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Fretful Amazon wishes it could get more Android action

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Re: Skins

Completely agree with you.

After years of using an Android (See user handle), I finally switched over to iPhone a few days ago. The reason - I got fed up of waiting for fixes and updates from Google, only to find Hardware Vendor/the Carrier wont be releasing it to the model I own.

I know there are stock Androids available but usually its either not the model I want or at the payment method that is convenient.

I know in the grand scheme of things my moving to iPhone is insignificant, but I wonder if this kind of frustration will reach critical mass?

US rapper slams Earth is Round conspiracy in Twitter marathon

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Where did he have his last stage performance? Colorado?

It's Wikipedia mythbuster time: 8 of the best on your 15th birthday

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Re: Er, I like Wikipedia

> Among Wikipedia's most viewed articles of 2015, movies led any other category by large margins.

As in your case. :)

2015 was the Year of the Linux Phone ... Nah, we're messing with you

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Ian and Murdock?

> ... combination of Ian and Murdock's girlfriend ...

Just a little confused, that's all.

Nork-ribbing flick The Interview AXED: Sony caves under hack terror 'menace'

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What gives?

I think the hackers have Sony by the short and curlies. They really must have hit the mother lode in the data they were able to swipe. Something so horrible/expensive/scandalous that it has brought Sony to its knees. Wonder what it is?

MOM: CHEAP Mars ship got it right first time. Nice one, India

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Go MOM...

Can we now start wailing and whining about poverty in India, unwanted aid, yada yada yada?

Apple poking at idea of bayonet phone fittings

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Third-party vendors

> "... either from Apple or third-party vendors, on a device."

Third party accessories on an Apple device and flying pigs - guess what do they have in common?

India's Martian MOM leaves the nest

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Go MOM...

... Mars needs MOMs!

Watch BLUBBERING BILLION-DOLLAR BALLMER: Microsoft goodbye love-gush leaks

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Glow bands

Can I have one of those glow-in-the-dark wristbands for my 5 year old daughter? It looks quite age appropriate for her.

HDMI 2.0 spec arrives ... 1.0 years late

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Subtitles via HDMI

I read somewhere that the current HDMI specs do not support Closed Captions/Subtitles. Any chance the new version does?

Use case: Rent movie on Google Play. Play movie on tablet (No GP support on PS3). Enable subtiles. Connect tablet to TV via HDMI 1.4 cable. Subtitles shown on the tablet screen but not on the TV screen.

Or am I connecting/holding/doing it wrong?


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Never a perfect time to quit?

For Steve Ballmer the perfect time was yesterday, maybe the day before.

Icon: That's what Steve should have done long back.

NO, ELEPHANTS, it's we DOLPHINS who NEVER FORGET our best pals

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@Will Godfrey

> I can't help wondering what the dolphins feel like when they seem to hear the calls of long-lost friends

A sense of déjà vu?

Beer icon... well, because its almost time for that.

PEAK APPLE: 'iPhone sales STALL' at first sniff of fresh droid competition

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Re: "[A]n 'astounding' number of smartphones hit the market this year (...)"

Apart from the fact I was still in my diapers, what else happened in 1984?

Human error blamed for toxic Russian rocket explosion

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The connector survived this? ----------------------------------------->

And with legible markings!?

I would have thought every would have burnt to ashes, if not vaporized.

Well, how very convenient for the investigators ;-)

Motorola teases with Moto X 'design your own' phone

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> selection of colorful covers to express one's individuality

So we can express our individuality as long as the said individuality matches one of the colors that the manufacturer decides to offer us?

What a load of...

Sony set to launch smartwatch in Shanghai next week

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> ...reducing the need to get shot while fishing around for a tucked-away timepiece.

This line exemplifies why El Reg has become as ingrained in my life as my morning cuppa!

Hitchhikers' Guide was WRONG, Earth is not in a galactic backwater

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So does this mean no more interstellar expressway through this sector?

Windows 8.1 Start button SPOTTED in the wild

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Re: Out of the box

Do you really think that I will throw 800 dollars (average cost for a decently spec-ed laptop) to "try out" what everyone else + dog has labelled as complete fail?

No sir, with my limited resources, I'd rather sit out this one. And if it does not get any better in the subsequent releases, then Mac OS or one of the Linux distros it will be.

Oi, butterfingers! Drop your mobe in a pint? Hope it's not an iPhone

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Re: What about the fish?

... so Apple and Samsung are sleeping with the fishes?

App gap flap: New York's e-cabbies FOILED AGAIN

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" Indeed, the London cabbies fought against minicab regulation as they had the (often justified) fear that it would, er, drive customers away from licensed minicabs and into their vehicles instead."

Wait... what?!

Student falsely IDed by Reddit as Boston bomber found dead

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RIP Sunil Tripathi.

Want a coffee with Tim Cook? Better start saving now

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$100,000 ???!!!

