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Highways England waves around £62m contract for National Traffic Information Service after brief chat with vendors

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It's 260 miles, with a optional 30 miles extension the following day.

Prank warning: You do know your smart speaker's paired with Spotify over the internet, don't you?

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Re: IoV

You really want GOOGLE and FACEBOOK determining your privacy and security?

Academics demand answers from NHS over potential data timebomb ticking inside new UK contact-tracing app

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Presumably this will download and operate on all flavours of smartphone, upto, say 10 years old, not just those of a recent apple or google variety?

Famously flawed, it is 30 years since the Hubble Space Telescope was launched

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Well done to all !

Top Marks - have a beer on mankind and our fascination with what's out there.

So how do the coronavirus smartphone tracking apps actually work and should you download one to help?

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Re: British soln

An update - just took another look at the box, and I do have a handset. But it's a Zonephone, rather than the better known Rabbit phone...

Oh the memories....

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Re: British soln

Rabbit Phones? Blimey......

During the good tidy out of house, garage and loft this past few weeks I have uncovered parts of a Rabbit base station I picked up many years back, hoping to install it at home with a couple of handsets in place of the expensive at the time cordless or early mobile phones.

It has just sat gathering dust since around 1991 though..... And I haven't found the handsets for it yet.

Wanted: An exit strategy from the overt surveillance of smartphone contact tracing

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Scary and Scarier

Whilst Covid-19 is undoubtedly scary, the prospect of users willingly signing up to contact tracing in order to get their life back on track and the abuse consequences of it are even scarier.

It also needs to factor in.....

Not everybody has a mobile phone.

Not everybody with a mobile phone runs google or iphone OS.

Not everybody with a phone has it with them 24/7 - I frequently leave my phone at home when going out, just to get away from it. This particularly the case when going into some public events, like concerts, or maybe restaurants.

Whilst these ideas could do some good, there is a lot of potential for a lot of harm that we will never recover from.

From Amanda Holden to petrol-filled water guns: It has been a weird week for 5G

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Re: Unqalified 'Z' list Celeb talks rubbish

Maybe her "employers" would consider terminating whatever contracts they have with her? Seems fashionable these days to make previously employable people into toxic waste when they say/do something that is no longer deemed politically correct. As she obviously relies upon technology (TV, Twitter, facebook) or whatever to reach her air-headed vacuuous adorees, then not only should the TV companies terminate her contract, perhaps her mobile company and social media providers should consider likewise. Then she might understand that propagating stupidity and ignorance has its consequences.

Watch: Rare Second World War footage of Bletchley Park-linked MI6 intelligence heroes emerges, shared online

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Geoffrey Pidgeon

Really good book by Geoffrey Pidgeon "The Secret Wireless War", detailing a lot of what went on at Whaddon Hall - the intercepts, black/grey propaganda, dirty tricks, counter espionage, building clandestine wireless sets for use in occupied territories, etc.

Fascinating reading for those interested in such things.

ISBN 1-84375-252-2

BT reopens £90m UK High Court case over 1970s VAT 'overpayments'

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Re: Keep it simple, keep it quick

Then, do NOT give BT a further penny over the full length of this coronavirus crisis NOR ANOTHER JUICY PUBLIC SECTOR CONTRACT OR BROADBAND SUBSIDY AGAIN.


Astroboffin gets magnets stuck up his schnozz trying and failing to invent anti-face-touching coronavirus gizmo

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The flux is strong with this one.....

Maybe he should have used a flux capacitor.

Borky shark: A deserted airport and a Raspberry Pi feeling poorly at baggage claim. Welcome to 2020

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Re: Well _this_ is news

At least the Pi gives us a screen of useful diagnostics, and not just a bluescreen or "an error has occurred" type message. And we know it spent 3.88 seconds trying to get started, before it chilled and relaxed and ended its panic.

Long Live the Pi !

