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Wait – we can explain, says Moby, er, Docker amid rebrand meltdown


Re: Moby

To be honest, I would wait in line for this

Is tech monitoring software still worth talking about?


Current company uses Zabbix and I have to say I'm Not A Fan. Web UI is atrocious for finding the information you actually want and writing monitoring scripts is needlessly complex.

I have to the say the best I've come across is OMD/Check_MK. It uses the well proven Nagios core but smooths out a lot of the niggles such as auto generating the monitors, and providing a distributed monitoring system.

Fans lose grace with Star Wars MMO


I would have loved to order digitally...

But that wasn't really an option for those of us who live outside the privilege zone without faffing about with VPNs and such. According to the lovely customer support rep at Amazon they will email me my game code when it is generated so while I'm a wee bit skeptical about that here's hoping it's true.

Stallman: Did I say Jobs was evil? I meant really evil


@ David Dawson

The point is that Apple is also trying to sue their competitors into oblivion so you won't be able to buy another smartphone.

Google planning major upgrades to Google+ ‘within days’


TLDR is his only response?

Seriously? That was the best that Brin could come up with for a reasonably well thought out and insightful blog post?

Oz broadband speeds leap 917% in TWO WEEKS!


Kiwis still flightless

NZ broadband speeds aren't even worth mentioning. Sadly the UFB project will be for naught if PacificFibre don't manage to get their cable in.

'Hey, Tories, who knows what a nontrepreneur is?’


The thing is there is still plenty of value added in going to the movies or buying a DVD. People are still willing to pay for this, at least in regards to movies - music is a different issue, as evinced by the fact that movie studios are constantly making record profits.

You've also got well established evidence of how free downloads work as a loss leader for other products in the same domain. There's a video floating around the web from Neil Gaiman detailing the success he has had with offering books for free download.

Movie studios have had at least 10 years to create a functional online marketplace and they haven't. They've only got themselves to blame. Netflix is wonderful, but what of the countries unable to access the service? iTunes is alright but it's still too expensive and doesn't have bulk buying options.

In summary there is nothing extra that needs to be added to copyright enforcement - the options are fine as they stand. The new 3 strike laws proposals aren't designed to protect new markets they're designed to prop up old businesses which aren't really in competition with the internet anyway.


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