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We regret to inform you there are severe delays on the token ring due to IT nerds blasting each other to bloody chunks

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10-base Nothing

I remember being called to a company to setup a network on Windows for Workgroups, was told they had their own guy to do the Co-Ax wiring and just wanted the cards installed and shares setup.

Arrived to find that the guy had wired each co-ax to each PC individually, and all back to a central point, Cat 5 style. I both laughed and groaned at the same time.

Luckily the cards I had were both Co-ax and RJ45, so I gave them the bad news and told them to get the place re-wired in a loop or replace the cables with cat5 and get a hub. Installed the cards and got paid. Not sure what happened after that, didnt get to go back, but I'd love to have been a fly on the wall for the conversation with the wiring guy.

No fandango for you: EU boots UK off Galileo satellite project

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"shooting itself in the foot "

maybe they held up a mirror for him when they heard that line....

Uk also want to stay in the EU for Aviation Authority otherwise they have to setup their own one and get approval for safety etc to be allowed land in some countries (US main one)

Boris didn't put this on the Bus....

Is this cough cancer, doc? No: it's a case of Playmobil on the lung

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same here

i once swallowed a tall tale.....

F-35 firmware patches to be rolled out 'like iPhone updates'

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"Surely you would get it right, apply it, go away and improve it, test it then apply it."

Surely that is the very definition of an incremental update?

Samsung stalls Bixby launch because it am English not so good

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Re: "the way Americans talk to there phones"

oh the ironing !!!

Making us pay tax will DESTROY EUROPE, roars Apple's Tim Cook

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Irish myself, but i think this ruling is a bit dumb and opportunistic.

The only reason they are going after companies like Apple is because of the vast amounts involved.

They never heeded them when they were a loss making enterprise, not too long ago.

Anyway, surely its the laws in all the OTHER countries that need to change if they want the taxes collected at source of sale country?

Just make it a condition of doing business in that country that you have to make sales figure returns and pay X. Otherwise you cant sell here.

in reality though, this will drag on for years and be in and out of appeals and the only people making the $$$ will be the lawyers (as usual)

PCs’ PCs pwned: Irish cops probe mystery malware attack

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hello 419?


Sneaky Google KOs 'right to be forgotten' from search results

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from the article: "Or is it? Google's defence in the RTBF trial was that it was a mere "data processing company""

so why google for "data processing business"

surely it would be more accurate to google for "data processing company" ??

and as much as i don't like google, if others have the right to have listings removed, then surely that give Google the right to remove listings about themselves that they don't want? Good for goose and all that. Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for...

iPad bricked by iOS 9.3? Don't worry, we'll get through this together

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From one of the quotes in the article:

" The only thing I can think of was the iPad had been stone cold dead for about a week before I performed a fresh download and restore"

Considering the update came out Monday night/Tuesday morning UK time, I have to ask how that person managed to do the update, try the fixes, and then leave it for a week, and its only Friday now.

Time-Travelling iPad?

I have told everyone i ever met, at least a million times, to stop exaggerating

Western Digital spins up a USB disk just for the Raspberry Pi

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@HmmmYes bet you had to run the command parkhd.exe first before moving it????

GCHQ’s Xmas puzzle proves uncrackable

Seanie Ryan

the answer

was easy..... 42

After Death Star II blew: Dissecting the tech of Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens

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Re: "standardize hard and change infrequently"

Obviously Apple have not opened any stores in the Galaxy far, far away yet, so the idea of a yearly upgrade cycle has not been introduced yet. People just keep using what works....


Star Trek to go boldly back onto telly, then beam down in streams

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this thread reminds me of ....


Did you bet the farm on Amazon's cloud? Time to wean yourself off

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netflix is grand as it is

lets face it, netflix and such are luxury, non-essential services. If they are offline, someone can't watch a movie !! lets get real.. thats not life threatening. some gobshite has to get off the couch or change a channel. A few hours offline?? Not a biggie really. How many people are going to cancel a subscription for that? very very small percentage really.

So the decision is based on cost of dual setup vs number of cancellations due to a few hours outage.

My bet is that its cheaper to stay as they are.

Big difference to Netflix offline Vs paypal/worldpay/sage/salesforce, which businesses rely on.

let not make mountain out of molehills for not being able to watch a tv show for a few hours..

Reality is, clients want a cheap service, so the company providing it have to keep costs low to match. If everyone voted that they would pay Netflix $/£/€ 150 a month, then yeah, you would expect them to have a better setup.

Will someone not think of the children !!