(I suspect a wobbly PSU - give it a cold hard restart and it may be happy once more)

Captain Caveman rides to the rescue, solves a prickly PowerPoint problem with a magical solution

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Key workers

Interesting that gov.uk has issued its list of key workers, and it doesn't seem to include telco/data/internet services.

Wonder how long before they amend that next time O2's certificate server goes down, or similar?

UK.gov sits down with mobile big four to formalise plans for rural shared 4G network

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15 years too late

Nick Jeffrey saying: "A rural postcode should not be a barrier to receiving a decent mobile signal.

So why have you sat on your arse for the past 15 years (start of 3G) and not done anything about it? Imagine all those extra customers you could have signed up if you (or anyone else) had a network that worked in all kinds of places. Word would soon get out that your network had coverage and the others didn't.

Disk stuck in the drive? Don't dilly-Dali – get IT on the case!

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Droopy Anglepoise

I've seen a few results of those over the years too - a printer, a laptop and others. A 60 watt bulb produced a lot of heat close up - no doubt helped by the metal reflector.

Hey kids! Ditch that LCD and get ready for the retro CRT world of Windows Terminal

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Teletext rocks! Years ahead of its time.......

Online information retrieval 15 years before the www and 20 years before digital TV metadata.

First microprocessor/computer system in most peoples homes.

Thought 5G marketing was bad? Cable industry sticks with ridiculous 10G branding as another year rolls around

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Stop this nonsense.....

FFS, stop it now.....

I've already had to explain to my not-so-techie-but-think-they-are friends and relatives, the difference between 5G mobile networks and 5G wi-fi (as in 5Ghz)

Elon Musk gets thumbs up from jury for use of 'pedo guy' in cave diver defamation lawsuit

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RS 232 interface lead

"only geeks loved their "RS232 Interface Lead" :-) "

Ah, another classic that has withstood the test of time, still not quite superceded by USB.

Halfords invents radio signals that don't travel at the speed of light

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Re: Wavelength in kHz?

75Khz is the deviation of FM signals from their nominal carrier frequency when fully modulated.

Lord knows why Halfords decided to put that into their spiel..... It has no relevance whatsoever, unless you are comparing the audio quality of broadcast FM with 2-way radio type FM, which has a deviation of around 5Khz.

As everyone knows, the frequency of FM broadcast is 88-108 in most of the world, and Am broadcast around 530-1600Khz, except for the aforementioned 1500 metres in old money.

DAB of course could be broadcast on pretty much any frequency - it's just that the Band 3 frequencies around 200Mhz are fairly well suited to this, plus, in the UK, there were pretty much available for use from the late 80's onwards.

Audio quality better than AM or FM? Er, has the capability to be so, but in practice is not implemented. Arguably good AM sounds much better than 64kb/s MP2.

UK tax collectors warn contractors about being ripped-off – and not by HMRC for a change

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Re: Lacking common sense....

Agreed, but sending fraud stuff through snail mail takes effort and costs time/money. It's not easy to scale.

Sending fraud stuff through phone/email is cheap and simple and easy to scale to get that .0001% hit rate.

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Lacking common sense....

Maybe if they did not insist on having your email and phone number, and instead only ever contacted "customers" by snail-mail then all these scam calls and mails would be shown up for what they are.

While they insist on data-slurping all your contact details, they are leaving everyone wide open to this abuse.

I've had it with these motherflipping eggs on this motherflipping train

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staff kitchens

Once upon a time offices often had a canteen, which had relatively professionally cooked food, and professional equipment and ventilation. Now, the fashion is for a staff kitchen with a self-service microwave and maybe a dishwasher, but usually no ventilation/extraction.

The smells that come out of those microwaves...... Enough to turn my stomach.... especially fish and some pre-packed currys.... And people put that stuff in their mouth?

Blood, snot and fear: Why the travelling lone tech reporter should always knock twice

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Happened to me once......

But the other way round.

Must have been about 1AM, fast asleep in the land of nod.......

