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Second LulzSec member pleads guilty to Sony hack


If i was that much of an idiot, i think i'd plead guilty as well.

I wouldn't have thought it'd hit hidemyass too hard since their competition is largely subject to the same rules i think?

Wanted! 4m-plus PC purchases to halt industry decline


Damp Squid?

"Q3’s traditional back-to-school sales period proved to be something of a damp squid, sales wise, as has Intel’s new laptop sales drive, the Ultrabook."

I'd really love to believe this was a vague reference to the I.T Crowd.

That horrendous iPhone empurplement - you're holding it wrong



I think it can hardly be called that.

Apple has shipped a device that doesn't function as intended, they have then handled the PR around it "somewhat" badly and now it is being reported on.

Which bit do you exactly take offense too? I mean it must cause you offense to be considered trolling?

Is it the reporting you take offense with? Presumably it wouldn't be the device itself and i doubt anyone is really that bothered about Apple's usual attempt at making the best of a bad situation (blame the users).

No, i think it is more your various cries of "Trolling" only do more to highlight your obvious bias in this matter which is then reinforced by your need to shout down the author with cries of "Troll!".

I'm sure you would all like it if every article on reg was about how great the iPhone is but that's not going to be the case and i for one would prefer it to stay that way.

Borderlands 2 review


Re: Yay! Gender roles!

You mean a class has a play style? Oh my god, call the internet police.

Stupidity aside, If you knew anything about borderlands then you would know that each character generally has a best fit weapon or two. The siren lends herself to anything elemental in borderlands 2, sub machine guns generally work out better because of the rate of fire and low reload time, this is because it applies the elemental affect as a percentage chance with each bullet, she has a class mod to reflect this with submachine gun damage+ but likewise i've seen some players using a nice elemental sniper build with her using a + %age element chance and +%age element damage given her bonuses to critical hits and base gun damage it makes her quite an adept sniper (all be it with scope drift).

If any character is actually locked into 1 set of guns i'd say it was Zero, he seems to only really be able to use (with any sort of ability) sniper rifles, pistols and melee. I think he is possibly the most limited class and does rely heavily on this ambush ability. But of course, yeah, it could all be about sexism/gender roles, of course it could.

Of course the siren does heal but then, wasn't it mainly Roland who did the healing in borderlands 1 with his turret? Yeah, i rest my case.

Samsung claims Apple jury foreman LIED to get REVENGE


Re: Career?

Something he probably won't have in the future by the looks of things!

Apple iPhone 5 review


Re: Watch the fandroids explode in rage...

Erm, i feel it necessary to point out that you seem to be quite annoyed. Some would describe that as "rage".

Just sayin'..


Not really a phone review.

It seemed more like someone sizing up their latest fashion accessory.

Probably quite apt given the subject.

iPhone queue ‘superficial and pretentious’ says queuing fangirl


Re: 'wants a phone that works'

I find the amount of comments for these articles from people who want to defend apple whilst distancing themselves from their products to be most amusing, keep them up.

Infact I may even write my own.

"Yes but you have to remember this is what Apple do well, they make functionality easily accessible to the masses, whilst not my sort of thing and i would never own one i can understand the appeal."


Who queues for an iPhone 5? Protesters, hipsters and the jobless


I wouldn't have been able to resist

"Oh you're coming back on Friday! Why don't you bring us a coffee?"

"We would but the coffee shops are shut, you are all here!"

Governments block YouTube over that video



Google should have stood their ground, they were right to refuse to remove it in the first place and should have stood by that.

I'd write more but i think i'd only be repeating what has been said above.

Video calls them violent, they protest by being violent, etc.

Manchester is 'PIRATE CAPITAL of the UK'



I think it's more amusing that it's all such terrible music!

Makes sense i guess, not worth paying for.

iPhone 5: skinny li'l fella with better display, camera, software


Re: Apple! You just bricked my Zeppelin FFS

More fool on you for investing in a sterio and cars that have proprietory connections.



This release was completely underwhelming.

It looks more like Apple are playing catchup on things Android have already done rather than "innovating" but then, lets face it their last innovation, "SIRI", hasn't exactly gone down well has it.

Funny stuff.

