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Bored binge-watchers bork beleaguered broadband by blasting bandwidth: Global average speeds down 6.31%


Re: The death of broadcast TV?

Thousands simultaneously consuming their own copy of the latest dystopian CGI bonanza is the pinnacle of human consumerism. It is completely idiotic and burns bandwidth like it has no impact.

Broadcasting, multicasting or manycasting these things would make some sense. What we are doing now is pure stupidity (engineering and resource wise)

Video on the internet should be timeslot based multicasting! (I. E. Wait 5 minutes for your multicasting slot to start)

Venerable text editor GNU Nano reaches version 5.0 and adds the modern frippery that is scrollbars


Re: Cult?

There is a difference between "user friendly" and "beginner friendly" "Vi", "Vim" and "Emacs" are definitely user friendly, nano is definitely beginner friendly (haven't used it enough to know if it is also user friendly)

"Vi" probably can't be described as "beginner friendly" :-)

It's been five years since Windows 10 hit: So... how's that working out for you all?


UX designers and dark patterns

Win 2000

- Sane UI, good kernel, AD blows Novell directory crap out of the water

Win XP/srv 2003

- Slightly cracked UI "same" kernel, some web-like stuff? and teletubbies UX?

Vista/srv 2008

- Slightly cracked UI, Stupidly slow kernel stuff, insane ekstra ring of auth.

Win7/srv 2008 R2

- Ui not quite so annoying, Kernel faster, still batshit crazy "ekstra" auth ring

Win8/srv 2016

- Insane UI as in "LSD UX mobile hybrid crazy garbage", kernel the "same"

Win 10-11-12½/srv 2016-19-20½

- UI backpedaling, still insane. Kernel the "same", software subscription racket groundwork, batshit crazy patching scheme, because of subscription racket

No doubt they will rule the world, stupid and money, says that they can do no wrong

IDE like an update, please: JetBrains freshens IntelliJ, adds improved GitHub integration, Java support


NetBeans is as steady as they go

Also staying on netbeans!

The UI is well thought out, cleanly arranged and conservatively managed. Just as any UI on a professional tool should be.

"UX designers" are a blight on computing! Nobody wants an "experience" using their tools of trade! Especially not if this "experience" means change for the sake of change or for an sake not in their interest! (win 8, 10).

Intel's 7nm is busted, chips delayed, may have to use rival foundries to get GPUs out for US govt exascale super


The Chinese elefant

If the trade war continues, China will, at some point, take serious steps against Taiwan! If they do, AMD, Apple and all the other TSMC customers are in dire straits! (they (China) will probably start with the fabrication in mainland China, though)

Imagine surviving WW3, rebuilding computers, opening up GitHub's underground vault just to relive JavaScript


Code? really

What we need to keep for posterity is knowledge, proven facts and plausible theories.

Code... Pha!! i spit!! "If not then this, else this" bullshit. who the fucks has the inclination to sift through that clusterfuck in 30.000 years? Code is is worthless in it self. The logic behind it is better expressed outside of code, and might not be worthless, AND might be worth preserving for posterity.

.NET Core: Still a Microsoft platform thing despite more than five years open source


Re: I'm loving .Net Core developing on mac deploying on windows/linux as docker images

Yeah it is so easy, and you don't even notice that your competence is being siphoned away. Do you know that the docker containers are running in virtualized linux hosts? "Easy", apparently trumps everything else!?

Good for you that the 3. world supporters from the companies ruling our communication is so nice and loving to their subscription-paying serfs.

Soooo Easy!!

After three leisurely years, Citrix releases second long-term-service hypervisor


Re: Xen kicks arse

I did XEN before Citrix thought it was a good idea, compiled the kernels, jumped the hoops.

A bit later it dawned on me, as it should on any thinking body in this cursed industry: Virtualising, massive amounts of closed source binaries (aka Windows), ad infinitum, is an completely idiotic and a massive "WORK HARDER NOT SMARTER" waste of resources!

Do the applications right instead! You fucking simpletons!

