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Home Sec: Web snoop law will snare PAEDOS, TERRORISTS

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I personally have turned in UseNet pedophile sites. I comprehend. However: We all know damned well that this is the gentle, careful, don't scare the peasants, passive propagandist, logically justified creation of a POLICE STATE.

Blethering promises by anyone, including a respected home secretary, are worthless tripe. What's on the paper with the signature? Oh I see: AN ORWELLIAN POLICE STATE.

There are no excuses for citizen abuse, ever. There is no rational for citizen abuse, ever. There is no great and noble cause that abuses citizens, ever. KILL THIS CRAP NOW while we can. We don't need police state laws. We all know they'll be ABUSED. There's always some pyschopathic nutjob or silly party who'd love to go to the extreme and abuse us all using the 'law' as their justification. It's inevitable. Don't even remotely allow the possibility of this being able to happen.

NO POLICE STATE, EVER. Responsible freedom for all, forever!

Cameron's attempt to cram a robot arm wearing a Rolex into his pristine bottom

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Non-Warring, Friendly, Kind, Caring, Loving, Insightful Entities = 'Hippies'

I don't think so. Oops, wrong metaphor.

Perhaps it's just the case that you prefer war mongering, hostile, cruel, careless, hateful, deadly stupid entities.

Americans resort to padlocking their dumb meters

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Do it right or don't do it at all! The AFDB.

Let's use proper terminology please! It's formally called the AFDB or Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie. AND be certain that you make your beanie according to approved specification standards or it won't work! Do it right or don't do it at all.


The future of the fondleslab belongs to the Fire

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The 'Future' in numbers perhaps, but not in profits

Let's get real here: Amazon LOSE money with every Kindle Fire sale. THAT is what makes this device cheap in price. The limited hardware built into the Kindle Fire is what makes the device cheap in quality.

So what businesses are going to want to get into that market? Where is the profit?

And what customers want to purchase from this market? Where is the user functionality?

IOW: I continue to just laugh (lolz and lolz) at journalists who blether on about the promise of the mini OtherPad market. Very silly.

Microsoft and Apple should hit Amazon, not Google

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Active Myth Manufacturing & The August Effect

This article is what I call Active Myth Manufacturing. I chalk them up to what I call 'The August Effect' where authors write filler articles because their brains are on vacation.

Amazon has nothing Apple wants that it hasn't already got:

• Apple's iTunes Store already rules the music market and there are no signs of Amazon changing that fact.

• Amazon LOSE MONEY with the sale of every Kindle Fire. There is no indication that the Fire has eaten ANY Apple iPad market share. This is because the Fire is in a different market. It's closest competitor is the Barnes and Noble Color Nook. Every article about the Fire competing with the iPad is merely a work of imagination. There is no money in this market. Why should Apple care?


• Amazon rules in the Internet book market and there is no sign of that changing. Apple doesn't care.

• Amazon is attempting to make a dent in the insecure Android app market. Apple doesn't care.

• Amazon is the best department store on the Internet. Apple doesn't care.

Apple isn't going to care either. Apple remains consistently FOCUSED on their best abilities and best strategies. There is no sign of that changing either.

Workers can't escape Windows 8 Metro - Microsoft COO

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Windows L8 is going to create a massive user lash-back. All the marketing-speak Microsoft can muster is not going to save them from the consequences of their poor GUI design.

This fits so perfectly into The Spirit of the Age: User Abuse.

And we should all know by now what follows when you abuse your clients: Retribution.

Cameras roll on 'blockbuster' new Who series

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Re: Female doctor?

And why not! Then Doctor Helen Who could go back in time and wed himself, both mothering and fathering Susan, completing the cycle in divine style back at the beginning. I get writing credit!

Speaking of Susan: Since when is she dead in the series? Why is the Doctor always going on about being 'the last Timelord' when Susan was last seen living back on Earth, nowhere near Gallifrey or the Time War? Attention writers: The Doctor Susan Adventures! The new spinoff series for kids to replace the sadly demised 'Sarah Jane Adventures'. I get writing credit!

