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Australians like the NBN: poll


Re: Re: Even Australians...

"Fibre to the node would work just as well and be significantly cheaper."

Cheaper for whom to build? It would be cheaper to build - if you currently own the copper lines. It will be more expensive to build if you don't.

Cheaper for whom to pay? If Telstra still maintains control over the new FTTN infrastructure, then unless ACCC steps in yet again to declare the prices, it is likely to be more expensive to the end user, ie productivity loss for the economy as a whole.

Damn it, where’s our NBN scandal?


Re: must be coming soon

What size would you offer for the actual NBN speed of 100/40? Much better than the 100/2 (not a typo) of Bigpond cable,eh?

Oz ISPs propose copyright enforcement trial


afact is not a signatory to the proposal

This proposal was put forward by the ISPs named. afact is not a signatory to it (yet?)

From the horse's mouth


"That article is wrong. AFACT are not a signatory to it. It's an ISP proposal." Steve Dalby, Chief Regulatory Officer, iiNet

'Grow up': Assange's mother to Obama-struck Oz



If by fled you mean left before he was arrested, and after he was given permission by the prosecutor to leave the country, then sure, he fled Sweden. But you really should get a different dictionary.


icon because that's what the Swedish authorities told Assange he could do.

Solarcars are hot!


Australia is longer than that

I won't call the race route the length of Australia, more the height or width.

The length of Australia from east to west is around 4100km.

Oz broadband speeds leap 917% in TWO WEEKS!


kbps vs kBps

Please get your units right. Pando Network report that you linked to listed speeds in kBps. Akamai's report is in kbps. There is little difference between those two reports that cannot be explained from sampling errors.

I would have expected a reporter from a publication focussing on technology to know the difference.


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