PS: Containers are based on the same idiocy, with a slightly smaller footprint (in the short run)


3 years.. really?!

Then why do they rename, reconfigure and release their client software every ten minutes!?!?

Holy Guacamole! Researchers find Apache remote desktop software was silently pwnable for snooping on sessions


Smell of fear

Ooehh. i Love the smell of fear in the morning!

Vendors of remote support, remote desktop "und so weiter" (looking directly at teamviewer and their "upgrade now or else" scheme) must be trembling..

Open source desktop sharing with no hassles? I can't wait! And i won't! Now that i know of Apache Guacamole! HAR-HAR! /Nelson

After 84 years, Japan's Olympus shutters its camera biz, flogs it to private equity – smartphones are just too good


Former Olympus 10 owner

Took the best pictures of my life on my journey through east Africa in '95!! with the Olympus 10 (OM-10? cant remember :-) )

Eventually had to sell the thing to survive in Nairobi until the plain-ticket kicked in ;-D

I guess we (me and my buddy) lived on french fried potatoes and the cheapest hotel room in Nairobi for ten days for the money that thing got us at the local pawn shop.

Good times, finally got friendly with the hookers, safari pushers and street life in general. Only possible because they knew we had no money!

When one open-source package riddled with vulns pulls in dozens of others, what's a dev to do?


10000 instances

So it apparently dawned on some people that if you download 10000 runtimes from "random internet dude" and deploy them in docker/kubernetes (because you know fuck-all about deploying servers) you have to maintain 10000 instances of security patches 1½ year later.

About fucking time! Container-dazed idiots!!

Better find that coffee and smell it!

An unfortunate bit of product placement for Microsoft as Liverpool celebrates winning some silverware


Dont understand anything this "article" is about!?!"?!

WTF football? Windows Som'thing? Liverpool? A city in my book, not men-in-shorts

OpenJDK lands on Windows 10 for Arm: Not 100% there yet but enough to start tinkering


Are dopes that think java is the same thing as java applets and javascript still around?

Apparently, and they are still vomiting the same boring catch-phrases :-)

Node.js creator delivers Deno 1.0, a new runtime that fixes 'design mistakes in Node'


Re: Wonder how long it will take…

C is simple and easy, Strongest tool in the hands of idiots, geniuses or devils. "higher" languages are instruments of power-wielding. With these you are not programming the computer, you er the serf of a framework provider ... (C#, MS, Java, Oracle, javascript, Google (yeah, node fucking hipsters) and so on)

Eclipse boss claims Visual Studio Code is an open-source poseur – though he would say that, wouldn't he?


Netbeans ftw

Netbeans has always been my goto IDE. It just works, and the design is thought out and organized. It supports a lot of languages (C, C++, PHP, and offcource java) and Unit testing, debugging and version control, is superb. Never understood why the brogramming proddingfools loved that piece of crap, eclipse more? The brainwashed lemmings of MS + VS are excused and beyond reach of reason.

Young people SUCK!

Now get of my lawn


Where do you want us to make you want to go today?

Thank you for supporting the borg, usefull idiots, Your contributions will be assimilated.

PS. We are not evil, we LOoOoOoOve Open source!

Oi! You got a loicence for that Java, mate? More devs turn to OpenJDK to swerve Oracle fee


That upgrade from Java 8 to 11 you've been putting off? UK fintech types at Revolut 'quite happy' after a year in production


Re: Just put everything in containers.


Java is the best example of a runtime where containerization do NOT make sense!! Nothing is easier than running your application with different versions of JDK on a server. No need for a lot of extra container layers, and added complexity between you and you application!

Good luck patching all of your jdk copies inside your containers, unless you mount them from the host OS, and then whats the point (see earlier paragraph).

Well, 2019 finished with Intel as king of the chip world, Broadcom doing OK, everyone else shrinking. Good thing 2020's looking up, eh?



Cloud computing means massive sharing of resources (and massive loss of control). When there is a massive shift towards massive sharing of resources. the result is:..... A massive drop in demand for resources. What a shock, who would have thunk it??

