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God makes you stupid, researchers claim


hey Josh

* I don't see what's so hard to believe about being inside a whale for three days. It would be completely possible if it didn't swallow you either.

In order to get inside a fishes stomach it has to swallow you first

And supposing he did live inside a fish for 3 days - what did he do to pass the time?


Hey Josh #2

The articles was called "God makes you stupid"

I dont know you but know you must be religious. You said it was perfectly possible to live inside a fish. Obviously you know fishes live underwater? How did Jonah breathe or survive for 3 days? Please explain

You have proven the article title as having some relevance that "God makes you stupid"


Jaws is in the bible (so i am told)

The very fact that religious people believe that a character in the bible known as Jonah actually lived inside a fishes stomach for 3 days shows how much common sense they actually have. Also religious people dont admit that in dueteronomy it says every women who isnt a virgin when they get married has to be put to death! According to the bible also it says god is going to send everyone to hell nomatter what you have done...so whats the point in going to church to worship this guy anyway?

Windows Vista update 'kills' USB devices


Stop moaning

I can not understand why certain people always slag off Vista. Its a new operating system that requires the latest hardware to run it. If people would stop trying to install it on 2 or 3 year old computers and actually buy compatible hardware perhaps they would see how good it is. I have a quad core 4gb ram vista ultimate 64 bit and it is the fastest and most stable computer i have ever owned.

Perhaps XP users dont realize that XP can only utilize 2 or 3gb or ram so whenever software or games that come out that need 64 bit they will have no option but to upgrade or do without.

Second Skynet satellite to launch tonight


I'm bursting

Does any one know where the toilets are?

Cat senses impending death


What a gift!

I'd certainly want a cat like that. After I got it I could give it to someone I dont like as a present

Astronauts chuck fridge off space station


Projected landing?

If Nasa told us when and where the fridge was going to land surely we could videotape it coming down and bouncing off someones head. It would make the news and Nasa could learn how to hit more people in the future

BBC Trust to hear open sourcers' iPlayer gripes


BBC iPlayer - give the BBC a chance would you?

As with all new technologies these things take time. We should just be glad its finally coming out at all. So what if its windows only at launch? I cant see that being the case for the rest of eternity - its bound to come out for other systems.

p.s. what colour is your Astra? I used to have one until last year when I was in an accident

UK boffins: extraterrestrial life will be discovered soon



If aliens pick up programs like 'neigbours' from out TV transmissions they probably wouldnt visit as they'd think we are beyond help

US prof plans to send message back in time



Actually he sent me a message last week with the winning lottery numbers on it. I thought it was just a joke so never bothered buying it - honest