Then Susan can go back in time and secretly watch her parent(s) getting married, leaving a very special wedding present at their doorstep: An old Mark I, Type 40 TARDIS. How's that for a plot cycle in a cycle? I get writing credit! ;-Derek

Derek Currie

Re: New villains and monsters

Skip the PMs. Go to the source: Psychopathic Corporate Oligarchs, such as Dark Overlord Rupert Murdoch. Can't you see him as yet another wizened and botched reincarnation of The Master, snarling and waving a cane at the Doctor, threatening to cast the TARDIS into oblivion? There's evil for you!

Derek Currie

Re: Re: The seventh series

I also suspect the NuNumbering etc. had something to do with repudiation of the last years of the original series. There were a few absolute winners in there. But in general, the most horrible things you'd see watching Dr. Who were the production values. Why they kept that guy [He Who Shall Not Be Named] as producer is beyond comprehension. Way to tank the show dude! Some of the episodes were positively nauseating in quality. The show literally killed itself, despite explanations to the contrary.

Security biz scoffs at Apple's anti-Trojan Gatekeeper

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Re: I wonder how long.....

"Thak smeg that I have managed to avoid being sucked..."

Then let's hope you don't use Windows either and live entirely on Linux or real UNIX. Otherwise, I reserve the right to ROTFLMAO at you.

And just to freak you out: Mac OS X is certified real UNIX. I regularly run XWindows apps on it.

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Re: Re: So does this mean..

"Here's 200 other open source projects that apple supports"

Actually, the number is closer to 300 and growing. Apple initiated and sponsors quite a few of those open source projects. Most recently Apple donated their Apple Lossless audio format into open source.

Derek Currie

Re: Real *nix experts I see

"All software requires raised privileges to install..."

There are two scenarios to consider:

1) The 'LUSER' Factor: Computer administrators want to lock down the Macs of those most likely to click Phishing links, download and install malware, send money to Nigeria, etc. Potentially dangerous users are not given the Administrator password, are not given privileges to install ANYTHING. However, with Gatekeeper and administrator can lock the setting to only allow downloading from the Apple Mac Store, which just about guarantees safe software. That's a nice compromise.

2) The Sloppy Administrator: We know there are plenty of Mac owners who do everything inside administrator accounts and also do dopey stuff on the Internet. We know that the iServices botnet had at one point over 10,000 botted Macs, all of which were infected by way of installing hacked Warez/Torrent versions of Mac applications, including iWork and Photoshop. These people are going to be vulnerable whether they download this malware or copy it over from external media. Obviously some of them also downloaded and installed bad copies of the Flash installer from fraudulent sources, causing the minor Flashback malware war with Apple this past year. Clearly Apple is making a good effort to help the hapless. But the only total cure for sloppiness would of course be a Real-Time anti-malware scanner, infamous for bogging down Windows boxes. That's not going to happen from Apple.

Derek Currie

Re: Re: Love the "expert" commentary here

"It has nothing to do with wanting to charge OSX developers to get 'whitelisted'."

UNLIKE Microsoft, who managed to hose themselves by GOUGING their developers with certificate fees for 64-bit Vista. Developers ignored MS. 64-bit Vista suffered from having very few drivers. MS saw the error of their ways and stopped their fee parasitism in time for 64-bit 7ista.

Apple developers simply set up their own digital signature, no fee. Apple only revokes their trusted status when their software is proven to be dangerous or malware. The only problem here is the delay between initial net infection and revocation.

Mozilla throws 'freedom' at Microsoft, Google, Apple tanks

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Security Security Security!

Where is there ANY security in the Mozilla Marketplace?

The #1 criticism of the plethora of Android app stores is that there is no security. Google only last week decided to at least run malware scans on its Android store, which of course stops no one from uploading malware or reuploading an altered version after the previous version has been flagged.

The #1 reason Apple iDevices are making huge headway into the Enterprise is app security. Apple provide a walled garden with no malware. There have been hacker app developers who have snuck in dangerous code for compromising users, pointing out the lack of perfection in this walled garden. But one can't help but compare the record so far of zero iDevice malware versus well over 100 Google admitted malware for Android.

IOW: No way am I interested in jailbreaking my iDevices for the sake of so called 'freedom' and the ability to be PWNed. It makes no sense. Create actual security and I'll care.