Out with the old and in with the new as Java 14 arrives, bringing with it first Project Panama enhancements


Re: Two bad ideas


Let's hope that the users never wake up up and realizes that the whole, insane mess of "accelerated development cycles" is just i big scam to employ an army of developers scratching an itch!

New version every few months with major feature changes is great job security for an developer, and its a steady income for the software companies. For the users, (strangely) tolerating it, it is an enemy of productivity.

Let's hope they never wake up!!


Re: Great IntelliJ salespitch

If you don't know what you are doing and won't or can't learn. You will fuck things up! sad ,but a fact of life

Firefox to burn FTP out of its browser, starting slowly in version 77 due in April


Because of MS we are still stuck in the 70's

The FTP protocol sucks!

It should not be allowed on the modern Internet.

The only reason sftp hasn't replaced it, is windows servers. Only way to transfer files to a vanilla Windows box is through this ancient relic of a bullshit protocol (NO, cant install crap on customers server to transfer files! One option: explorer).

The people who invented this crap should be fined!

ftps is just as sucky, or even more as no one seems to be able to agree on one way of doing it, AND it depends on the stupid, snakeoil, security of commercial certificate rubberstampers.

ftp and its insane mess of active/passive transfer, port range bullshit and cleartxt everything, can go to hell, as soon as possible, thanks

Bada Bing, bada bork: Windows 10 is not happy, and Microsoft's search engine has something to do with it


Well Said!

Hear Hear!!

I like to go on about how Windows XP was the greatest productivity booster in the history of IT. Simply because it lived for so long and there was no fundamental changes.... In the end everybody knew exactly how that thing worked and as a result people got to get shit done!

Free Software Foundation suggests Microsoft 'upcycles' Windows 7... as open source


Re: I'd like a pony with that one, please

You are all staring at the decoy!!

Microsoft do not give a shit, any longer, what you run on your device! They are focused on dependency and lock-in to the cloud! This works just fine with software under a CopyLeft license.

Run anything you want on your device of choice, but any services will come from Azure!

Whoooooa, this node is on fire! Forget Ceph, try the forgotten OpenStack storage release 'Crispy'


Re: A bit off topic

With the hardware RAID you have to trust the handfull (if lucky, probably just one guy)) who really understands the "firmware" if you are in real trouble, late at night, that is not a good place to be!. I have forced individual sectors to "act" as good with the help of mdadm and assorted disk tools, i have rescued a raid5 array by hand picking bad sectors and forced rebuilding!!...... When that shit mounted at boot and was R/W was the best moment of my professional life!!! Pheeeewi!! I could NEVER have done that shit with crippled "firmware UI from DELL inc!""


A bit off topic

But a lesson to be learned is to stay away from those damned, blackbox, raidcontrollers! mdadm has saved my ass so many times, just about as many as dells damned PERC controllers has burned it ;-)

SUSE tosses OpenStack Cloud to double down on application delivery


Re: OpenStack != OpenBox

Many workloads can easily coexist without the added complexity of containers if you know what you are doing!: https://xkcd.com/1988/

It is especially idiotic to run containerized java processes. If you need to ask about the reason of this argument, we will have to hunt you down and confiscate your geek passport! (if you have one (which i sincerely doubt))

Scrambling for cloud relevance, Oracle hires... 2,000? Yes, that sounds like a nice round number


The last Software vendor

Oracle, hated as it is, will quite probably be remembered as the last software vendor. When we are all enslaved to the singular cloud, which computes everything by means of non-disclosed "algorithms" "in the cloud", we will think back with fondness to the days of free computing on and proprietary software!

The OS is 'no longer' important to Microsoft, and yet new Surface kit has 3 Windows flavours



The Endgame of all this convenience-driven cloud-frenzy. is 2 or 3 players owning the computing platform of the future, shaping it in any way they see fit. The personal and independent computer is unobtainable because of cost or incompatibility with the "cloud" providers platforms. This, very real and eminent, scenario effectively eliminates any kind of free information processing. If "cloud providers" get free reign in the future. can you trust any information at all?

