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Non-shingled and ready to mingle: WDC catches up with 14TB disk rivals


So 550TB/yr times 5 YRS, divide by 14TB Capacity results ~196 full drive writes total?

Am I missing something?

AMD beds ARM in 'Project SkyBridge' and home-grown 'K12' ARM architecture chips


I wonder if AMD has any plans for laptop/notebook ARM based cpus. I think a 10W or even 15W part would offer quite a bit of bang for buck. Of course it would be Linux (or Android) only, if anyone would assemble such a beast for the masses in a packaged aimed at the power user.

But, well done AMD! Please bring back some innovation. Your recent product lineup has left me with only one purchasing option for over 5 years now...

Seagate's LaCie touts a 25TB (not a typo) box o' disks for your DESK


Re: 25TB at RAID5? ...

Read up on Unrecoverable Read Errors and RAID5.

P.S.: I didn't downvote, just answering your question.

Anyway, 25TB in RAID0 LOL That's a recipe for disaster.

It's time to suck the marrow from the NBN debate



What is up with all these people suggesting wireless technologies as a viable alternative to fiber for a NBN?

People, this is not a debate where everybody gets a vote, and nobody is wrong.

Wireless technologies are fine for casual use. They are insufficient for regular or heavy use. They need to be updated every 5 years or so to allow for more bandwidth (Look at UMTS -> HSDPA -> HSPA+ -> LTE).

YOUR data traffic while remaining light by comparison to the average will increase, and has been increasing over the years.

Fiber is the only technology that currently has sufficient bandwidth to not require an upgrade in the immediate future, while having plenty of upgrade options further down the track.

Apple at WWDC: Sleek new iOS, death of the big cats, pint-sized Mac Pro


Re: Firewire

Ah, yeah. A little googling shows nobody else mentioning 6 Firewire ports, only the six Thunderbold 2 slots. The story's text should be amended.

As for the Thunderbolt ports - they can be useful since they are such high speed, although this method of connectivity is hardly ubiquitous, and I think most will have a USB3 adapter attached.



OK so Thunderbolt ports for external high-speed connectivity makes sense, but 6 Firewire ports do not when one provides only 4 USB 3 ports!!!

Seriously can anybody even name 6 different firewire 2.0 products? I mean I would welcome a resurgence of Firewire tech, but I don't see it happening, so what has driven Apple's decission?

Australian 'Apple tax' repealed for MacBook Air


MAC AIR 13 in

I find your prices interesting, and amusing that Apple fell on the governent-agitated sword just as our currency took a dive. However I just went to the Apple site in the US to look up specs for the 13 in AIR, and prices start at 1099, not 1199...

Intel launches Atom S Series at servers


Re: the customer is always wrong

I run an Atom D510 as a "micro" server. I found the problem to be the bandwidth bottleneck of the CPU/Motherboard combo.

For me, it peaks at about 180* Mb/s through any combination of ports (Ethernet; built-in SATA; RAID card on PCI-E; PCI card on PCI). Now while that may seem plentyful, certain combinations were even slower (PCI --> PCI-E).

While the specific number is probably a motherboard limitation, the limited cpu bandwidth (in the form of PCI-E lanes) and associated motherboard support is probably the problem. This issues does not appear to be addressed in this new generation cpus.

* - To those noting that the gigabit is only capable of about 120 Mb/s anyway, I'd like to point out that the maximum network throughput when reading from disk for me was just shy of 80 Mb/s, and the 180 Mb/s figure was from SATA to PCI-E RAID. Meanwhile, network card was perfectly capable to read to and from RAM at close to 100 Mb/s.

'Google strangled Acer phone using Alibaba Android rival at birth'


Re: ubuntu

I dream of such a day, but don't believe it will happen.

Even if it does happen, it will have only limited traction, since most of the porting to specific devices will have to be done by the users, not manufacturers.

Australians love mobile devices, but not mobile downloads



I have witnessed and benchmarked the Telstra HSPA+ network at up to 150Kbps for the uplink (per connection), which is a fair bit better than the ADSL 2+ network. Unfortunately Annex M does not work for us as we are too far from the exchange. Of course this is subject to time of day, weather conditions etc... and it fluctuates greatly during a 24 hour period.

Emerson to build NBN facilities



LOL This is Australia. There are no terrorists here. In any case methinks you have been sampling the koolaid just a bit.

Hackers, on the other hand.... Still multiple facilities with similar or identical systems are not hacker redundant LOL