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Sperm-derived power system for nanobots patented

Matt MArtin

I wouldn't want to

examine the prior art.

Net Asbo slap for boasting Bebo teen

Matt MArtin

Local jurisdiction

Isn't bebo based in San Francisco, how is it any of the uk's police's business what he writes on there.

ISP bosses told to get real on broadband speeds

Matt MArtin


I think you'll find that 02's t&c's exclude laptop use anyway.

Hackers hit back at iPhone update

Matt MArtin

The EU

The iPhone has yet to be released in the EU so no law has yet been broken within their jurisdiction.

Facebook gags verbal dissent group

Matt MArtin

All your groups

are belong to facebook

MySpace succumbs to The Buttock

Matt MArtin

I consider

Mr Bean to be the pit of British comedy, does that count?

Manhunt 2 banned

Matt MArtin

stu-pid daily mail

"even if statutorily confined to adults, would be unacceptable to the public,"

for public read tabloid editors out for headlines

AT&T sued by poor man's Formula 1

Matt MArtin

Oval or track ......

it's all rubbish, if I wanted to watch some traffic for two hours on a Sunday afternoon I could go and sit in the road.

Canon Ixus 950 IS compact digital camera

Matt MArtin

$ to £ conversion again

Well nearly amazon.com has it at $386.38. Would the UK consumers in the room please bend over.


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