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Life after antivirus: Reinventing endpoint security


Re: Missed opportunity for El Reg...

Indeed there are new players. Sophos is definitely taking the 'me too' approach. Take a look at SentinelOne. They're the leading visionary in Gartner's endpoint security magic quadrant published a couple of weeks ago. They provide a single agent that does prevention, detection, forensics, mitigations and remediation. They're the leader everyone is following. And yes I work for them.

Ransomware brutes smacked 1 in 3 NHS trusts last year


That sound reasonable - unless you've got a 1,000+ endpoints to do that on.

Google's Chrome cloaks Pirate Bay in red screen of malware death


Re: They need to be careful with this

"Copyright mafia" - by that do you mean those trying to legitimately protect the content they've created from freetards who think they should everything for nothing?

SentinelOne's $1m ransomware guarantee dismissed as PR stunt


Lots of negative comments - got a better idea?

It strikes me that a customer will like this kind of cover. Will it encourage ransom scams? I don't think they need encouragement - they're already very active. Anything that helps a customer keep working has got to be a good thing and the cover can be used to do other than pay the ransom I believe.

But, ultimately, if a customer has their data locked, their back-ups haven't worked for some reason and their malware protection hasn't been effective, having some sort of alternative is a great choice.

Three non-obvious reasons to Vote Leave on the 23rd


Re: Did UK make ever something positive to make EU stronger?

When the baby is as ugly as the EU, maybe it is the best thing to throw it out with the bath water.

The stated aim of the instigators of the EU experiment IS to create a federal states of Europe. They have completed many pieces in the puzzle ('free' movement of people (read 'dilution of national identity'), single Euro currency, the imposition of un-elected Commissioners who have huge power and influence, etc.)

What next? An Euro Army (yes - planned), a single tax system (yes - planned), the relegation of countries' parliaments to become nothing more than regional councils - significant progress.

Be not mistaken - the aim remains the same. To quote Viviane Reding, Vice-Commisioner of the EU,

“At Maastricht people wanted to have us believe that we could irreversibly establish a monetary union and a new world currency without creating a United States of Europe at the same time. That was a mistake, and now that mistake needs to be corrected if we want to continue to live in a stable, economically prosperous Europe.”

Cisco CEO: The future of communications is video


So why Video?

That's an easy one - BANDWIDTH! Of course Cisco is keen to promote the idea of video as a key aspect of future communication. It uses bandwidth and that means tech-refresh and much more capacity. required. Ideal for Cisco to recover margins.

Is video really needed for routine communicaitons? Without doubt, moving and even live video feeds can significantly enhance communications but not for every circumstance. More often than not, a good web conference with voice commincations can provide 90% of what is required with a fraction of the bandwidth consuption.