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Creative threatens developer over home-brewed Vista drivers

Paul Beattie
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Thats why!

I remember trialling Vista on my old PC which it run well but the creative soundcard sounded well shit. It was so flat and sounded rubbish on the official Creative drivers. Now I know why, hand on heart I have sworn by Creative for over 15 years even with built in sound I have opted for a creative soundcard.

My current PC has a Creative X-Fi inside and it sounds good but it has some issues clicking occasionally especially when playing sounds from one app and going to another it will click. Before it used to make a screech after a few hours of use and stop working.

Sorry creative, next time I will stick with built in sound instead of the shite you are pushing out.

Xbox Live account takeovers put users at risk

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Data Protection

Next time I have some spare time on my hands I might just try this out on my own account. If Microsoft do give any information about my gamertag or whether it be mailing address, telephone number I'll be straight onto them and then the information commissioner with the findings.

The BBC iPlayer 'launch' that wasn't

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Well I remember seeing the guy incharge of the iPlayer demonstrating it saying it takes 30 minutes to download a show, well I have been sitting here for 5 hours now waiting for top gear to download the iPlayer claims its downloading at 566Kb/s.

Yeah right 300MB at that speed should be done in less than 10 minutes. Still waiting for mine all these hours on.

Apple plugs holes in new Safari beta

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Is it just me or is Safari very basic compared to other browsers on the market. Yeah we loved it back then when Firefox was popular for being this lean mean browsing machine. But now I have my plug-ins for it and it is brilliant couldn't live without some of them and no other browser offers them.

Opera is the same it has some ground breaking features nobody else includes. Seems odd why Apple should even consider releasing such a backwards browser to the Windows market when it's missing even basic features some of us have come to love!