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re:but how long will they last?

Good point, have to say that my Tomtom has been extremely impressive on this point, I have a tomtom one original model and have had it for over 2 years, since buying I have been able to update to the latest version of software and the latest maps (I believe you can do this on the older models tomtom gos as well).

They have added several features to it since purchase, and I have been extremely satisfied with it, much better than my previous PDA based system and have never seen it freeze or crash.

BitMicro pumps solid state drives to 1.6TB


Interesting - fits straight into an ILM strategy

So these disks will be crazy fast, will mean 3 tiers of storage SSD, FC traditional disk and ATA traditional disk. The s/w exists to move between these tiers, so you would prob only keep 10% of your data on the new SSD.

seems like as long as these drives are reasonably priced (as in no more than 4x traditional price) and the MTBF figures are good (would expect them to exceed traditional spinning disk, not being mechanical) they would be adopted by the storage vendors.

Safari gets four new fixes


Re:still rubbish

Are you trying to sound like the comic store owner in the Simpsons?

"Apple has released four new fixes for its Safari cross-platform internet browser - less than two weeks after its launch."

Hasn't been launched, it's a Beta it was released to the public to find these bugs. If it was launched and was in this states then it would make sense to complain about it!

Apple plugs holes in new Safari beta


Re:bug-infested beta?

"No! Say it isn't so! Beta software can't have bugs, surely?"

I find this comment extremely insensitive and ill-informed, as a MS user for the last 14 years I am more used to bug infested production release software :)

seriously though, why would anyone flame the first beta of a new version of a product on a new platform? Isn't the point to find the bugs and security issues before going mainstream?

Personally I am looking forward to giving the production a try, if it's good it will make me look more seriously at getting a Mac. This seems like a very intelligent way to getting customers used to the mac look and feel, making development for iphone easier and making more websites compatible with it (i.e. by having a larger market share).

I personally don't like using IE but have to for many apps for compatibility.