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Brits conned out of nearly £24m in phone scams in one year

Robert E

Re: What do you expect?

Actually, I do exactly the same.

Nothing annoys me more than some company - usually a bank - that cold calls me, then expects me to answer personal questions "for data protection". They get confused when I refuse, explaining that they called me - not the other way around. They could be anyone.

When I ask them to prove who they are, I get strange confused responses, such as "here's our number, call us back". Pardon me? I dont know where to begin with that one - The stupidness of it really gets to me.

Incidently these calls are almost always on a withheld number. Even if it wasnt, callerid can easily be spoofed. I had an app on my mobile a few years ago which could set your ID to anything you like.

I will not talk to these callers unless they can prove who they are first. I have not had one be able to do that yet

Unfortuanely my wife is far too polite, so wont do what I do - and as a result she has been scammed once before. She was in the process of handing over her bank details when I walked into the room a few years ago. Had I not stopped her, she would have been a statistic - and as it was we had to get all her cards re-issued. Even then the bank was belligerent. When we reported it, they insisted she install security software on her laptop to help prevent fraud. My poor wife got frustrated with talking to them and I had to get on the phone to explain to them that no matter how much they insited we do this, her laptop was a Mac, and the Windows software they were trying to force us to install wouldnt work. They were confused, as they had no option for non-windows users.

So - how does data protection work then? I really wish they would sort it out

Human DNA 'will be found on moon' – Brian Cox

Robert E

No DNA on the moon

Human hair does not contain DNA. The hair root does, but not the hair itself.

Kids! You get back in front of that Xbox right now

Robert E

Gaming doesnt make you creative - its Creative people who play games

er... Maybe its that creative people are attracted to Gaming - that it stimulates their imagination and allows them to role play in an effective way.. People with poor imaginations, or who arent creative dont tend to like games.

Therefore I dont think gaming makes you creative - its creative people who game play.

Saying its the other way around, is like saying a going into a male toilet turns you into a man - rather than the more obvious - that you have to BE a man first, before you are able to go in. Simples.

Pay Jobs due respect - by crushing the empire he created

Robert E

Gates DID "settle".

"We can correctly argue that Jobs helped to shape the technology industry, but it was Microsoft that actually built it.... Bill Gates didnt settle..."

Nice article - but you are wrong here.

The whole point you are trying to make is that its wrong to "Ape" Apple. But thats exactly what Microsoft did with windows.

Windows was - and is - an "Ape" of Apple. Windows was conceived when Bill Gates first saw a Mac - which he then copied extensively. Exactly as the rest of the world now copy apple with phones and tablets.

But, to be fair - Steve jobs first saw a mouse/gui at Xerox - which he then copied with the Mac.


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