Is this a part of Tim Cook's retirement planning?

Free French app app booted by Apple, triggers 1m-strong petition

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Re: apple v the French

Listen very carefully, I shall say 'zis only once...

Upvoted AC@22:00 for reminding me of 'Allo 'Allo.

Google Shopping Express dips toe in same-day home delivery

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Re: You think that's fun...try this!

The secret to trolling - keep it short and inflammatory.

Unlike yours which was overly long and stupid.

Google Drive goes titsup for MILLIONS of users

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Wanna bet...

... that the engineers looked up Google with the error message?

Oklahoma woman cuffed with loaded .22 in pork holster

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Re: Leave it to the Register to print a story that can at once put me off both sex and violence!!!

I take it you haven't seen Machete...

There was a demonstration of similar storage skills early into the movie, which had exactly the opposite effect than what you mentioned!

Oklahoma cops rake ashes of 'spontaneous combustion' victim

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Time to...

... page Fox Mulder.

Can believe no one used the alien icon yet. There, corrected that.

NASA deep space probe sends back video of 'Comet of the Century'

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Re: I just hope...

> Bruce Willis is an old man now

If Bruce is too old, then perhaps Joseph Gordon-Levitt can stand in for him?


'We are not concerned about your patents at all' - Jobs

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... End up paying a lot of lawyers a lot of money

That was excellent advice from Ed Colligan.

Unfortunate that Apple never paid heed to it... not for the lawyers, of course.

'Doomsday' asteroid Apophis more massive than first thought

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Re: Friday 13th

As the world+dog tries to decide if the asteroid is big enough, Bruce waits patiently at the space center.

Bruce: "Make up your minds, m*********"

Big screened quad-core Chinese beasts splash down at CES

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Holy smoke

Rectangle with rounded corners!

Icon: Off to find a patent lawyer

When your squash partner 'endorses' your coding skills on LinkedIn...

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> If a friend posts a newspaper article to Facebook about a government minister who’s been caught embezzling millions, does a like mean “I like it when government ministers embezzle millions,” or does it mean “I like it when government ministers who’ve embezzled millions are exposed in newspaper articles”?


Dead Steve Jobs' mega yacht seized by testy Philippe Starck

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Simply because St Jobs decreed that only iThings made by Apple could have rounded corners. Not even a... well, never mind.

'Shake to charge', similar crapps foul up Amazon Android store

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It does charge, I tell ya...

The only that gets charged when I shake my NFC enabled Android, is my bank account

FCC urges rethink of aircraft personal-electronics blackout

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It is funny how irritating screaming/crying babies can be on an aeroplane unless the critter in question is your progeny.

Will Westerners soon be getting their IT direct from Asian players?

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Re: But are they any good at it?

Or a more acceptable skin color. Come on it is okay to accept your real issues.

Einstein almost tagged dark energy in the early 1920s

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Re: I've been wondering about this dark matter stuff

> so much of 'stuff' is symmetric in the universe - electrons - protons, upspin - downspin, wave-particle duality all the mesons, baryons, bosons and other stuff that all have counterpart particles...

You mean like Yin and Yang, good and evil, life and death, Dumb and Dumber...

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Re: But what about the cat?

> Ah, but can one cat simultaneously exit two bags in two different rooms?

That, you have ask Herr Heisenberg.

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Could you click that link? Pretty please?

US and UK spooks alerted over massive Swiss data leak

This post has been deleted by a moderator

Google+ exec declares Facebook 'social network of the past'

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Re: What's this "ad" stuff people keep talking about?

> The web has no ads.

> What is your post then?

A recommendation.

America planned to NUKE THE MOON

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No atmosphere on the Moon...

Yeah, what use is the big bang if you dont get a mushroom cloud?

Icon shows how it must look like or it did not happen.

British judge: Say you're sorry Apple... this time like you MEAN it

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First having to apologize for shoddy software , then having to apologize for lying... what a sorry bunch!

US Copyright Office approves phone jailbreaking and video remixes

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Re: Registration

> or it didn't register that "The Register" was referring to "the Register of Copyrights

Reminds me of Sir Humphrey Appleby

Google adds 25 million grey building 'footprints' to Maps

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Re: Technical Doublespeak

> Feeding aerial photos into an algorithm, its engineers used computer vision techniques to render shapes of the building.

> not really that much of a technological breakthrough...

Of course the way they said it, it sure sounds like one :)

Ice sheets may stabilise for centuries, regardless of warming

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> "... sea level rises just aren't that big a worry, over say the next century anyway"

... by which time most of the current generation would be long dead anyway. Mine's the one with the keys of the gas guzzler.

Moon was formed when PLANET SMASHED INTO EARTH

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Fifth Element and Armageddon

If only Bruce Willis had been around that time, he would have stopped that planet from crashing into our rock. For documented evidence of his previous exploits, see message title.



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