IT guy answers daughter's Facebook rant by shooting her laptop

Derek Currie

The Self-Destructive Imperative Culture

Yes, this culture of loons is a fundamental part of contemporary USA. Yes, these are the wing nuts, or 'crazies' as Ronald Reagan himself named them, who voted in and consisted of the George W. Bush administration. Remember this guy with his specially bought $1 hollow bullets shooting his daughter's laptop the next time US ReTardlicans and Neo-Con-Jobs pull another insane act on their family, country and the world. This guy and his self-destructive family, friends and elected officials are those with whom you are dealing. (o_0)

Suggested Reaction: Have a cynical laugh and look elsewhere for people who make life among our fellow humans worth living.

Music fans not welcome in RIAA-backed .music

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IOW: Corporate Oligarchy Members ONLY

“It’s not open to everyone,” Styll said. “You’d have to join an organisation.”

Customer peasants be damned, those pirating rabble of the InterTubes. This exclusive club is only for the new ROYALTY, we your Corporate Overlords. Bow and scrape before us, you shabby little peons you. :-P

How to tell if your biz will do a Kodak

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Marketing-As-Management Killed Kodak

I worked at Kodak during its development of digital imaging technology and their concurrent decline during the 1990s. There are many factors that have lead to Kodak's bankruptcy. But the worst problem was an organization behavior I call 'Marketing-As-Managment'. Kodak had spent decades raking in the cash from selling film. It became such a reliable market that Kodak allowed its entrepreneurial, inventive and innovative work culture to wain while it allowed a marketing culture to take over. This lead to putting marketing people into executive positions, an all too common form of business suicide. It can work as long as the current product has a market. Unfortunately, the film market has gradually disappeared, requiring Kodak to 'reinvent itself.' However, when marketing people run the company, that is impossible.

This behavior is part of a personality clash between a group called 'Producers', those who invent, create, innovate, make things, versus 'Relationals', those whose personal reality is focused upon interpersonal relationships, NOT upon getting things done. When Producers push to stop talking and start doing, the response from Relationals is the single worst of all personality clashes. The Relationals viscously respond, undermining and even firing the Producers. This is exactly what happened with digital imaging at Kodak where R&D was gutted, demoralized and made to cowtow to the self-destructive behavior of the Marketing-As-Management regime. Therefore, despite having incredible digital technology invented at Kodak, it was squandered and buried by the Relational oriented work culture and management. This behavior killed countless projects and opportunities, a squandered future. The only cure I know of is a revolution whereby the Marketing-As-Management are thrown out or pushed aside to make way for a renewed entrepreneurial management and work culture. This is the story of Apple's resurgence. It never happened at Kodak, sad to say.

Murdoch slams White House over SOPA in Twitter row

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I care what Rupert Murdoch has to say because WHY?

I care what Rupert Murdoch has to say because WHY? Murdoch is one of the most offensive members of The Corporate Oligarchy who seek to overthrow and thwart CITIZEN rights so they can overlord We The People instead. He belongs in jail, not in the public dialog. Of course this rectal pore of humanity is siding with the RIAA, MPAA and Chamber of Commerce! THEY are the "paymasters" who are perpetrating SOPA and PIPA with an order of magnitude more lobbying MONEY than the sum total of Silicon Valley companies.

Tonight the nasty Mr. Murdoch was sitting in the audience at the Golden Globe Awards. Why? His company News Corp owns Fox who had films up for awards. Fox is a member of the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) who are one of the lobbyist corporate organizations shoving the SOPA & PIPA atrocities down the throats of We The People, the actual citizens of the USA, whom the Congress are elected to represent. Corporations ≠ people ≠ citizens.

Napster will live on in the UK

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Napster Died In 2001

What's all this here talk about Napster will live on? Weren't it killed off and died in 2001? I should say so! What we have here is RIAAster! Clean, bright and sanitized to make the likes of the Corporate Oligarchy all smiling and shiny like, I'd say! Have fun with that you will, won't ye Real? ;-D

Brandjacked Google+ page slings insults at Bank of America

Derek Currie

A Well Deserved Lampoon of B of A

As a joyfully former victim/customer of Bank of America, I can only laugh at this well deserved lampooning. It couldn't happen to a more despicable bank, except of course for Citigroup, HSBC, Wells Fargo, Chase, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs ad nauseam. Here in the USA we're ALL little peon serfs in the eyes of the Corporate Oligarchy. Thus we FAIL.

Pay Jobs due respect - by crushing the empire he created

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Propagandist Mud In Your Eyes

I can deal with your first paragraph.