Dreaded redback spider's NEMESIS: Forgotten Captain Cook wasps


From the mind of Bill Bailey

"You remind me of the Siberian hunting spider, which adopts a highly convincing limp in three of its eight legs in order to attract its main prey, the so-called Samaritan squirrel, which takes pity on the spider, and then the spider jumps on it and injects the paralyzing venom, while the squirrel remains bafflingly philosophical about the whole thing. Not to be confused with the Ukrainian hunting spider, which actually has got a limp and is, as such, completely harmless, and a little bit bitter about the whole thing."

HTC's 4G patent beef could get iPhone 5 BANNED in US


Re: IT Pros?

Erm, what?

Okay, i'll go and tell the lads in systems that we all need macs now but i can tell you, i don't think they are going to go for it.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive



Contrary to what is written here, i prefer CS: S having played them all (competatively, for a long time, on CS: S). I don't like the way the guns feel in CS: GO, then again i didn't like the way they felt in CS 1.6 either so that's just me.

The graphics aren't the best (could everything look more round? It's almost like someone has attacked the screen with a brush to make damned sure you can never see a jagged edge on anything). The guns all look like twigs when you hold them, the rifles look like a damned joke, have any of you seen a rifle? They are big, not like some fisher price toy.

Gameplay wise, it's fine, more counterstrike, not much in the way of innovation going on there and as someone said it's the same maps but then, people love the maps so i don't have much of a problem with that. None of the guns seem to be accurate at all (yes, yes, ofcourse it's my aim, thanks for pointing that out) after the 20th time of scoping a guys head, firing and hitting nothing it gets old.

It's bad enough that it's gone on the stack of games i probably won't play again, still in it's defence, atleast it was cheap.

Flame away.

Ubisoft: 'Vast majority of PC gamers are PIRATES'


Re: Something to add..

I bought them. Yeah, kind of flaws your arguement doesn't it.

It doesn't mean i didn't think they were worth the money. Piracy aside they make bad games, make better games, make more money, simple. If what you say is true, perhaps a lot of people do not buy ubisoft games because of the points i mentioned, this being the case (as some replies in this thread would suggest) then ubisoft are losing a lot of money because they make bad games, not just piracy. That is what i am trying to point out.


Something to add..

I don't think anyone else has mentioned this here but i think it is fair to say that nearly every ubisoft release of atleast the last 2 years and probably further has been a horrible half-baked console port with as little thought given to the pc version as is necessary to get it out of the door as fast as possible.

I own a lot of Ubisoft games, i have problems with all of them on PC except Splinter Cell: Conviction

Splinter Cell: Double Agent: generally an awful game.

Hawx 1: Buggy as hell, multiplayer only works sometimes, tend to resort to hamachi.

Hawx 2: Awful, single player is terrible, awful mouse input lag, multiplayer doesn't work, not even with hamachi.

Vegas 1: Single player okay, multiplayer doesn't function correctly (atleast in coop anyway).

Vegas 2: See vegas 1.

Anno: Buggy single player, repeatedly stuck on quests with terrible, useless tutorials.

future soldier: I'm not entirely convinced this was worth the money, the game on elite mode was a complete joke, i may forgive them for the inclusion of some rather cool gadgets but £30 for a game i completed on elite in less than 9 hours, no.

And before anyone questions the rig i am running them on 6GB DDR3, i7 @ 4GHz, 7970 sapphire.

I'm not sure why i keep buying their games to be honest, they all look so good on release, then you install them and realise that they are still just as terrible. This is what Ubisoft need to look at, this is why they don't make much money.

I despair at ubisoft and to be honest myself as well sometimes for still buying this crap. My 200 game + steam account doesn't at all go against the figures ubisoft are stating here, not at all.

Scientists find safer way to store hydrogen


Re: True Cost/Efficiency

I think to some extent this is also turning 2 problems into 1. The nice thing about this (and batteries for that matter) is that we remove petrol from the list of issues we need to tackle and effectively turn it into the problem with power plants (lack of coal, whatever else). We know that we have a stop-gap measure we can implement there which is nuclear so this conversion buys us time more than anything.

Then if we crack fusion, problem entirely solved, sort of, probably...

Doctor Who gets one-off special to mark Time Lord's 50th year on telly


i would like to see. . .

