(es) is(are) in a nicely separated office.

... and real office spaces allow us to touch base in a much more efficient manner.

Did you mean randomly interrupt people with half-baked questions expecting them to understand what you meant?

folks that don't align strongly with this mission

What was the mission again?

One can only pity the people managed by @Mockup1974 and hope to never become one of them.

Aviation regulators push for more automation so flights can be run by a single pilot


Safer option

Replace the airlines CEOs with AI. Then there will be no need to pay massive bonuses, perks and all that jazz. Redirect the funds to the flying staff.

And when a "blue screen" situation arises, or "there's an unexpected [item|event] in the [baggage?*] area" there won't be a new episode of Air Crash Investigation. Just reboot the CEO. (Not to mention thay if the CEO gets hacked, there won't be as many casualties.)

(*-replace with: cockpit, engine, pitot tube(s), wheel well, baggage area, fuel, electrical systems, cabin or whatever is appropriate)

PC component scavenging queue jumper pulled into line with a screensaver


Could that be: https://fakeupdate.net/ ?

A colleague was patiently waiting and wondering why is Windows 10 update showing "Working on updates 401% complete"...

Russia, China warn US its cyber support of Ukraine has consequences


"Friend" in Russian

The "unlimited friendship" reminds me of certain Family Guy Episode where Peter asked comrade Putin how do you say 'friend' in Russian...

RAD Basic – the Visual Basic 7 that never was – releases third alpha



No offence, but being a professional programmer specialising in "Beginners' All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code" will always sound a bit... erm... controversial.

Browse mode: We're not goofing off on the Sidebar of Shame and online shopping sites, says UK's Ministry of Defence


Blocking Amazon.com

I remember a management decision around Christmas to block amazon.com (and .co.uk) for the same reason - to stop employees wasting time shopping.

And b0rk1ng sysadmins access to Amazon EC2.

EMC/Dell deal respectfully caps the minicomputer age



Time to mention "The Soul Of A New Machine" by Tracy Kidder - quite inspirational book about Data General's quest to bring new machines to the market.

Taliban official's email blunder leaks 400+ contacts


Re: The Taliban are doomed.

Doomed as in - the USSR failed (while US was training the Taliban...), now the US/UK alliance is not making much progress... evolve into something - more likely.

... and get a proper IT department roflmao



Students that never learn...

('taliban' means 'students' apparently... )

Iran: Our nuke facilities still under attack by US, Israelis 'and MI6'



In an unprecedented move in order to quash all accusations of being two-faced, double standards regimes, USA and Israel have agreed to extradite all state-sponsored hackers of the utility suite Stuxnet to Iran to face trial for international cyber-terrorism.

If convicted, the "developers" face stoning to death.

Judge nixes Apple's bid to patent-bash bankrupt Kodak


US of ?

United States of Apple?

Apple snags blockbuster multi-touch patent


Nothing new

It's sad when a company with mountains of cash instead of inventing is trying to suffocate all competition this way.

Here's an idea - why don't all other mobile manufacturers boycott the US patent office and the stinking fruity company and withhold their products from the US market (even for a limited time)?

Put the whole country on an apple diet for a month and watch... :-)

VMware ramps crusade to make sysadmins redundant


Missing the point

The Sysadmin is a person who builds the foundation for a platform.

A builder will never be redundant no matter what platform you are building.

On another matter - when the world ACKs The VMWare Day, then we'll think about redundancies. For now there's The Sysadmin's Day.

Quality software always shakes up crappy IT resources. If they remove the GUI the jobcentres will be overwhelmed with sysadmins (with lower case 's') lol

Gartner predicts global double-dip recession


Gartner, Credit Rating And Other Agencies

Who needs a credit rating agency if they don't need credit...

When is some non-corrupt politician going to wake up and shut the damn b***ards from spreading FUD - we will all make it through, and the system has suffocated itself... Nuf said.

In OURSELVES we trust!

(and Linux :-D)