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Emirates and Turkish Airlines lift laptop ban on US-bound flights

Aleksandr Gekht

Interesting... The ban for flights to UK is still in place. I wonder if UK will follow the US for these airlines.

BA passengers caught in crossfire of Heathrow baggage meltdown

Aleksandr Gekht

Baggage problems at Heathrow?

I arrived into Heathrow T5 on BA late evening on the 15/06. The flight was delayed by about 30 minutes with no explanation. My luggage did arrive fine, but the baggage hall was absolutely swamped with hundreds and hundreds of bags - I haven't seen anything like that in my many years of travel.

Plusnet broadband outage: Customers fume as TITSUP* continues

Aleksandr Gekht

Didn't know there was problem

I didn't even realised there was a problem until I saw this article... - in Surrey

NASA tests amazing bailout rocket which will never be used

Aleksandr Gekht

0 to 600 mhp in 2 seconds

0 to 600 mph in 2 seconds is about 14g, if my rusty math is to be trusted. I'm wondering what will happen with the astronauts when they go through this.

Sarko caught short in Irish VIP footie box shocker

Aleksandr Gekht

Fake but funny

Naturally funny - doubly so considering that French actually won the game.

Dangerous mobe chargers flood UK

Aleksandr Gekht

It all depends

Well, if I pay £40-50 for cheap basic mobile phone, I'd be rather hesitant to pay another £20 for a second charger. Last year, while travelling in Russia, I picked up a Chinese-made charger compatible with my Nokia for just under £4. Yes, it's cheaply made and doesn't have the CE mark - but it has served me well for over a year now. The reality is that in most cases everything works perfectly - it's just when one catches fire or explodes that we hear about it. But this happens to 1 out of 100,000 or even less often.

Your personal data just got permanently cached at the US border

Aleksandr Gekht

Deny entry...

According to the "rules", CBP can deny entry to persons refusing to divulge their passwords. I have two concerns here. First, the password is stored in my head, not on my laptop, therefore it is subject to the fifht amendment. I have the right to not self-incriminate myself. I myself am a US citizen living and working in UK and frequently travelling to the USA both for business and pleasure. I do carry my company-issued laptop with me, which contains a large amount of confidential information. Deleting it before travel and downloading-uploading is not a good option, as I loose about 8 hours on the plane, during which I can get A LOT of work done. The question is: how can CBP deny entry into the USA to a USA citizen? This is again against the law.

Winning the (propaganda) war on cancer

Aleksandr Gekht

Thank you!

Finally, somebody have got the guts to talk openly about this issue. I lost several members of my family to cancer - and have seen what it can do. I also have seen a cancer diagnosed at stage I kill a man in 4 month (i.e. from stage I to stage IV and on to death in 4 month).

I've heard too much b******t from doctors to simply believe everything that's being published - and I do know when I see something worthwile. Too bad you might get a lot of hate mail from doctors, pharmacists, etc. who profit greatly from the FUD surrounding any really non-curable diseases.