Hugh Laurie, i'm not sure he'd be particularly good at it but i would like to see it.

Judge: Apple must run ads saying Samsung DIDN'T copy the iPad

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Delicious isn't it?

iPhone 5 poised to trounce Android, devastate BlackBerry?



If you can't understand it, don't use it. If your not willing to learn how to use something powerful then stay the hell away from it.

Technology should not be made for idiots.

Let the downvoting begin, i care not.

Giant super-laser passes 500 TRILLION watts


Re: Question from the stupid person in the forum

You mean, they can use this LASER to start a fusion reactor that can power another more powerful LASER that can blow up the moon?


India to greenlight state-sponsored cyber attacks


Re: I'd rather have this

But isn't it the case that this cyber warfare is a precursor to real warfare?

If your aim is to cause industrial damage and steal state secrets then eventually you are going to annoy someone enough they are going to just send in the troops (or a nuke).

The same can be said for gaining a technological or intelligence based advantage over another nation through hacking, That advantage is only an advantage as long as your information is relevent. A strategic decision to go to war in the first place could be obtained via hacking and therefore it is a definite trigger for real action.

Even seemingly trivial data about a certain event could be the precursor to a terrorist attack.

Logitech slashes 450 jobs


Just my opinion...

I'm not an ordinary user by any standards so this should be taken with that in mind.

Logitech used to be the way to go for gaming, i used to game a lot (at a competative level, leagues etc for CS: S) but they've recently fallen off here too, the devices being made by Razor, Cyborg, Roccat, etc are superior to the newest logitech offerings. I used to be the odd one out with a Razer device in my clan but towards the end of my time with them most had switched off of logitech, mostly to Razer. Given that people like me will pay a LOT for a mouse and keyboard, i'm sure that's not helping their current situation either...

Advertisers slam Microsoft over 'Do not track' decision


Microsoft is bad? Maybe. This is bad? No.

Surely this is only a good thing?

Even if Microsoft has done this to completely blow apart the DNT setting due to the agreement it would not be set to on by default it doesn't matter. All this does is take apart a system that was, clearly, already broken. I don't see how in any way this is a bad thing. Whether Microsoft are evil is up for debate but this particular action in isolation is only a good thing.

Even if it does make things worse for now. Destroying a lie isn't much different than exposing a half truth.

IT guy answers daughter's Facebook rant by shooting her laptop

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Good work!

I just hope he doesn't buckle later on. . .

Sky follows BT in blocking Newzbin2


Hmm, fair points and i conceed. There is a lot of legitimate use for the bandwidth (i myself thought of my 100+ game steam account that is single handedly occupying one of my hard drives, after i submitted... /facepalm). I personally don't download illegally/stream illegally/etc. I have no real need too, most things are free regardless (such as tv shows on bbc iPlayer, etc). I think usage wise there are a lot more people using the bandwidth for illegal purposes than legal ones and that was my point, i just put it badly.

I'm of this opinion because ISPs are like any other company, they aren't trying to protect your freedom by not complying / stalling. Somewhere, somehow, it is making them more money.


It's obvious...

If the ISPs stop you from downloading illegal stuff (movies, games, etc) then what justifies the amount they charge for their "Unlimited" connections? They want you to download as much as you can just as much as you do. That way they can keep charging over the odds without anyone complaining. I thought this was pretty obvious given i can't think of an awful lot over 1.5GB to download that is legal... i struggle with over 1GB tbh... atleast not on a regular basis.

Hero dev writes the CODE that COULD SAVE THE WORLD



"We almost deserve to go extinct."


Mars, Moon, solar system could be littered with alien artifacts


By this logic...

If everyone has a good look around their garden tonight there is a reasonable chance one of us will find an alien probe?


World of Warcraft subscriptions slip



About damned time. Although you say 10 million vs 11 million as attrition over a year. That's like saying "we were making a LOT of money" and "we are still making a LOt of money". It's not exactly falling over fast is it and WoW's subscription base has always peaked and then declined, they've been up and down for years between expansions. It all comes down to that old battle between new content and the rate at which players complete it.

Anyway, who cares about WoW, i just got a text telling me my skyrim has been posted, i expect it tomorrow (and here's to hoping that, unlike BF3 which i also got a day early, i can actually play it tomorrow). Bring on Thursday or Friday!

