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Um, almost the entire Scots Wikipedia was written by someone with no idea of the language – 10,000s of articles

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Reedeeng thuse-a Veeki intreees bruooght beck memureees ooff zee Incheffereezer.

Bork Bork Bork!

Take DOS, stir in some Netware, add a bit of Windows and... it's ALIIIIVE!

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Re: Miffy?

Nijntje, diminutive for konijntje (little rabbit). But yes, Miffy for the rest of the world. There's a statue of Nintje on the Nijntje Pleintje, near where I used to live in Utrecht. :)

[edit] fine, search result: https://www.holland.com/global/tourism/destinations/utrecht/nijntje-pleintje-1.htm

Beer necessities: US chap registers bevvy as emotional support animal so he can booze on public transport

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But only before ten am. ;) The Weißwurstfrühstück was in the past a Zwischenmahlzeit (Vesper) between breakfast and midday meal. Back when the majority of people had labor intensive jobs, you needed that extra fuel to keep going. The Laugenbrezn, or Kaisersemmel debate is still not settled. :P

What? Me worry?

Back in the day when I lived in Munich, during the morning commute on the U-Bahn (U2, no less...) It was common to see the proletariat quaff a Helles or Export from Augustiner-Bräu. No one batted an eye lid- kids on their way to school, wage slaves, etc, all traveling together. Have a beer to start your day? No problem.Hard days slog? Crack tube. Not sure how it works today. Guess I should go back and check... :)

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Or it came from Lucky Lab Brewery? (from that settlement on the Willamette that almost got named Boston...)

Microsoft Teams: The good, the bad, and the ugly

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Re: Facts and figures or forced feeding

Suspect it's your flavour of rollout. We're in the process of migrating to Office 365 and with many bells and whistles. I've found that Teams is a much easier to manage and stable tool than SfB was. I can call from within Teams on whatever device (mobile, pc, tablet) I happen to have at hand while working. using Teams with Planner, Whiteboard, OneNote & Lens has been relatively painless and actually improved our collaboration and info sharing. It's also meant that we've had to actually go through the years of accumulated digital cruft on file shares, desktop drives, etc and clean up. Which was a really good exercise- I went from trying to manage dozens of folder shares to having two O365 Groups (we had to bifurcate internal & external federation due to legal requirements).

That said, there are definitely gripes:

OneNote - Teams integration is shite if one has repeating Teams meetings scheduled in Outlook. Teams (or OneNote) won't auto-create a separate OneNote page per meeting.

Adding external visitors to the federated Group SharePoint is a pia.

And so forth, or, as it was in your case, it's an implementation issue and we've just borked it here. :)

Before Bitcoin, digital cash was called Beenz – all that's left is a T-shirt

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I still have the plastic credit card somewhere.

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Re: CueCat anyone?

CueCat - Wired spammed them to every subscriber one month. Used it for about ten minutes to show off at the office and then it went to the bottom of the drawer.

One person's harmless japery can be another's night of LaserJet Lego

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Many years ago, I worked in an architecture office and was using CAD for drafting. A senior partner in the company, came by to review the documents I was creating. Rather than plot them out, I thought I'd be efficient and modern and we could review the plans on the screen. The senior partner proceeded to take out his redlining pen (the one with red ink, for, you know, drawing red lines...) and proceeded to mark up the screen. When I then zoomed out to review a different portion of the drawing, he was a bit upset that the red marks didn't move... More upset that I had somehow 'removed the reviewed work'. Anyway. :)

14 sailors die aboard Russian cable spy, er, ocean research nuke sub after fire breaks out

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Re: Nightmarish stuff

Two additional options for those interested

USS Blueback at OMSI in Portland, OR. https://omsi.edu/submarine (they offer sleepovers onboard) and

U3 at Tekniska Museet in Malmö, Sweden https://malmo.se/Uppleva-och-gora/Besoksmal/Malmo-Museer/Aktuella-utstallningar/Teknikens-och-Sjofartens-hus/Ubaten-U3.html (museum closed until September though) or http://www.u3.se/SEFolder/SEHome.aspx with info in english.

Planes, fails and automobiles: Overseas callout saved by gentle thrust of server CD tray

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Re: airport security

So you'll be at the the six day races? (your affliction being a common one amongst sprint cyclists...) :)

We regret to inform you the massive asteroid NASA's all excited about probably won't hit Earth

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Save the date!