Suddenly the lights all come on and I'm (almost) wide awake, and there's a big bloke standing at the end of the bed with his suitcase in hand.

Fortuntely he looked as horrified and shocked as I, quickly apologied and rushed out, switching off the light in the process.

Had he opened his suitcase and took out some ruibber gloves I would have been rather more worried.....

I did complain in the morning about it (the intrusion, not the lack of rubber gloves), the receptionist seemed quite concerned and promised to report it and surprisingly I later got a letter from the duty manager apologising and offering me free room upgrades on future visits ( I was staying there quite often at the time).

Conspiracy loons claim victory in Brighton and Hove as council rejects plans to build 5G masts

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Re: Chain Home

But at least tin hats were readily available back then......

Welcome to the World Of Tomorrow, where fridges suffer certificate errors. Just like everything else

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Re: Carbon footprint ?

And it's life expectancy before it goes to landfill?

Maybe I'm old fashioned expecting fridges and large appliances to have 20-30 years life.

Promise of £5bn for rural fibre prompts Openreach to reach for the trench-digging diamond cutter

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Village and market towns

That must be really confusing. Villages and Markets towns called Scotland and Devon. It would be so easy to get those village and markets towns mixed with the the country and county that already have those names.

UK ads watchdog bans Burger King Twitter jibe for condoning chucking milkshakes at politicians

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Flash John Prescott

"flash John Prescott punch game"

There's nothing flash about John Prsscott.....

Actually, I do remember that game now you mention it. One of the better points of Win98 I seem to recall.

Eco-activists arrested by Brit cops after threatening to close Heathrow with drones

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Breeders and their damage to the environment......


And it was jolly nice of them to try to avoid disruption to families and holidaymakers, since that is the very demographic which is increasing it use of air travel and needless flights......

Mainstream auto makers stuff in more self-driving tech: 8% of new Euro cars have Level 2 smarts

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Re: My Wish for cars

In that case I postulate you have money to throw away and keep buying new ones, thus giving the car industry the beleif that folks are gullable and think cars are becoming disposable.....

In the last 20 years I have had 4 cars each with over 250,000 miles on the clock, and I can categorically state long term reliability and customer care is not something that manufacturers care about. Because, there are enough mugs who prop up their profits by constantly buying new ones.... Imagine if housebuilders did the same?

I could throttle you right about now: US Navy to ditch touchscreens after kit blamed for collision

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Thought it was just me....

I thought I was the only one who hated touch screens on everything...... Good to know I am not alone.

Ofcom to Openreach: Thou shalt prise open thy network for firms targeting biz customers

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The regulator reckons more than half of UK homes now have access to ultrafast broadband (defined as services offering download speeds of at least 300Mbit/s). [citation required]

As far as I know there is only one company offering 300mb/s internet, and then only if the wind is in the right direction. At that is "upto 300mb/s" not "at least 300mb/s" and that provider likely does not cover 50% of homes......

It's 2019 so now security vulnerabilities are branded using emojis: Meet Thrangrycat, a Cisco router secure boot flaw

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Quick !

Quick - hurry now. Remove all that Cisco gear from your network and replace it with something else that is secure.

Let the government know - they can hold a national security meeting about it.

Surprising absolutely no one at all, Samsung's folding-screen phones knackered within days

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Re: Folding was ever a problem - FX451

Bought mine as a student in 1986 - the folding spine only expired a couple of years ago, so it stills works for basic functions. Nothing remotely close on the market to replace it with these days.

My previous calculator from the early 80's (school years) ran on 2 AA battiers for a year or so, the FX451 ran on solar cell and a button battery - giant leaps in technology in such a short time. Todays technology progress seems so slow by comparison.

Three planets and two stars adds up to one research team made very happy by Kepler's unique discovery

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Binary systems

If you have a binary system, with two stars, how do the planets orbit?