Google makes it official: Chrome will freeze Flash ads on sight from Sept 1

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Re: So close now....

only 8 years after the iphone .... kinda show how long it takes others to wake up

Vodafone UK rocks the bloat with demands for vanilla Android

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Re: I imagine...

i recently had a conversation about this. My point was that it was only a matter of time that some class action is taken against the networks for not providing regular software updates which ended up with a hack; large bill; data loss; exposure of sensitive info.

Especially in light of the recent multiple flaws discovered in Android.

So to cover their shiny metal ass on that front, operators have to pass the buck back to the manufacturer. Apple and MS already cover this aspect.

But if Operators customise Android with UI and other tweaks, then they become potentially liable (?)

So if its stock Android, does the responsibility pass back up to Google?

And before someone posts about being able to update any phone, my point is about providing EASY OTA updates, that any idiot can click "install".

So the question for anyone with better knowledge, where does the buck stop? Would this be the reason for Voda wanting to provide stock Android?

Yet another Android app security bug: This time 'everything is affected'

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Any Friday?

From the Video, Join our talk at 4pm Friday August 2015


Ireland loses entire airport amid new postcode chaos

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Re: Welcome to 20th err 21st Century Ireland

Back about 20 odd years ago, a woman from the US of A was in Limerick and drank in my Uncles pub. A few weeks later, a letter arrived with a picture of him and her, sellotaped to the front and the instructions : To Mr Postman, Deliver to THIS man (and an arrow to him), Limerick Ireland.

Brilliant !

Office 365 prices 'to rise by up to 13 per cent'

Seanie Ryan


as the owner of HSP, who has seen many customers move to O365 and then back to us after a few months, I am delighted !!

this means more business for me. couldn't be happier !!

Thanks M$

David Beckham fakes bewilderment to flog mobiles to Yanks. Fakes?

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no fan of his , but i have to say that the ad is actually effective and clever.

BOFH: Don't go changing on Friday evenings, I don't wanna work that hard

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Re: Reach out...

All your Touch-Base are belong to us !! ha ha ha

Limited edition Iron Man S6 sells for $91,000 thanks to ... serial number

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idiots will buy any new shiny thing that Apple make ... oh wait.......

Cynical Apple says it'll gouge less cash from iTunes strummers' sales

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Re: Cynicism

"I want The Register to be great. Not boring."

The Reg will never be great again. El Reg was once good, witty and entertaining, but they seem to have taken that formula and rode it to death, kinda like how they mock others for doing similar. Ironic. Now, as you point out, its boring. the writers now are only capable of repeating the same tired lines and mockery, ad nauseam.

I for one would prefer a return to the Reg i started reading years ago that had good journalism with a nice dose of humour/cynicism. I expect the site to become a Waterford Whispers of IT soon.

Now this is proper humour http://waterfordwhispersnews.com/2015/06/05/apple-ceo-who-forced-new-u2-album-on-world-now-lecturing-about-privacy/

Samsung buys LoopPay ... to be better at bonking than Apple

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"The point was that you can't use iPay at the majority of locations. Safari probably doesn't render that information properly. I imagine Apple users only get to see a couple of icons, and an infographic, when reading an article."

what the hell is that about? i read it about 6 times now and have no clue what you are saying? Whats safari got to do with it? Weird.

The Interview? Kim Jong-Un, you really shouldn’t have bothered

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"So you didn't see it at the cinema then?"

nope i didn't. Why , was a different one they showed in the cinema to all the other methods you could rent it online?

and i have enough going on upstairs to know after 4 minutes that its tastelessness was not to my taste.

Seanie Ryan

have to agree

turned it off after just 4 minutes.. it was terrible. Bad acting, Bad attempts at humour. tasteless.

and i will usually watch anything.

Fancybox WordPress plugin reveals zero day affecting thousands

Seanie Ryan

i wonder

"It's been used by unknown actors to deliver a malicious iframe"

i bet its Bruce Willis.... ;-) Happy Friday

Beam me up, Scotty, And VAPORIZE me in the process

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nothing new here

I did this months ago.. Object was scanned, printed to a printer miles away over TCP-IP. Then i got a hammer and smashed the crap out of the original. Job done.

as for this: "By holding buyers to a single copy, retailers could ensure a product can be sold and printed without the risk of pirates selling off additional copies of their 3D printed products."

How the hell does that work? I design something, I send it to you and destroy the original, so now I can't sell it again, and you now have it and can use a non-"Scotty" printer to copy it and sell on. Cant see any protection there.