Date booked as Out of Office, in Outlook365. Any bets on if the cloud will still be thing? ;P

Have a gander at this: Amazon agrees not to act as Silicon Valley's foie gras dealer

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Re: Chacun à son goût

https://www.eater.com/2017/9/22/16349926/california-foie-gras-ban-explained (okay it's from 2017) but it sounds like enforcing the ban is not as simple as taking a jab at Amazon. And @jake, are you referring to the producer Eduardo Sousa, in Spain? https://www.ted.com/talks/dan_barber_s_surprising_foie_gras_parable?language=en

Can't get pranked by your team if nobody in the world can log on

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Bluescreen? from the good ol' Sysinternals?

Apple macOS Mojave: There's goth mode but developers will have to wait for the juicy stuff

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Older iTunes w/ Apps MIA on Mojave

Ran Mojave for a day and realised that iTunes was updated (and thus the loss of app control). Reinstalling the 12.6 image was prompted with 'not compatible' message. So back to High Sierra and iTunes 12.6.x. Nope, not gonna lose control of those apps, just yet...

Neglected Pure Connect speaker app silenced in iOS 11's war on 32-bit

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Re: Evidently never heard of escrow...

Exactly. That was my very first reaction: "You didn't have an escrow clause for just this type of event?!!" I guess their risk appetite was bit more than they had thought. Is there a C level pink slip in their future?

Rejecting Sonos' private data slurp basically bricks bloke's boombox

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Re: Crap like this...

Yup, harmon/kardon 730 Twin Powered speaker A/B push button, as does my AV receiver from around 2002 and probably practically any other decent receiver from who knows how far back. Bang & Olufsen were really big in their adverts from eighties or so in promoting this. I remember they had an advert with a Beolab speaker shown mounted over the doorway to a kitchen so that you could listen to the Beovision in living room, over in the kitchen. Which, I thought was the coolest party trick ever, and then I found out how much B&O systems cost! :)

Tapping the Bank of Mum and Dad: Why your Netflix subscription is poised to rise (again)

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Re: Netflix Worth It?

"I find myself asking if there would be shows like "Game of Thrones" if not for the Sopranos." sorted that for ya. :)

'My dream job at Oracle left me homeless!' – A techie's relocation horror tale

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Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

See title. I think that there must be details missing from the story. I lived in NL for over a decade. NL has compulsory health insurance requirements (https://www.iamsterdam.com/en/living/everyday-essentials/medical-care-and-insurance).

A Dutch based subsidiary of Oracle would have known about this, their HR would know this, the relocation company should know this, and the candidate should have looked it up!

Likewise about housing requirements and options. Utrecht is a thirty minute train ride from Amsterdam. There a less expensive places to live than in Amsterdam. Even north Amsterdam is better price wise. Sounds to me like HR, relocation agent and candidate were all ignorant/incompetent.

Also there is free and/or low fee legal services available that the candidate could avail himself of (like https://www.juridischloket.nl/, and they speak English) What about expat groups on MeetUp? Or through colleagues/friends, or ToyTownMunich, Expatica, etc? Did anyone bother to even do the least amount of effort and search online for support services?

Such as here: https://www.iamsterdam.com/en/living/move-to-amsterdam/before-moving? I've only had a few relocations (US>DE, DE>NL, NL>SE, all different companies) so maybe I don't know what going on these days. But sorry, nope, no sympathy here. </rant>

Ex-NASA bod on Gwyneth Paltrow site's 'healing' stickers: 'Wow. What a load of BS'

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Re: You missed out the French...

...and Germans. Rather, the Bavarians. Who started up a lovely little number in the late nineties. The first bottlings were a bit young but I think they sorted it out now. Some good stuff coming out of North America, too. :)

NASA duo plan Tuesday ISS spacewalk to replace the mux that sux

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Opportunity for an On Call article?

Not sure if it's 'dodgy' enough, but it is unscheduled! Perhaps Simon can ask Commander Whitson for an On Call Friday rundown of the spacewalk to replace the MUX. That's one I'd definitely look forward to for a friday afternoon read!

Would you believe it? The Museum of Failure contains quite a few pieces of technology

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have you seen the fjords?

"...and can be found in Helsingborg in Sweden. If you want to visit it, you should fly to Denmark. No, seriously."

Absolutely correct! Fly in to Kastrup CPH in Copenhegen, then train up to to Helsingør (Elsinore!:) and take the ferry across to Helsingborg. It's a nice trip. You can of course go via the Öresunds bridge and through Malmö to Helsingborg, but the Danish route costs a smidge less. Time-wise it makes no difference if you're on holiday.

