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Alibaba's Jack Ma says: Relax, we're too wise for robots to take our jobs


Bravo, Jack Ma

Any form of Anti-Syntheticism is not welcome in this world. I'm imagining those bigots now, marching, waving their red flags, a white circle in the centre, holding a black double helix, smashing all the Synthetics they can get their vicious hands on.

Think politics is tumultuous now? Wait till the transhumanists join in...


What about a Matriarchy?

Gamifying politics to bring about the end of the rule of men.


Dark matter drought hits older galaxies: Boffins are, rightly, baffled


Am I right in thinking...

That the light from those old galaxies shows their dark matter situation billions of years ago, and the shape of those galaxies and their dark matter situation today would be very different? Perhaps gravity has an effect on space-time that intensifies as the years go by?

The sharks of AI will attack expensive and scarce workers faster than they eat drivers


Re: Whoops, there goes the Internet - now what Doctor Robot? Doctor Robot?

If you have medical robots, it's not inconceivable that basic and advanced knowledge would be baked in. It would perform better when connected, of course, but it could still operate well when offline.


Re: Learning to live

Excellent point. If machines can be educated faster than humans, what is the point of the newly unemployed re-training for other work? Education will have to take on a different purpose than a road to employment.

Pixel C: Google has a crack at the fondleslab-with-keyboard game


Wish it had a stylus :(

I'm eager to buy my first tablet, but would rather not pay Apple's Idiot Tax with the iPad Pro.

Hmmm... Surface Pro 4 maybe?

Sex app Tinder in public meltdown – because a journo dared suggest it was, well, a sex app


Downvoted because...

working girls who are cheaper than dating on adultwork.com are invariably rather large or advanced in age. The hot ones cost a fair bit more than the price of a few drinks and a packet of roofies condoms


Eww, a guy kissing another guy

That image made me sick and angry and aroused.

Re/code apologizes for Holocaust 'joke' tweet


There's plenty of good holocaust jokes

Most people are just too pc to admit it though

Attention dunderheads: Taxpayers are NOT giving businesses £93bn


Question for you, Tim

If investment in Plant and Machinery, and general scientific research etc, is such a good thing for the economy (and it undoubtedly is) why is there a cap on capital/research allowances at all?

Silly Google's Photos app labelled black people as gorillas


Google Photos labelled me Cunt

It was an image of me on a lounger, beside the sea.

D-Wave promises chip that could search the whole universe


Well now...

Better Shor's Algorithm than Zola's

Tim Worstall dances to victory over resources scaremongerers


I thought you was a fat bloke, Tim?!

Imagine my disappointment.

Never trust a man who eats sensibly and gets plenty of exercise.

MIT bods' digital economy babblings are tosh. C'mon guys, Economics 101


Sexbots, Tim

Surely they provide more jobs than they destroy.

Yes, I want you to do a write-up of what the world will look like when ultra-realistic sexbots have been invented.

Free Windows 10 upgrades from Microsoft will FLATTEN PC sales


I'll be assembling a new PC in 2016

Just seems like all the goodies are converging: Windows 10, Skylake, Nvidia Pascal, NVMe, VR...

Not necessarily in that order.

My current PC is a Wolfdale :O

Tim Worstall: Metals, mining and my heavyweight book


This book going to be on Kindle?

I don't do real.

HUGE Aussie asteroid impact sent TREMORS towards the EARTH'S CORE



Bronze Age Collapse explained.

The boffins are off on their age estimations by a few hundred million years, naturally.

FLASH! Aaa-aaah. 3D NAND will save every one of us

Paris Hilton

19TB is a lot of porn

Why, what else do people store anymore?

Researchers: Trolls have dark tetrad of personality defects


What about physical defects?

Trolls be fat. Likely disabled. Sometimes not-White.

I'll show you the D next week – billionaire space baron Elon Musk

Paris Hilton


Delivery Vehicle Driving Autonomously, of course.

Why, what else did you think DVDA could possibly stand for?

4chan outraged by Emma Watson nudie photo leak SCAM



Was looking forward to those

4K-ing excellent TV is on its way ... in its own sweet time, natch


Re: I already see too much on HD

Using the term "woman" loosely, of course! No woman of worth would be so indolent with her beauty regimen.


Re: Chicken and Egg

1500 DVD's?! Your wife must hate you.


I already see too much on HD

Blackheads and the tiny hairs on ladies' chins and upper lips. What horrors await us with 4K I shudder to think.

Oculus sucked by Zuck? 'I'm over it' – Minecraft supremo Notch



Great programmer, horrible drama queen

Boffins lay out 'practical requirements' of 'realistic' quantum computer

Paris Hilton

Genuine question

Folks in the know are often heard saying that quantum computers are very good for certain tasks. What are these tasks, and how will they make my life and everyone else's life easier?

Who's going to look after the computers that look after our parents?


Old people? What old people?

Seeing as the Singularity is only 30 years away, 40 years tops, I look forward to admiring the nubile bronzed bodies of the today's septuagenarians when I am one.

Brit game devs WILL get tax relief for, er, EastEnders Game and Legend of Slough


Boudicca: Total War

I'm imagining wearing a Rift, while riding a chariot and scything Roman soldiers in two. I'm also imagining looking down at my boobs as they bounce from the rough terrain.

After the battle, of course...

Wii got it WRONG: How do you solve a problem like Nintendo?


They still have an amazing back catalogue

I think if Nintendo focussed a significant proportion of their energy and resources in getting their digital store laden with games of olde, which could be played on the Wii U gamepad, the Wii U could claw back a lot of what it's lost.

As a Wii owner, I would want my digital purchases on that platform to be freely available on the Wii U platform too, maybe even my 3DS ones too like I can crossplay some of my PS3 stuff on the Vita. After all, it is MY account, not my console's account.