We NEED free computing!! "cloud computing" is slavery!



Whats important for that creep is that you subscribe, subscribe, subscribe! If you run any code, on any OS, they will get their drop of blood.

If you really can't let go of Windows 7, Microsoft will keep things secure for another three years


Re: Features? Bah!

There is a very big distinction between security updates and "continuous delivery/roling releases" that you seem to have missed, one is necessary, the other is bullshit!


Re: Features? Bah!

So true! and most of the time the "new features" are just the same old functionality being shifted around in the UI. combine this with "continuous delivery" and you have pure insanity, It is all a combination of make-busy-work for the developers combined with profit-driven upgrade bullshit. I really wonder why the users put up with this?

The greatest service, the software business have ever done to the world was NOT upgrading Windows XP for as long as it did, towards the end a lot of stuff was actually working!!

I hate this business! I want out!

Contain yourself, Docker: Race-condition bug puts host machines at risk... sometimes, ish


Re: The github generation

"Do you really think that anyone who knows what they're doing with containers just pulls images willy-nilly off the Docker Hub?":

YES! And i know they do because i actually operate in the real world

"f you run Docker direct on your host O/S you are a bit of pillock too. You run Docker in a VM"

You sir are an idiot! Have you ever stopped to contemplate the reason of virtualization? You run Docker on "the Iron" if you want to do any kind of resource optimization that is! Off course you can run it in the public cloud like any schmuck and do your new feudal masters bidding.

I have 20+ years of service uptime under my belt, you, sir sounds like an asshole with a few to many opinions from "social media"


The github generation

Docker is a gaping security hole as a concept

Downloading and running random internet guys image in a container on your docker environment is worse than downloading and clicking random .exe files on your windows box:

1. NO and by NO i meen absolutely NO malware detection in must cases!

2. Everything as root, yeahh... check those container processes!

3. Culture of trust: This is beautiful but can we be sure that the loving altruistic spirit is in ALL container images available as a one-liner from repos?

4. majority of docker containers run on powerful server systems with high bandwidth

If i wanted malware running anywhere, i would look at docker repos as my first choice!

Docker is for people who havn't got the skill to setup a proper server.

Two weeks after Microsoft warned of Windows RDP worms, a million internet-facing boxes still vulnerable


Re: Basic security

Please tell what do you think is the "ftp port"


Re: Basic security

Exactly right!

If original posters tip actually was a "PROTIP" (i hope not) its no surprise that the security of our profession is in such a poor state :-)


Re: Basic security

Regarding your "PROTIP":

Off course it helps to run it on a non-standard port. Most exploit code is dumbass script kiddies copying and pasting the same, lame code that, as a matter of economy, does not run a full portscan + protocol detection before letting the load!

Mozilla tries to do Java as it should have been – with a WASI spec for all devices, computers, operating systems


Re: So 30 years (at least) on ...

Its fantastic, we are sooo close to have re-invented the operating system (again)(in-a-browser) ;-)


Re: If it happens

Verbose is your friend when revisiting code after years gone by. I'm loving verbose method names instead of smug, abbreviated smartassery.

Also.. You do know that "public static" actually means something right? For defaulting stuff. see previous sentence.

Put down the cat, coffee, beer pint, martini, whatever you're holding, and make sure you've updated Chrome (unless you enjoy being hacked)


You will not feel the difference

Apparently this exploit allows "others" to:

"run spyware, ransomware, and other nasties on your device or machine …"

How is this a problem in a product like Google Chrome? If you use chrome, Google, and by extension, "others" run "spyware, ransomware, and other nasties on your device or machine …". because this is the whole business model! Do you not know this?

i Guess the best analogy would be a pornstar complaining about cum-loads in the face from men she have not yet shaken hands with ;-)


Re: Get off my lawn with your modern browsers and all that!