Helsingborg has a nice little brewery www.helsingborgsbryggeri.se/ too. :)

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Re: Sweden

Wasa ship - way cool to go visit though. I saw it in the early eighties before they had the bespoke museum for it. We were on a school tour. At that time they were still 'drying it out' / injecting it with special preservatives. Inside the shelter where it was being stored, there was active archaeological dig and during our visit they were finding skeletal remains. Again, way cool! :)

Apple CEO: 'Best ever' numbers would be better if we'd not fscked up our iPhone supply

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Cupertino Newton builder

<rant> You know what I miss? Graffiti. Not the Graffiti 2/Jot one, but the real deal. You could use it on Newtons, but it really came to the fore with Palm PDAs. Okay, okay, the keyboard on modern devices with high density screens is probably faster and more accurate. But, damit, I want Graffiti! On iOS. Without rooting. ;P </rant>

Apple unplugs its home LAN biz, allegedly

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multi-room audio alternate to Airport Express

@45RPM Airfoil by Rogue Amoeba. I started using their neat little trick before the Airport Express came to be. Great tool, and they support MacOS and Windows. Take a look and see if it's suitable for your needs. https://www.rogueamoeba.com/airfoil/

Behold the fruit of your techie utopia: A $43 San Francisco fog-infused martini

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Only forty-three bucks? Pffttt...

Stuff that! Trundle over to the Bar Hemingway at the Ritz in Paris. Order a Ritz Sidecar... To rich for your wallet? Order a 'normal' Sidecar or any of their cocktail, last time I was there they were about thirty euros a go. :P

Self-stocking internet fridge faces a delivery come down

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Wait.. What?!

"The latest concept, he assured us, involved your internet-connected fridge (groan) automatically ordering more milk which would then be delivered by drone – not to your door but into the fridge itself.

Apparently, your IoT-enabled front door would recognise the drone as it approached. It would then unlock itself and swing open to allow the drone to fly into your house, navigate its way to the kitchen and pop the pint into the fridge, which has also obligingly opened up to accept its milky load."

What the hell?!! Has tech gone so far round the bend that they can't remember what their parents (uh.. ok, maybe grandparents ;) had? Milkman, anyone? Milk chute?! http://www.nytimes.com/2007/12/16/business/yourmoney/16milk.html? There, sorted. Don't need no steenkin' stoopid fridge. Or drone. Grumble, grumble, goes away to fetishize his Nokia 6310i... :P

No, we haven't found liquid water on Mars, says NASA

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I love this

It's exploration, and trying to figure out the mechanics of why something is the way it is. What was a hypothesis for an observed phenomena is revised and a new explanation is proposed. In a few years or so, it will be revised again. Along the journey we learn more and add to our understanding of our surroundings. :)

Google hopes to sniff out OS X badware

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welcome to the party

Huh. Interesting, might be a useful bit of kit once they polish it up to 1.0 release.

But, do the tools at Objective-See cover this territory already? Maybe not in one single tool, though. I'm thinking of Ostiarius, Block Block and Knock Knock.

Nice to see that more people are paying attention to MacOS security. That's a good thing. :)

A trip to the Twilight Zone with a support guy called Iron Maiden

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Similarly in the Netherlands, be careful with pronunciation when ordering La Chouffe beer, my other half had the misfortune of being misunderstood and ended up with orange juice...

Gun-jumping French pols demand rapid end to English in EU

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Re: Pedant alert

Try the back of beyond in Sweden, Finland, or Norway.. :) My family's place is in a small village in southern Sweden. Google Maps shows it in a satellite photo, but you can't enter an address to find it and it doesn't even list the road. TomTom sort of gets somewhat close, Garmin has no clue. HERE surprisingly has the road named and will correctly navigate to the turn off. Certainly areas of Bayern and the Alps are just as poorly covered by the digerati. I guess areas in Poland, France and Spain, etc. too..?

Apple's 'lappable' iPad Pro concept is far from laughable

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Re: Shock Horror - A positive review of an Apple 'thing'

Stuff that! :) Go further back - a Palm Vx, the Palm foldable keyboard and a Nokia 6310i. (Gawd I miss that phone! Never failed...) Now there was portable travel kit. A PIA though - PalmOS, I was either connected to the keyboard, or Ir to the phone to send/receive. Ah, good times. Ok, time for the Four Yorkshireman... ;)

Lester Haines: RIP

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Stunned. My sincerest condolences to his family; and the usual suspects at El Reg.

In-flight movies via BYOD? Just what I always wan... argh no we’re all going to die!

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Re: Read a book

Nope, not yet. I carried a power bank with me in my carry on bag. This year it's been through European and North American airports. Though my experience is constrained to a small subset of the world, think my sampling covers enough to say it's okay.

iPhones clock-blocked and crocked by setting date to Jan 1, 1970

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iPhone end days cometh?

Anyone ventured to try entering 19th January 2038?