WORLDWIDE SELFIE: Cosmonauts finally get ISS cameras working


Pretty amazing when you think about it

We are the world/universe come alive and now we're taking selfies of the world/universe. Dudes, I just blew my mind!

Vile Twitter trolls thrown in the cooler for rape abuse tweet spree


Crude internet trolls fat and ugly

Not like us sophisticated internet trolls who are slim and gorgeous!

Ninten-DOH! Japanese giant slashes Wii U sales forecasts by 70%


Re: but it's really poor compared to Sony's and Steam.

I will absolutely 100% grant you that Sony's store is slow and ugly, but despite that it's still a cohesive whole. My PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, and Vita purchases are all in one place. It's one annoyingly long list that I can't sort to my personal liking, but they are all there for me to see despite the plethora of platforms. I know that that is a very subjective judgement and YMMV, but Nintendo's various digital stores feel very disjointed and separate.


Where's the digital store?

Ok, I know it exists, but it's really poor compared to Sony's and Steam.

I've bought Virtual Console stuff using my original Wii, and I've bought download games for my 3DS, but I still can't figure out if that's one store or two stores. And if I bought a Wii U and bought digitally, would that be three separate stores? Their system is so confusing, and I like to see a huge digital games shelf in one place.

Do not adjust your set: TV market slows, 'connected TV' grows


Bought a smart TV recently

For the bedroom, and the PS3. So long as there are consoles there should always be a market for large panels. Can't see myself becoming a movie watcher on a tablet either, though TV episodes seem fine.

Cavemen innocent in MAMMOTH MURDER case: DNA evidence


Why haven't we brought these buggers back yet?

Mammoths are cool yo

South Carolina couple cop cuffing for shed shag


Re: A saucy tale

You're right, let's go the whole hog and turn Reg into the Daily Mail.


A saucy tale

But I'm having difficulty seeing what this has to do with IT, Reg!

Marissa Mayer in Vogue fashion shoot


I'd definitely rub one out to her

Wait, wait, I meant I greatly admire all that she has achieved in life and it especially heartens me to see a woman at the top of such a male-dominated field!

South Korea: We're 'concerned' that Obama saved Apple from ban


As a protest at the injustice of it all...

I'm going to pirate some American stuff.

Mostly porn.

Are driverless cars the death knell of the motor biz?


One day my newborn baby daughter will look at me in disbelief...

"You actually drove cars YOURSELF, Dad? Why would you ever do that?"

Then I shall take off my slipper...

OFFICIAL: Humans will only tolerate robots as helpful SLAVES


Give me a million dollars research money...

And I will tell you the patently obvious also!

Forget tax bills, here's how Google is really taking us all for a ride


Would the Internets be great...


I'm sorry, but consumers have determined that they prefer the business model that Google brings them - free stuff in exchange for their data - and this digital utopia you're dreaming of would already exist if it was viable.

Apple branded porno-peddling perverts by Chinese Pravda


Re: Dear 'The Register'

I'm sorry your feelings were hurt, also.


Re: Dear 'The Register'

It's a joke, dear. Calm down.

Move over, Mythbusters: Was Archimedes an ancient STEVE JOBS?


No Steve Jobs

There are no historical sources showing Archimedes to be a c*nt

This is out of hand now: Apple attempts to trademark the LEAF



Why is the iPhone so successful? 'Cause people love 'em


There is a psychological effect

Where if you sell the same thing at two different prices, the higher priced one will be perceived as being better, tasting better etc. I'd figure such an effect is at work here.

Hello nasty, don't use my music: Deceased Beastie Boy to admen


Re: Very strange behaviour indeed

Hasham, you clearly don't care to understand what the Beastie Boy ethos evolved into. The fact you used a phrase like 'you created a few pop songs' shows not only your misguided ignorance, but also how much of a bellend you are.

Starting with Paul's Boutique, the Beasties created sublime music that influenced a generation, and more than just a few here I imagine. Your attempt to lessen this is comically inept.

Yauch then devoted his time promoting non aggression, and attempted to raise awareness of oppressed nations. All on his own dime. You think this guy wanted to shill crap to stupid fat Americans after his death? You can't see how this would be the antithesis to his character?

To borrow from Bill Hicks also. Stop trying to put a dollar sign on everything, you sucker of Satan's cock.

"Beastie Boys songs, they're so deep and pure, man, they make me cry. You just don't understand!"


Re: Very strange behaviour indeed

"You can distribute my message (for profit), but you may not subvert my message" could be one interpretation of the logical disconnect between allowing publishers to profit, and not allowing advertisers to profit, from his works.

I guess what this comes down to is how important one takes that message to be. Yauch created his songs, so no doubt he puts a great deal of importance onto them and thinks they can be made 'impure' somehow. For myself it's just pop songs alongside thousands of others; they're nice and catchy but not to be taken too seriously.


Re: Very strange behaviour indeed

There's a world of difference between having your music play ALONGSIDE an ad (which is The Cost of Doing Business on broadcast radio and MTV, and the artist has no control over this--most people recognize this distinction and shrug) and having your music play DURING an ad (the ad agency has to have permission to use the music at this point, which creates an involuntary statement about the artist's tastes and/or attitudes, which is more significant).

There's a difference certainly, but I wouldn't say there's a world of difference. He has the right to specify his desires relating to his creations, I do not for one second deny that, but that doesn't mean they're not silly.

"I'm happy for my song to play immediately before or after a chicken drumsticks ad, but not during dammit!"

Please Mr Yauch, you created pop songs with the shelf-life of a few decades, not some great philosophical work that will inspire nations to action for centuries to come. Don't fret it, the possibility of their 'corruption' is a total non-issue