Google: We're not pushing our gear over rivals


This whole thing seems insane to me.

I admit some people may be confused (what, with google's search being called google, the same name as the company) but i think google can do what they please with their own search engine. If people are that bothered they will stop using it. If these other companies have such an issue they can write their own search engine and get it to where google is now because, at the end of the day, that's what this is really about... google's position, not what they do with their products. Everyone wants a piece of the guy in front (Just look at Apple).

Battlefield 3

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It's awesome..

Hands down an awesome game, they need to patch some stuff up (mainly a server side lag problem EA/Dice intends to remove next week) but it doesn't detract from the gameplay which is awesome. If you come from BFBC2 it's basically bigger and better (+ the damn shiny visuals).

One thing i think the review didn't say but i noticed was that in this as compared with BFBC2 the classes seem to be even more differentiated (seems my combo of an automatic shotgun + recon is no longer viable). They all play quite a bit differently.

I've played about 4 or 5 of the missions in single player, is a load of "meh", nothing special if SP is what you want i'd go with MW3, they'll do it properly but if MP is what you are after, BF3 is that good that activision may aswell have just dropped the MP from MW3 if i am honest, especially with the new counterstrike on the way, the middle ground isn't the place to be. There's not room for all of them!

Too many states are crushing net rights, says Foreign Sec


Censor the internet?

If people want to access things, they are going to access things. Simple as that really.

"You can't stop the signal Mal."

Credit card companies plan to sell your purchase data to advertisers


opt in/opt out

This is one thing that drives me mental on forms. There should be a law created outlawing the use of "opt out" boxes because they are a trick in essence. People are far, far too busy doing other things, if you don't tick something it should not under any circumstances include you in something. Seems obvious really.. So incredibly tedious. The local council got one of my relatives with this, all of a sudden you can find her address, phone number, how many people live in her house, etc quite easily on the internet because apparently even the local f*****g council is selling details on... and for paying a damned tax of all things. It's disgusting.

Apple gets patent for ‘unlock gesture’


sigh, this is going to far...

I suppose this also means that the ability to enter a password into a password field via a touchscreen display is also patentable because, afterall, if you had not seen a touchscreen then how would it be a natural thing to do?

Apparently that's all that is required for the farse that is the patent system.

Last mystery of first recorded supernova laid to rest



If you pour gasoline on a white dwarf will it really explode?

Sony network ransacked in huge brute-force attack



For the love of [insert deity here]. Given the profile of Sony's last hack is it not reasonable to assume they have become a target of what, the majority of you seem to keep forgetting, is a criminal activity? Yeah sure it's all Sony's fault for somehow not being able to secure it's network, point in case is they shouldn't have too. I see not one post on here condemning hackers targetting PSN, a service used by millions, yet i see a damned lot of slating of Sony's security.

I'll tell you what i'll get a victim of violent crime and bring them out here and we can all tell them how pathetic they were for not taking self defense lessons of some kind. Yes, that is exactly how rediculous the majority of people are being regarding Sony's repeated attack.

For every attack you hear about that works, i bet they fend of tens if not hundreds of other attacks which don't work, especially given the profile of their "rubbish" security. You all need some perspective.

Also the data was from a third party site [supposedly], if that's not a sony controlled one then it's not even remotely their issue and clearly they have reacted appropriately.


Vodafone knocks over £120 off iPhone 4S



I've always wondered, if apple dropped themselves (or had their product priced? Not sure how it works) below the price of other phones, would they still be as popular?

I suspect not.

Reebok used 'very fit woman' in buttock-related deception



They were so furious they felt the need to link to it from their own site and further promote it?


HideMyAss defends role in LulzSec hack arrest



This makes no sense, why care that another useless hacker got caught?

We all know we wouldn't do anything dubious through the HMA proxy because, well, we aren't idiots. I would think you could assume that anyone like him doing things like that through a UK based proxy service is a complete idiot.

Now isn't it reasonable to assume that he can form a representation for all HMA users? If he was such a "1337 hax0r" then i reckon most of HMAs users are going to care even less than he did about whether they log information or not.

I can't really see this affecting HMAs userbase at all and to be honest, i'm glad the little tit got caught, as you all should be!

Stands to reason..