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Vodafone: Dear customers. We're sorry we killed your Demon


Re: Decoupling of email from broadband?

I've paid for a year's worth so they better not be discontinuing it in April 2017 or I shall be having words.

I can't say I'm that surprised though, just thought I'd have more time to sort out a replacement email address. I hope we get more than 30 days' notice if (when) they decide to finally shut it all down.

Pity they can't just sell the brand to someone who would actually give a shit about it instead of just killing it.


Decoupling of email from broadband?

I wonder if this means we'll be able to keep our Demon email addresses when changing broadband provider? My mum has been on Demon broadband for many years (and I use an email address associated with this) but because of this they're stuck on 8Mb. I don't really want to change email so I've paid for me and my mum to migrate to the new paid email system, but it occurs to me to wonder whether that then means she can switch to some other broadband provider?

Microsoft bins Azure RemoteApp, says go with Citrix instead


Does this mean that non-Azure RemoteApp is going away as well?

One of the app providers at my workplace uses RemoteApp from a (presumably) Windows server to deliver an app to us, will that be going away as well?

You've got three days to patch Adobe Flash, Air, Reader


Update management

Still no centralised update management from Adobe for Flash or Reader. We tried doing it via GPOs for Flash, but the net result seems to be that on some computers Flash gets uninstalled entirely. Need a more reliable way (that does not involve setting up an SCCM infrastructure).

Wintel pincers to squeeze iPads out of BYOD


We're already biting with Bay Trail

We're already biting with Bay Trail - we got a bunch of Bay Trail Windows 8.1 tablets in, updated them to 8.1 Enterprise (allowing us to manage the Start Screen via GPO) and those have been issued to selected members of staff already. As long as Broadwell/Llama Mountain devices tip up at a similar price point, I don't see why we wouldn't get those in the future if we get more hybrid devices.

Java updates too much of a bother? Maybe online banking's just not for you


No centralised update management

Maybe if Oracle would provide utilities for centrally managing Java updated then it wouldn't be such a problem.

CyanogenMod 7.1 brings 24 Android phones into fold


Installation instructions

I'm very excited to see that CyanogenMod now supports my Xperia X8 phone, but I notice that there seems to be a dearth of any actual installation instructions. There are terse sentences like "use ROM Manager" and "it's on the wiki" and such but none of these things appear to provide any detailed information for users who are not familiar with the custom ROM installation process.