Good for you! Enjoy it while you can! Because it is only a matter of time before the last of the open protocols (mainly HTTP and SMTP are left) get s killed of by GAFAM.


And your customers are correct. "upgrades", which should always be in quotes these days, especially from the ilk of creeps like Google and Microsoft, mostly are about benefits for the supplier, and are, more often than not, detrimental to the interests of the user. A. K. A. antifeatures. How do the end users distinguish? They can not.

Welcome to the sunlit uplands of HTTP/2, where a naughty request can send Microsoft's IIS into a spin


Easy fix ....

Run IIS on Windows (This comment "might" contain sarcasm) and your CPU will already be at 100% for most of the time, handling "Windows Update"/"Feature change-fad of the month" "in the background", (you can continue "working") ;-)

"Aarrgghh" ...... "!"

Three quarters of US Facebook users unaware their online behavior gets tracked


Yours and mine

Your data is your data! You have an obligation to be hygienic about your own data! Most people are 100% frivolous about their data,. They will sell that shit for the tiniest amount of convenience!! YES you will ! You HAVE, and you DO!! People NEED to be aware of the consequences of this sale! if they are not, they, no WE, will be ruled.... Harshly!!..

OneDrive Skype integration goes live aaand... OneDrive falls over in Europe


Lan technology FTW

Host your own databases, mailservers, fileservers, webservers.

- Cheaper

- More secure!! Yes its IS!

- Waaaay faster! when everything is not forced through https/html/json/xml, and services is on a guaranteed high bandwidth LAN

- Ethically compliant (fairtrade and so on)

- Freedom of choice maintained

Subscription based web services as a software substitute is for suckers!!

Malware scum want to build a Linux botnet using Mirai


So lame

Every time the details of some exploit surfaces it seems that the thing that makes it possible is always sheer stupidity! Default passwords on telnet connections and so on and so on

It must bee the easiest thing in the world to build a massive honeypot to capture the wannabe IT-criminals of the world!? Sadly it seems that the IT branch of our law-enforcement is even stupiduuhhrr..

So the way to keep a secure server running is to not be dummer than, say... a potato! Doesn't really seem that hard ?!??!?

Just one Corretto, give it to me... AWS brews its own blend of Java with free long-term support


Suicide move by Oracle

I truly have never seen, so much, being squandered so fast, by so few, as the Oracle acquisition of java!

They have had an opportunity to develop an "ecosystem" around java, their cloud and their other software offerings. They could have used java to ease the path to an Oracle future (Shudder..).

They have had the chance to really make java pay off, something that sun never succeeded in. It seems like they never even tried after the acquisition. Seen from the outside it looks like utter stupidity?!

Now this licensing move?? They have given up, and are on a suicide mission!

Hybrid cloud’s growing pains – and how to beat them: A guide to raising a good platform, so you can raise a glass later



Hybrid cloud is a fact of life. Its the question of self hosting versus Strangers hosting you tish. For a long time Strangers have been better at "convincing your stupid boss's ass"/cheaper at.. hosting it. Now: not so much, maybe. Clearly cloud vendors sees the trend as a way to consolidate grips on customers. Unfortunately some (Cough.. microsof¤%#) are jumping the gun and jacking prices. Do not be a stupid lemming!! Host your own tish!! (or host with local hosting vendors!!). Article reeks of non-competent person with "communication skills" (a.k.a. whats killing our trade). with a peripheral idea of networking and application design defending their unproductive non-position on a fictitious point ("hybrid cloud".)

We (may) now know the real reason for that IBM takeover. A distraction for Red Hat to axe KDE


Re: Without KDE, RHEL is GNOME to Hell

Still use KDE as my goto De.

I remember being sooo impressed by konqueror (in kde 2 and 3) and kioslaves flawlessly handling sftp, ftp, smb, http, webdav, local filesystemes and more!! hands down the best file manager ever made!!

Where has this gone? dolphin isn't anywhere near this, it can't even handle modern SMB/CIFS. It seems like it has been sacrificed on the alter of UI re-design like so much good software!



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