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Ten apps to install on your Nexus 7 first

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Re: This made me wonder ....

Optional and off by default.

.. but, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean people aren't watching you.

Ten... top Android games

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Re: scummvm?

+1 to this.

I'm having heaps of fun playing through Beneath a Steel Sky and Day of the Tentacle with ScummVM on my Desire HD. Can't recommend it enough!

Google goggles with Terminator HUD 'coming soon'



... GPS plus Android means FindMyDroid + variants will be available should they be pinched right from your face.

Creepy photo-tagging tech slotted into Google+

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I thought the same until I clicked the minimise button right next to it. It's now (and still is a week later) a one line entry that I can look at from time to time if I fancy.

Why grill Google over web dominance? It has none

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Thanks for taking the time to reply Rob.

While I still have the view that "It's their search engine, they can do what they want... if I start to dislike the service, I'll use a different engine", I can now see the problem with allowing them to prioritise their own listings.


Glad that cleared it up.

So Microsoft rate their maps lower than others? Huh. That doesn't really sink my point though.

"As for your question.... All I can say is, thank feck you don't work for a regulator or monopolies commission."

You avoided giving me your opinion on why this is a big deal. If Google was listing Google Maps first with the rest of the list composed of various sites loosely (or not at all) related to maps, I could understand legal intervention being required; they're purposely obscuring results.

... but, from what I can see, they're not. They list their own first followed directly by the next major competitors. Samsung won't recommend an iPhone without first showing you the Galaxy S 2. Ford won't recommend a Toyota without first showing you the Falcon. This is business after all.

I mean, Jesus, if you don't like the first result, move your mouse pointer 60 pixels down and click the second link... or third... or whichever one you think more correctly applies to what you're looking for!

But, hey, I'm looking to be educated if someone can outline whether I'm missing the weight of this issue...


Call me naive...

... but I struggle to really see the problem. Google's rating their products above those of other service providers when you use the Google search engine... is this any different to what almost every shop on this planet does?

If I go into a Dick Smith store and ask for a TV, I expect that the Dick Smith brand TVs will be rated higher than the others that they're selling. If I go to Ford looking for a car, they're not going to recommend the Toyota sitting in the car yard across the street before taking me through their stock.

I just did a search for "maps" on Google and got:

1) Google Maps

2) Yahoo Maps

3) MapQuest Maps

4) Bing Maps

Can someone help me understand how Google presenting their own services above others is really that big an issue? The results haven't been dropped or even obscured in any meaningful way... if they had, I could understand the need for legal intervention.

In the illustrious words of Cartman: "What's the big fucking deal bitch?"

The Secret of Monkey Island


It's worth the purchase, believe me. I was captured back in my childhood the second the intro music started.


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