Around one star, or both stars? If both stars, does that give the planet something of a figure of 8 orbit as it gets pulled one way then the other. Even if it orbits one star, then it must get pulled towards the other on each pass.....

Sounds to me like it wouldn't be very stable over the systems lifetime?

Any informed commentards out there?

Bit nippy, is it? Hive smart home users find themselves tweaking thermostat BY HAND

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Re: What your smart meter can do

Not 1000 volt incoming - but that's the safety rating for tools and gloves used on live mains..... Low Voltage, as it is technically known.

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Race of Morons

I can understand that there are some people for who such technology makes a big difference to their life -ie. those with disabilities.

But for most people, WTF.... And then they sit around whining they have no heating or hot water - and ask British Gas what is going on? Perhaps they should have given a bit more thought before they installed such PoS - or maybe work out where the manual overide is.....

Have we really started to breed a race of incompetent morons......

Maybe it's just me, but I tend to adjust my thermostat about twice a year. Last week in fact, I turned it right down as the heating was coming on whilst I had all the doors and windows open. Assuming this current cold bit this week doesn't go on for more than a day or two, I'll probably next adjust it in October.. Why do people insist on overcomplicating their life for the sake of it?

Are you sure you've got a floppy disk stuck in the drive? Or is it 100 lodged in the chassis?

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Re: The best for a long time

Yes, lots of sniggering talk of stiffies is most amusing on a sunny friday morning.

College student with 'visions of writing super-cool scripts' almost wipes out faculty's entire system

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cast the first stone

Let he, who has never been logged onto multiple machines and multiple sessions, cast the first stone..... Or something like that.

Silent Merc, holy e-car... Mflllwhmmmp! What is that terrible sound?

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Re: Problem already solved

Sweet Cigarettes ?

I had forgotten all about those. Takes me back a bit.... Presumably banned nowadays?

How big is the UK space industry? It hauled in £14.8bn for 2016/2017 – report

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Sky Broadcasting

I also saw the headline figures - and thought they seemed very impressively high. Then I read the line about Satellite Broadcasting, and concluded the rest of the article/report was probably not worth the paper it is written on.

If some consultants/numpties need to include Sky TV as part of our space programme/R+D then they must be clueless idiots. Perhaps in 1988/89 when Satellite TV was cutting edge, and a lot of the R+D/manufacutring was in the UK (Marconi, Amstrad, Pace, MAC, et al), the technology aspect could be included as part of advanced space research. But now a satellite TV reciever is as common as muck, hardly cutting edge or advanced (ok, some pretty nifty software) and even Sky are slowly pushing everything towards online delivery. The satellite bit was only a means to an end in 1988 as the only way Murdoch and co could circumvent existing UK broadcast regulations to build their empire. That was 30 years ago. Pressing satellite TV dishs out of a sheet of steel is about as relevent to space as pressing parts of a bicycle in the same factory.

Begone, Demon Internet: Vodafone to shutter old-school pioneer ISP

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Re: Wild West Days

A beer for you Cliff. Thanks for having the insight to open up the internet for us all way back when. You probably helped launch more careers than you could imagine.

I graduated with degree in electronics/communications in 1990 and there was not a single mention of the looming internet or IP throughout the entire course.

How quickly things were to change and develop.

European fibre lobby calls for end to fake fibre broadband ads

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Re: Hardly the first time

Sadly, there seems to be a lot of complicit lying and duping of the public at the moment, particularly from a technology point of view. By marketing hype, vested interests and politicians.

Just a few examples, I'm sure the list could be a lot longer.....

Smart Meters - Not any more likely to save money than dumb meter. In fact, the cost of the meter will hardly pay for itself within its lifetime. Being rolled out primarily so that time-of-day billing can be introduced, thus moving peak consumption around and reducing the need for industry to invest in new power stations.

Gas/Electricity tariffs - as complicated and confusing as possible to make comparisons difficult.

Broadband - fibre/no-fibre, upto, unrestricted - well debated here on El Reg.

