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NBN Co strangles bird: satellite users limited to 20 GB / month


Its just recognizing the physical limits that are imposed by the existing satellites. This is a reasonable response.

What is less reasonable is the very large delay between recognizing the problem, and taking action to mitigate it.

A cynic might suggest that as the current communication minister said that there was sufficient capacity in the existing satellites (before the election) that the delay in addressing the problem was political...

Hopefully when the new satellites are launched these problems will be a thing of the past, as the NBN, acting as a proper National Carrier, will continually monitor the requirements and add new satellites as required.

Wishful thinking?

Avoiding data retention will be as easy as eating a burger


Almost makes one want to create a utility would spam metadata at the end of the month to use up your quota. Could they find the real metadata when you have 1000 times as much spam metadata? I wonder how much it would cost to store terabytes of data per user for 2 years?

Vertigan killed FTTP but the battle for scalable FTTN has not begun


The NBN is paid for with borrowing, which are repaid by it's users (and will return a profit in time). Other then adding revenue in the future, it costs taxpayers nothing.

So I have the answer to your question which you did not ask.

Forgoing the NBN would enable

-no new hospitals

-no new doctors

-no new nurses

-no new reopening

Yours faithfully,

An ignorant person

(who never thought it would be free)


Re: Either that or...

By regarding the NBN as a TV replacement, you are reinforcing his point, that we are ADSL "trained" and never having better, can not see the use.

BTW, Australia is one of the most urban countries in the world (google it!)

Fibre to YOUR premises NBN still on table pending telco talks


I thing you miscomprehend...

“We are actively working on FTTN and HFC" does not suggest in any way they are working on FTTP products.

CONFIRMED: NBN Co has NO blackspot fix plan


Unless TPG might connect to you... If so then you will go straight to the front of the queue.

NBN Co hoses down 'user pays' story


Re: I would love to be able to pay

It is hardly a guarentee that it will remain free, especially given the LNP policy prior to the election.

NBN Co must wait until mid-2015 for fast cable modems


The claimed speeds may be impressive, but what will the contention rates be when everyone has to use cable?

Telstra's Thodey is NBN kingmaker after Oz election


Bit late to become concerned...

Strange how so few in the media were concerned about these many problems before. We should have known the answers to these questions before the election

Turnbull storms Paris with NBN’s doom



It's embarrassing to have someone representing Australia who can spout this sort of nonsense to people who may have been considering investing in Australia.