Who would code a self-destruct feature into their own web browser? Oh, hello, Apple

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stepping around the goat and into the fray... I was going to suggest Opera, but as that's a shiny piece of chrome these days perhaps, as was early suggested by AC, Vivaldi? El Reg bleated last year about new browsers, http://www.theregister.co.uk/2015/03/03/new_browsers_stagnation_breaker/ Personally, when I'm hankering for a bit of self-flagellation, I revert to Lynx, and Pine my e-mail. Ah, the good 'ol days... ;)

Apple's anti-malware Gatekeeper still useless: Security bloke reveals lingering holes

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He's already placed the app online

It appears Patrick Wardle has already uploaded his new security app. https://objective-see.com/products/ostiarius.html

Smartphone hard, dudes, like it’s the end of the world!

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Re: Best article ever.

Ok, I've printed the article and will post it on the memo board Monday AM promptly. :)

VW’s case of NOxious emissions: a tale of SMOKE and MIRRORS?

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Re: I give up

Lazarus From Recovery plug-in. works a charm.

No boxy Volvo: Chilling in the S60 D3 Manual R-Design Lux Nav

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Re: R?

R Design, not an actual R. Sheep in wolves clothing model. ;)

What? Me worry?

Re: Chinese?

"how come they aren't selling the cars for about five grand a pop?" 'Cause the Volvo cars are still made in Sweden. Not all, mind you, but many.

We were recently at the Volvo factory outside of Gothenburg for the Overseas Delivery Program with myinlaw who picked up a V60 T5 with all those bells & whistles mentioned in the review. Saw V/S60, V70, XC90s coming off the line. Really neat production stream, but photography strictly verboten.

Yes, I can see where the money goes. Still don't want mine myself, the need to sort out the bloody headrests and seats! The 740 had better fitting driver seat than these new ones. :/

Bing Maps seen wearing creepy mask that makes it look a bit like ...

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Random thoughts on the MS blog link

el Reg publishes an article on Bing, provides link to MS blog on announcement. Obligingly follows links...

Of no relevance or importance to no one, But. A) They used a screen shot of downtown Seattle and the The Pink Door is prominently shown on the map. Cool. I liked that place, many, many years ago.

B) the mobile phone mock up is a Nok... No, Micro.. no, iPhone?! What, no marketing group collusion to use their own MS (Nokia) phones? Huh.

C) There's a Macy's in Seattle?! Where's The Bon? For that matter, Why is the Nordstroms marker the on Frederick & Nelson's block?! Where are my Frangos?!!!

Goes off into to corner to grumble about change and progress and corporate takeovers... ;)

American bacon cured with AR-15 assault rifle

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Tillie Cheese

Putting a Tillamook Special Reserve Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese 2 lb loaf, next to ones laptop power adaptor and extension cord, in carry on luggage will also get one noticed by the friendly folks at TSA. That said, at least at PDX they're actually quite nice about it.

Slough or Antarctica? Well, at least Antarctica has penguins

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Don't knock the salt licorice

There is absolutely nothing wrong with salt licorice. Wonderful stuff. Now, about that Fazer Tyrkisk Peber that the Finns like... blaargh!

Fiat 500X: A fun-loving Goldilocks who'll get down and dirty

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"Even the company name has changed from FIAT (Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino) to FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles)..." Huh? Back when I lived stateside, I knew FIAT as 'Fix It Again, Tony'. So they're not rustbuckets anymore?

Boffins find Jackie Chan's SUPERCOP is good for something

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Coming soon...

Torrents of ripped solar cells...

Whisper tracks its users. So we tracked down its LA office. This is what happened next

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Re: Phone Apps

I've had to replace the LCD screen on one 6310i after the phone fell out of my pocket while I was cycling. LCD screen shattered, but rest of the mob was fine. :/ I used this info at http://www.formymobile.co.uk/6310disassembly.php#.VEYTL_mSzGA and judging from the screen shots, it appears you can replace the battery too. (It was a few years ago I repaired mine, so I don't remember exactly what it looks like inside, thus the internet memory.)

IT jargon is absolutely REAMED with sexual double-entendres

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Re: Love Story Told in Linux Commands

Finally, someone mentioned FINGER. :)

Cops baffled by riddle of CHICKEN who crossed ROAD

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Re: What?!

"Though I do agree: anyone who puts their own life (and that of their passengers and other motorists) at risk by slowing / stopping on a motorway, simply to "save" some wildlife shouldn't be a driver."

I suppose your policy position is okay for small fowl and poultry, but have you considered the ramifications of not stopping vis-à-vis moose?


Is modern life possible without a smartphone?

What? Me worry?

Nokia 6310i. 'Nuff said.



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