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Asus launches second-gen Eee PC

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So then...

So are they saying both models are being sold for the same price, the XP machine having a smaller SSD to compensate for the cost of the XP license? In that case I can see the Linux models running out very quickly!

Blu-ray 0, SDHC card 1, THX Chief Scientist predicts

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You're kidding right?

"By the time Blu-ray really finds a mass market, we will have 128GB cards,"

By that time, Blu ray discs will cost the same as DVD's but the 128GB cards will be very expensive especially just to have 1 or 2 films bundled on them... I doubt this will be the case, probably in 20 years time when flash media will be cheap as chips and optical storage will be dead as a dodo...

Mac is the first to fall in Pwn2Own hack contest

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Paris Hilton

I'm 33/33/33

I'm primarily a Windows user because most people I know use Windows and i like to play many games online which the other o/s' can't offer me. But that doesnt mean I do not like OSX or Ubuntu, I regularly switch o/s' on my laptop and we have several macbooks at work that I dabble on.

As previously said, all operating systems have security flaws, Windows tends to have more out there because it's used the most by the masses, but as Linux and OSX become more popular they are getting more attention by the hacking scene to devote their efforts on it.

I think this competition was a bit flawed in that rightly as others have said people could have been sat on an exploit for weeks and put it to work on the day to claim the prize, but on the other hand we need more of these types of encouragement for security devs to find out these bugs to help make the o/s' more secure (prize money is an incentive to nearly all people!)

Paris icon? Because she could do with some lessons in keeping her personal data more secure.

Facebook loses a few bitches

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Bloatware attacks!!!

I think it's gone downhill, I tried Myspace for a short period and absolutely hated the service because of the spam and crap people had on their profiles, then saw Facebook when it was in it infancy, it was great, a good way to keep in touch with friends and there was no clutter on profiles.

Now when I log on I too get a handful of requests to install applications that are completely pointless and no doubt harvest information for the developers!

The Christmas Console Wars: round one to Xbox?

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It's got to be...

The Wii console, although I have one myself I still think that the Wii console will be the one to outsell the other consoles during the festive period.

Nintendo have always gone for the niche approach, they have never gone all guns out with the hardware and the latest technology... but they have nailed on the head an area of the market never really explored by Sony and Microsoft.

I have had both Xbox and playstation consoles in the past and while they did provide great visuals in the games for their times, I still found myself going back to my PC to play more interactive games, games that you can download mods for to change them and keep them interesting.

Sony and Microsoft are both gunning for the Hi Definition and rich graphic-intense games, and both supporting the next gen video formats, but with the games, people will again play them till they have had their fun, and at £60 a game it's going to burn a hole in their pockets quite fast...

Where as with the Wii, they have an innovative controller, great selection of current games out plus the added bonus of being able to run gamecube games (which are cheap as chips second hand) and the biggest bonus (in my opinion) is the virtual console, bringing back old classics like blazin lasers and super mario brothers etc... even though they are a small price to pay for they provide hours and hours more entertainment, and the Wii can download additional applications to go along with the news reader and weather channel etc... over-all it's a more interactive console and when the online games start flooding through will bring even better gaming experiences to people.

And as for sales, I was amongst the first in my workplace to get a Wii, after showing someone just for 5 minutes they got one, then another colleague had one and another etc... it's like an infection allbeit a good one :)

Want a free iPod Shuffle? Ask Tesco

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A note for gamers...

Bare in mind if you wish to rent games as well, it costs a quid extra a month however the value subscription cannot be used in conjunction so the lowerst subscription you can have is the £9.97 a month option which also allows unlimited swaps a month.

Also, the 3 month rental period doesnt start until after the 14 day trial which you get for free, so all in all you will gets a shuffle in up to 4 1/2 months from the date you sign up (2 weeks trial + 3 months rental + 30 days shipping)

Pluto demoted again

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Give him a break

Give Pluto a break... he's only a cartoon... oh wait is this the right topic?