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Intel teams up with rap chap 50 Cent on heartbeat headphones

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Re: Aww

My 2 Cent worth: I think her name is actually 100 Cent, but her friends call her "Hunny."

What's the point of the Internet of Things?

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Re: Deep breath . . .

"But yet, that part of me is only one of many and is opposed in this by the part of me that is still looking for a satisfactory way to make foil breathable while still providing adequate protection from the government's thought-reading and mind-control."

Well done, dan1980. Definitely, the thought of the day. Just yesterday, I got a call from a company we deal with called Graphic Packaging in Toronto. They are closing down after a painful slide into the abyss.Their main product and claim to fame was breathable foil, so you could pop the product into the nuker and beam it up to temp (Scotty.)

The ruse was to start up another parallel plant that was to be the Day 2 or back-up plant. They all knew this day was to arrive - the Toronto plant is closing Aug 26.

So, dan1980, poke a few more breathable holes in that tinfoil hat of yours, because help is on the way!

Oh, and amanfromMars: are we still on for a pint or 2 together? I'll be in Dundrum for the weekend of Aug 23-24.

VCs snaffle £200m of UK taxpayer gold ... to bet on high-risk biz

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Re: Tim Worstals statement

Hi Tim Worstal,

You were defining a gift, much like the money the banks got from the taxpayers under false pretenses. But don't get me started on that.

A gift woud be equity, since it not going to be paid back, however, an investment is paid back with interest, or net income or percentage of revenue. Therefore, an investment is a long term liability on the books.

Here's a link: http://www.investopedia.com/terms/r/returnoninvestment.asp#axzz26WBi7d2e

An investor usually protects their investment, by having a say in the way the company is run. Government, on the other hand, does not know how to do that, due to their general incompetency and poor business acumen, so the money is gone forever.

Hang on . . . yes, you are correct! Government investments are equity!

Inside Turing: Computer boffinry to cuffing cups to radiators

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IT Angle

Ah, yes . . . our own dedication to Alan Turing

On May 15, 2011, we dedicated our site, ARG MetaPhoria, to Alan Turing, persecuted because of his sexual proclivities, the father of modern computing, and code cracker extraordinaire.


I applied for that ridiculous UK Digital Director job, around this time last year . . . mostly as a joke, but as a continuing hack test.

You see, our site's code cannot be cracked by anyone in government . . . I contacted Cameron, Clegg, Pickles, MI6 (to include us in their weekly with Our Lady of Assumptions) . . . and many others. Yep, I contacted them all . . . and I'm still alive!

Just like George Orwell . . . Alan Turing's name and his contribution . . . have they both been diluted to merely an amusing annual event? Yep, we applied for the Orwell Prize for Blogging this year, but their heads are stuck so far up their asses . . . [we're too mainstream for you, Agent Weebley - maybe next year?]

Tomorrow, I will be sending an invitational email to Sir Alex Allan. Will he see that our ARG is one massive contradiction to government?

Either he's grateful for my email, or I'm dead.

Juicy Fruit, anyone?

Ghost of HTML5 future: Web browser botnets

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Re: Open your Closed Minds .... Life is a Great ProgramMING Game*

A SmallPiece for you, Sir Cosmo . . . "Without Chemicals, He Points."


UK.gov digital boss defends ID assurance scheme

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The Braken Wakes?

I know he's been about 20,000 leagues under the sea since May 20, 2011 after he beat me out for that "job," but . . . forgotten him already?


Oh, and wasn't his interview mantra: "all government websites to be seen through one porthole?" That would be just one UN/PW for back and forth grifting.

What's he on about?

El Reg in email address blunder

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amanfromMars is at www.ur2die4.com

But I guess you already knew that . . . There are a lot of them out there . . . and growing in numbers.

It's too bad that El Reg fell apart on that email thingie. I just got word from them about me being on that MegaList. Am I angry? Nah. Maybe they'll give come together and me a free subscription . . .


Sony Vaio SB 13.3in notebook

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I have been using a Vaio Z for 1.66345 years now, and it was great, up until the battery began to lose capacity. I have it on for about 18 hours per day, but I don't always look at it, as I do other things, like work and eat and sleep, but not during the day, so the sleeping part doesn't really count. Come to think of it, the working part doesn't count either. I like to surf.

Anyway, once the battery began to lose capacity about 0.32615 years ago, the fan began to go full bore all the time . . pushing the machine over to the right, causing me to mis-type all the time. I hav e sntt rt back to Son wrh a kpybtg prblw . . . hopefttty undwr warntty.

It is very light too; I accidentally forgot it was in my armpit while unlocking and opening my vehicle the other day . . . with a key, I might add, as I am not the tekkie type that must have keyless entry. The Z did a major header on the ground, denting the casing and causing me to think that the new carbon fibre Z would be good for my diet, and my daughter could definitely use another hand-me-down.

I hope Sony doesn't notice the dent.

Oh, and the 128 gig SSD . . . way too small. Gotta get the 512 on the next one. Oh, and one last thing: you need 2 hands to open the lid, because it is so light, the keyboard follows the lid on the way up. Very irritating. And at $2000, it begs to be a business write-off, as a personal buy, as $2000 is a little over the top.

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