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iOS 7: Even if you don't jailbreak your iPhone, bugs STILL CREEP IN

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They've proven nothing. The only way this would be of interest is if they got an app doing that onto the app store. To grab the events they have to use private Apple api's and that's something Apple would spot. Dull sensationalist garbage.

Microsoft's Surface plan means the world belongs to Android now

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Quality not quantity

I'm a developer and can tell you know that professional developers will go where the money is not just based on user base.

Right now there's much more money in iOS and even BB than Android.

Just like a real computer: Android gets Android IDE

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Ok for Kids :)

If your a professional dev then you require serious power lots of ram/larges screen/ mouse or pad. My dev kit is a 27 inch iMac maxed out developing for Android, iOS. BlackBerry and windows phone. A tablet even with keyboard won't hack it.

Survey: Android set to beat iOS in battle for coder love

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I develop for all three platforms and would have to disagree with you on debugging. Apple provide much better diagnostic tools than Android - just check out the profile tools. Anyone who thinks that eclipse is in any way stable hasn't used it much - Visual studio is much better than either imho (but no one cares about window mobile).

In terms of developer tools and experience its very much #1 Apple - #2 Android (getting better all the time) a distant #3 BlackBerry - embarrassingly bad.

If you want to develop for mobile mac is currently the best platform as you get unix and the 'home' platform of the #1 and #2 mobile platforms - plus BB (if you must)

Android gets 'flashy', 'social' holiday treats

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4.0.3 released to Nexus S

Google are rolling this out now. Just got the update for my Nexus S! Strangely before my Galaxy nexus.

Ten... Androids to outshine the iPhone 4S

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The problem with having to 'hack' a handset is that 99% of people have no idea how to and hence don't.

Upgradability 'is' Androids biggest weakness - unless you have a Google Nexus (I do) you are likely to be left with an outdated OS sooner rather than later. The manufacturers only get cash for selling handsets they have no reason to want to upgrade the phone OS only the phone. Apple mean while get a healthy profit from selling apps so they have a reason to upgrade old handsets.

Ten reasons why you shouldn't buy an iPhone 5

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What a crap article

Top reason why you shouldn't buy one. It isn't out and hasn't even been announced at the time of 'authoring' this article.

Maybe next week we can have a Top ten reasons why not to buy a Windows 8 tablet.


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