But your second paragraph is BS:

- I've never met a 'slavish' Apple buyer. Instead I have found them to be not just discerning consumers but the most demanding of computer users. They don't let Apple get away with any BS and rant like hell when Apple screw up. The effect is further improvement of Apple products.

- The single most technically competent gang of computer users I've worked with have been Apple users. Here is a great example I often site:

Fortune Magazine 11-29-05: 'What's your computer setup today?'

Frederick Brooks: 'I happily use a Macintosh. It's not been equaled for ease of use, and I want my computer to be a tool, not a challenge.'


[Frederick Brooks is the author of 'The Mythical Man Month'.

He spearheaded the movement to modernize computer software

engineering in 1975.]

- From what orifice did you pull the concept that Apple users ever chant 'don't try- Apple have already perfected it.' If anyone said that they would be profoundly stupid. The fact is that I have never heard any Apple user say that at any time anywhere. You made it up. It consists of trolling. Bad try. Apple users, being the most demanding in the computer community, say the exact opposite.

The way you see it is with anti-Apple user propagandist mud in your eyes. :-P

Derek Currie

Apple iPad Clout: Competitive Pricing On Day 1

"because the other players don't tend to charge quite as much."

This is pure BS with zero support from pricing stats. I'd go so far as to say this ignorance consists of trolling, its that stupid.

One of the fundamental reasons that none of the also-ran tablet makers can make significant gains, and why many of them continue to fall by the wayside, is that Apple got the price right on day one. The only players to charge less are those with smaller screens, cheaper CPUs and no camera, IOW the Amazon Fire. And note how Amazon are NOT calling the Fire even a competitor with the iPad. That 'iPad Killer' idea was the creation of TechTard journalists who should know better.

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Zune and Vista FAILs = Gates FAILs

"Zune and Vista came out long after BG stepped down"

NO. Check your history! Gates oversaw BOTH projects before he left.

Derek Currie

Samsung is soooo screwed!

"They are hoping to ride on iPhone marketing and everyone knows it!!"

Well, almost everybody: Sorry naysayers, but Samsung have very little innovation to offer in the also-ran market versus Apple. Samsung have been and will continue to lose the lawsuits with Apple. Their countersuits against Apple have proven to be merely childish. IMHO Samsung are incredibly screwed and they deserve it.

Derek Currie

Apple's Version 1.0 Syndrome

"It takes apple 2-3 iterations of a product devel cycle to get to a "coveted" form including a form factor."

NO. That's a generally worthless blanket statement. I can think of only one example when Apple required 3 iterations to get it right and that was Mac OS X, whereby version 10.2 (the third version) was the first 'usable' version.

Meanwhile, face it: The iPad v1 was a MASSIVE hit and they got it right the first time. No also-ran has come close to iPad v1 sales or overall quality, despite the camera issue. Note, however, that even here it is silly to use a blanket statement. Apple already had the iOS and the iPad Touch/iPhone as templates for the larger sized iPad.

Apple, like every other hardware and software developer, consistently suffers from Version 1.0 Syndrome. But it is rare for them to not hit their stride on version 2.0 onward. Compare that to Microsoft's record where they consistently have Version 2.0 syndrome as well. The more correct blanket statement would be that Microsoft requires 3 iterations before they get it right. Then there's the Zune where they could never get it right and gave up. Microsoft's now 11 year old 'slate' version of Windows continues to be a huge FAIL. Microsoft's purchased 'Metro' interface has yet to prove its viability despite new iterations.

Derek Currie

Overthrow The Moribund Buffoonery Abominations

"Bill Gates didn't "settle". Thankfully."

"Microsoft Windows, and the overwhelmingly positive influence it has had on the industry."

Thank goodness I have never settled for that lame POV. I must be on the 'Think Different' path already.

If there are people out there capable of 'crushing' the Apple 'empire' with superior products, PLEASE get to it! Competition is the father of innovation.

The sad fact at the moment is that MBA (Moribund Buffoonery Abomination) driven contemporary bad BIZNIZZ has 'crushed' creativity in the computer community such that the only 'competition' with Apple has been wannabe crap-on-toast.

Destroy the Corporate Oligarchy! Rape all customer-hating Marketing Morons until they're dead! Value the Marketing Mavens! Put entrepreneurs in charge! Never fall for Marketing-As-Management self-destruction! Compete in the market for real and change the world for the better. It's been done before!

Your turn.