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Harry Potter and the Pedant of CIX

Anna Hinds

Where's the fun?

Did we all forget to just read and enjoy? Harry Potter was written as a kid's book - not a fantasy book. Makes me sad that we can no longer simply suspend disbelief and lose ourselves in a great story. Maybe that's why she writes for kids? Because they still can...

Channel 4 refuses to pull Diana crash pics

Anna Hinds

Snuff movie?

basically, this (and all the 'lets look at people dying' stuff) is a snuff movie dressed up as 'news'.

Are we already at the stage in society where pain, suffering and even death are so commonplace they are no longer distressing? the British are known worldwide for their empathy, charity and kindness. I for one would like to maintain this reputation - not damage and destroy it by normalising death.

It doesn't matter who it is - famous or not, rich, poor, black, white, soldier, mother, child - death is a tragic, private, personal thing, never very dignified. It should remain as such to enable families and friends to grieve.

Why do we find images of death and suffering interesting? sometimes funny? we are completely desentitised to the reality of it, and this is a deeply sad and wrong situation.


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