Zero Pollution Electric Vehicles - no such things as zero pollution, unanswered questions about battery life and replacement cost, recycling, toxic chemicals, rare earth minerals, etc.

Smart Cars - Hardly a utopian dream - plenty of obsfuscation of real issues, etc. Again, often well debated here on El Reg.

DAB radio - again often debated here on El Reg, Again, not all that it has been promised to be. Increased energy consumption, recycling of old equipment....

Yet Another Hierachial Anonynmous Coward

Re: The ASA are shills, not consumer protection folk

I would guess then "pure fibre" means it is to the latest specification, with less inpurities and dispersion, than say, 20 or 30 year old fibre, which would be "impure fibre".

As an earlier commentard suggested, all internet connections are fibre then, 'cos that's what connects all the local exchanges back to telehouse and the like......

I also had an interesting conversation with a virgin media sales bod about fibre - asking how it would be terminated into my house and what access they needed. When I pointed out the the router/modem they supplied had a coax cable connector on the back and not a fibre interface in sight it just went over their head. "It's fibre broadband" they kept telling me. No, It's docsis coax copper broadband I kept telling them to no avail.

Take my advice and stop using Rubik's Cubes to prove your intelligence

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Re: Magpie vs Blue Peter

No, no, no.

It was parents who thought their kids should be watching Noel Edmunds on Swap Shop, and the cool kids who wanted to watch Sally James in leather and denims on Tiswas.

I still have a thing about custard pies, 40 years later......

Peers to HMRC: Digital tax reforms 3 days after Brexit? Hold your horses, how 'bout 3 years...

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Re: what a mess...

And I should have mentioned in the above that the spreadsheet is most definitely not in Excel... HMRC obviously realise that there are other spreadsheet packages available, which process data in openly defined and supported formats.... don't they?

Yet Another Hierachial Anonynmous Coward

what a mess...

This is only the second time I have heard of this. The first was last week when casually chatting to another small business owner....

I think It will affect me/us (3 of us in company, VAT registered, c. 200k p/a turnover), but in what way I have no idea.

If we need to run mandated software (rather than the existing relatively friendly webpage), then I would hope HMRC will supply suitable software free-of-charge to us, but from above comments, it seems not. I assume HMRC will also supply a suitable computer to us to run this software on - or is that wishful thinking? Why should I have to provide a machine to do HMRC's job?

Spreadsheets have to be in a form they deem acceptable? Well, after 10 years doing this job, I have developed a nice spreadsheet which produces VAT figures, and produces all the other figures which are useful to me. Do I need to abandon this because a bunch of civil servant beancounters deem it non compliant? Are they going to pay me (sorry, I don't have the time as I'm too busy running the business) or pay someone else to rebuild the spreadsheet?

As I say, I have had absolutely no correspondence from HMRC about this - maybe it doesn't affect me..... Or there again, maybe they are a bunch of clueless feckwits who think small businesses sit around with their fingers up their @sses all day long and have all the time and resources in the world to do their job for them,,,,,,

Actually, I feel a letter to my MP coming on.... This could be fun...

Which scientist should be on the new £50 note? El Reg weighs in – and you should vote, too

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Re: A tricky balance between worthy and recognition

You would need to balance that one out.....

Take my advice: The only safe ID is a fake ID

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Re: Terrance

"There's also Pterry - where the P is silent as in snow"

There is no P in snow....... and if it were, it would be yellow. (which you are advised not to eat)

What could be more embarrassing for a Russian spy: Their info splashed online – or that they drive a Lada?

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No - they usually park them sideways in the ditch at the side of the road - next to the mercedes.

How an augmented reality tourist guide tried to break my balls

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Customer Feedback

I hope you fully appreciate that all images from the tablets are uploaded in real time to the papal cloud server, so that the powers that be can use the latest adaptive AI to carefully analyse exactly what the tourists are looking at in close detail in order to enhance the customer expereince....



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