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We turn Sonos PLAY:5 up to 11


Re: Marantz MCR510?

Unfortunately, the Marantz system doesn't give you multiroom audio, (it doesn't even have Zone2 outputs) - skipping one of the best features of Sonos kit.


Re: With respect...

Bingo. What Sonos also gives you is synced multi room audio, this is great for parties, and indeed for wandering from room to room listening to the same audio source.

The Sonos system is not without its faults (dealing with podcasts is a glaring weakspot, and on the hardware front, a 12V trigger and ability to deal with hi res FLAC would be nice), but it does feel like the criticisms of Sonos kit come from people who haven't used them, or who live in a single room.

Ten reasons why you shouldn't buy an iPhone 5


You get paid for this drivel?

I'm stunned at the poor quality of this sub-Daily Mail standard piece, hilariously unbalanced and rammed to the gunwales with hyperbole and high dudgeon:

"its absence is a standing insult"

"Another vicious slap in the face"

"this vicious gouging"

Did steve-o shit in your cornflakes or something?!

To say nothing of the pathetically petty arguments which essentially boil down to

"I don't think it's cool, and the fact that a witty man loves his makes me hate it even more and I need to write an extra 200 words to make my quota"

It's also filled with half truths: "Very, Very Expensive" - compared to what exactly? Its rivals, or a 10p mix from your sweetie shop? How much is the Galaxy S2?

Antenna issues - can certainly be ameliorated with the use of a case, though I don't even use a case and have fewer issues than my HTC-toting friends.

No swappable battery: I find Apple's prices for a replacement battery to be favourable when compared to spare batteries for the current crop of rival smartphones. And despite being a very heavy user of my phone, I've never had the thing run out of juice on me.

Honestly, this piece doesn't even belong on a partisan HTC forum, never mind a tech news site.

The tragedy is that there are plenty of valid reasons to avoid purchasing a Jesus phone, and plenty more to plump for an Android, or Windows phone. We, as consumers, are spoiled for choice with a vast array of tempting and excellent phones from myriad excellent manufacturers.

It's a shame that you couldn't focus more of your limited ability on producing a piece of more quality, rather than this disingenuous, poorly crafted, asinine shitstorm of whine.