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World's biggest music streaming service launches - for tech idiots


Dolby Pulse

Anybody ever hear anything in this format?

Are the benefits mainly for sound quality or data quantity?

I think Spotify is 160 and Napster 128. Without going through an empirical process, was wondering how Dolby Pulse compared?

Man gets £12,500 after girlfriend probes his medical data



Doesn't sound like a mistake.

The intention was to do something known to be wrong.

I'm not saying the penalty has to be dismissal (but it could be), though it should be more severe than for an innocent mistake (e.g. accessing someone with a similar name).

Spotify 'sold soul' to boy king Zuckerberg


no FB

Yup, same. I don't have a FB account and have no plans to get one.

For me Spotify works fine without one, and as it offers better sound quality than Napster for the same £5, it keeps my business.

Old Napster guy’s fan letter to Spotify upstart



I just had a look at them again. I slightly favour my money going to whoever bought the Napster name in recognition of the goodolddays. They claim to have 15 million tracks against Spotify's 13 million; probably not an important distinction. For £5/month Napster stream at 128, Spotify at 160 (and it stings to know that 320 is most likely available at double the price), and that is an important differentiator.


I don't work for Grooveshark/Spotify/Napster/Pandora or any music or IT business.

Don't remember hearing ads on Grooveshark (last listened a few weeks ago), so to me it comes across as a limited selection with no money changing hands; I enjoyed it but didn't see a route to get money to musicians (not a massive priority but not zero either). I do remember ads on Spotify and did choose to pay to get rid of them (a few weeks ago), and as it was about a year ago I joined, was getting squeezed.

I do use various music sources and [inc. non/] payment styles. I've used all of the sites in the first line, mostly not paying. Not sure what the boast is?

I think I don't understand your point?


free stuff

I was an enthusiastic user of Napster so I can be flexible when it suits me and was sad when it ended, but are you convinced Grooveshark is as legally and morally legitimate (as in getting money to musicians from people who choose to enjoy their stuff) as Spotify?

Sure, they offer club dance tracks and request feedback, but they also offer Nirvana (without entering it as a search term).

Also, their selection is more limited than Spotify/Napster/Pandora.

Thumb Up


Is there something that offers Pandora-like suggestions and also allows you to play the track you want, not a close miss? With a Spotify range (not impressed with its radio), convenience and subscription model? Not that using the two together is such a big hassle.


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