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A simple HTML tag will crash 64-bit Windows 7

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"Those who don't trust IE, don't like Firefox (it has become bloated) and don't trust Google with their privacy perhaps?"... use SRWare Iron?

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"Didn't iTunes at some point in time force Safari down the users' throat?"

Question is, did they ever *not*?

Apple recalls first iPod Nanos over battery flaw

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"Will it be a new Nano 1G or a more recent model? Apple didn't say"

The uncertainty... At least it's not that horribly designed large old square Nano (2nd or 3rd gen?), the new Nanos are min. 8 GB and my 1st gen is 4 GB.

BUT, my Nano can sync with MediaMonkey and pretty much any other music library out there. Newer iPods require, as far as I know, that godawful iTunes installed in order to sync. Even if you can sync using other applications, you need some components from iTunes - which also means QuickTime, Bonjour, MDNS-service, mobile device support, iTunes helper... oh, for the love of Jobs!

Oh, and mine appears to be recalled...

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@Silverburn: Flying pork produce

"who's still got and even using a player from 3 years ago, never mind six?"


Half an hour, twice every weekday, going to/from work on my bike, my 1st gen Nano feeds my ear canals.

AmEx 'debug mode left site wide open', says hacker

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Not the nine o clock news...

Make a reference like that and not throw in a link to YouTube?

I've enjoyed that show ages ago. Remember anything more specific about that sketch? :-)