Seems like more that 3 seconds of thinking should have been applied here...

LEAKED: Samsung's iPhone 6 killer... the Samsung Galaxy S6

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Re: Why should Apple be worried?

no matter what the specs, the biggest problem is that it still runs Android, so no Apple won't worry.

I'll be back (and forward): Hollywood's time travel tribulations

Seanie Ryan

what about

the famous film "The Big Red Ball" released in 2025?

Explains it all perfectly.

Call the Commish! Ireland dragged into Microsoft dispute over alleged drug traffic data

Seanie Ryan


sure MS USA is only a shareholder and not the owner of a subsidiary? its a big difference.

Amazon: Put our ALWAYS ON MICROPHONE in your house, please. WHAT?

Seanie Ryan

Re: In a couple of years

@Ledswinger looks like you have no knowledge of South Park.. look it up, will explain a lot.

I expect the next Apple TV will have this tech built in,via Siri, and with HomeKit too, should prove a nifty device.

I like the idea.

of course, i would name mine "The" so that it annoys everyone in the house with each sentence they speak... :-)

Doctor Who's Flatline: Cool monsters, yes, but utterly limp subplots

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Re: Clara the teenager

I have to ask what has actually happened to the idea that she was the 'impossible girl' there through all of time with all doctors? has that just been 'forgotten' and now she is just and annoying sidekick?

how did this happen?

Can anyone explain this leap to me? Did I miss a scene in some episode where this is explained?

I am trying my best to stay watching DW. Girlfriend has given up. Hates this season.

Orient express in space was just a re-hash of Titanic in Space to me. Coming soon, Route 66 (in space)

This week was a bit more fun though. maybe because Capaldi featured less?

also, just to annoy someone

" watching Clara from some kind of tablet" - its clearly an iPad... it is the "Promised Land" after all !!! ;-)

Consumers agree to give up first-born child for free Wi-Fi – survey

Seanie Ryan

Re: Non-story

Surely AC is missing the main point of the story. People connect to any network and their traffic is visible.

The whole T&C part was a humorous side line

Oi, Tim Cook. Apple Watch. I DARE you to tell me, IN PERSON, that it's secure

Seanie Ryan

Re: Yup, back to normal soon methink. Although...

@Loyal Commenter

firstly, there is no evidence that the passwords were brute forced on iCloud, and not taken from some other hacked site and used, in the hope that the same one was in use. No evidence that it wasn't either, so neither of us can claim that point.

Secondly, it took my niece 3 attempts to get it right, as she had a fair idea what she saw me type, so in effect, yeah, she brute forced it (with a good starting point )

as for "over the internet" oh no's !!!! you can hack over the internet now ??!! What WILL we do? ;-)

don't worry, i'm just poking fun.

But I agree with you that the problem is, and always has been the single password. 2FA helps, but that has problems too, as if the phone is stolen, then it can be selected to receive the code. Short of it all is, that if someone really wants your data, they will get it. Same as when car immobilisers got good enough, the thief simply broke into the house and stole the keys or car jacked you.

Oh, and on the 200 word jargon, why do you think companies produce these? Answer: idiot users who want a quick buck and sue over the slightest thing. Ends up costing the normal people money. Case in point is that pretty soon you will have to have insurance on your ride-on mower in the EU. All because one guy fell off a ladder and happened to fall on the mower. Idiot sued and now you will need insurance to operate one on your own land. It won't be long before we all need T&Cs for people who just drop by for tea.

I wish we were back in 1980 again. Common sense was a lot more common

Seanie Ryan

Re: Yup, back to normal soon methink. Although...

El Reg and clout ! you forgot the Joke icon

also "after hackers broke into Apple's iCloud"

Wrong; Fail. No-one broke in. They got some users passwords and logged in. A far cry from being a Hacker. My six year old niece logged into my iPad after watching me key in the PIN. Would call her a hacker,, and she didn't 'break in'

Top notch journalism !! I swear , more and more I come to this site for the laughs rather than for actual news.

Cops apologise for leaving EXPLOSIVES in suitcase at airport

Seanie Ryan

Re: the public was never in danger

yeah, because most people take their case home, store it with all the contents and then board a plane a few weeks later, using the same case , contents unchanged !!!

quite common, i'd say


5.5in iPhone 6, iWatch hypegasm: What will Apple reveal - BE the rumour

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Re: The OS is dead! Long live the new OS.

lol… tell your bosses they are idiots.

