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Motorbike crash man fails to notice loss of leg

John Goodwin

Burning deck part II

The girl stood on the burning deck,

the ship was all in bits,

She gave a cough,

Her leg fell off,

And so did both her elbows ..... boom booom

YouTube acknowledges foreign countries

John Goodwin

Non-US ? About time too

Ever had the situation where you install a program, and get offered the chance to install a different language? My fingers tremble with anticipation at the prospect of changing it from English (US) - and then to be met with no other option. Blinkered thinking from our friends across the pond, some may suggest it smacks of elitism.

Fine, offer us just plain old English. Don't offer just US English as if that's all there is to offer in the US-centric online world.

As for translation of words like flavour, colour, grey ... the list goes on. Let's hope they offer truly localised versions or it will simply go down as one more vacuous statement from an online company.

Perhaps I'm just a pedant ;-)

Last of the Time Lords heads for GayPride

John Goodwin

Not forgetting the Daleks, of course

You can't talk about Dr Who and gay in the same sentence without reference to the legendary Victor-Lewis Smith and a program called TV Offal which had some Gay Daleks.

Take a look on YouTube here: http://tinyurl.com/3ddpdf