"10.5 and 10.7 machines are happy doing the same work they have been doing for more than 7 years"

and they think there were "bitten" buy having kit that was bought 7 years ago , that still does its function!!! hahahahaha thats ROI to dream of.

yep, go buy a win-pc and when it barely does its function in 7 months, you'll see where the "tax" is.

Enigmail PGP plugin forgets to encrypt mail sent as blind copies

Seanie Ryan

Re: ... if one wants to 'Hide BCC recipients' ...

@ frank ly

BCC = hide recipients

PGP = encrypt emails

2 different items.

Just in this case, if a PGP encrypted email was sent via BCC, then it wasn't encrypted, even though it was meant to be. Make sense?

Anyway, i am sure the 2 people left who use PGP don't need to use BCC as they only email each other. ;-)

Not even CRIMINALS want your tablets, Blighty - but if that's an iPhone you're waving...

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Re: Stating the obvious

i'd say its that German crim's are just more intelligent than Blighty's moron 5finger-discounter.

They know the iPhone has the iCloud kill-switch and is harder to shift on, so target the easy to re-sell Android devices.

Ofcom will not probe lesbian lizard snog in new Dr Who series

Seanie Ryan

judging by how crap the episode was, it was 6 out of 11 by the time the kiss happened.

Yes, but what are your plans if a DRAGON attacks?

Seanie Ryan

Re: Haha, amusing yes..

simple answer to requests

"Yes we can prepare for Asteroid impacts. This will mean a 10% increase in taxes to cater for this unlikely event. If you are happy with the increase, please let us know and we will proceed."

usually, end of discussion.

'The writing is TOO SMALL': MPs row over Parliamentary move to Office 365

Seanie Ryan

Re: Security?

where do they stand in relation to EU data protection laws?

is it not against same to use servers owned by US companies , and have data covered by Patriot Act??


You 'posted' a 'letter' with Outlook... No, NO, that's the MONITOR

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Re: The summer heat brings them out...

best one I ever had was the 40 minute argument I and 3 others in the office who had to come on the phone to confirm we were not joking or going to do some thing bad.

Back in the days of floppy discs and Apple LC III, client rang saying there was no button on the computer to get the floppy out. Correct. (she used to use DOS)

No matter what we said she would not drag the floppy to the Trash to eject it as "this would erase it"

40 minutes of assurance, laughter, patience, frustration, argument by all 4 of us and she eventually said that she would do it but was going to sue us if it erased it.

made our day!!

WORLD CUP SHOCK: England declared winner in 2-1 defeat to Italy

Seanie Ryan

Re: So england won

"Neville was also the one who quipped the referee was using the "invisible spray" to mark out where the wall should be and the ball should be placed. If you've seen the spray it's basically Gillette shaving foam."

I'm waiting for them to introduce that for throw-ins too.. drives me mad watching the taker advance about 10 yards up the pitch each time and nothing ever said/done.

How did this become so accepted?

slow day today...

How I poured a client's emails straight into the spam bin – with one Friday evening change

Seanie Ryan

Re: Quote to long to put int title

didn't stop reading at that point, but my opinion of the author shot through the floor. Hope he has good insurance cover.

Presuming he is in the UK/EU, you could land in hot water if you recommend that. Depending on your clients business, you could be contravening EU Data Protection Laws as Google App, Office 365 etc are owned by US companies, so the data, even if its on an EU hosted server, is covered by the Patriot Act.

Bit of leaked data, and be sure someone will point the finger and say " He said to do it"

I think there are some negotiations going on to circumvent the issue, if anyone in the know could provide more info…..?

JJ Abrams and Star Wars: I've got a bad feeling about this

Seanie Ryan

does no-one get it?? ** JJ ** Abrams …… Jar Jar ….. JJ …. see it now??

It was Jar Jar coming up with all those Lost episodes, and crappy 1 season shows and all-effect, no plot/story films.


Welcome to Heathrow Terminal, er, Samsung Galaxy S5

Seanie Ryan

If had a a flight booked from Terminal 5 now, I would deliberately miss the flight and claim compensation due to the fact that I could not find Terminal 5.

anyway, what a terrible marketing move.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Ancient Fear of, er, a cheese-tastic title?

Seanie Ryan

can't wait to see Jar Jar Binks again. That crazy fool.


PEAK APPLE: Mystery upstart to hurl iLord from its throne 'by 2020'

Seanie Ryan

Re: The only way is down...

"The only way is down...

...if you're already at the top.

Hard to deny, really."

yeah just ask Mircosoft !! lol