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Sony surges past 70 million PlayStation 3 sales


Re: But hang on..

You seem to forget that early in the RRoD days many, many consoles were replaced at the point of sale. Therefore, for someone who suffered the failure, their single purchase was recorded as two shipments to retail. The figures discussed here are shipments to retail.

Lots of gaming/tech journalists/analysts have tried to guess the retail-replaced figure, and none I've seen suggest it's lower than a million. Of course, MS could clear it all up now and tell us the figure, but they have never even been prepared to deal with the question (that tells you it ain't pretty). I remember Aaron Greenberg being asked for the figure in a video interview in the States, and he just blanked the journalist and silently waited for the next question.


Re: I want a

Given that the 360 launched much earlier, has always been cheaper, and that the PS3 for its first three or four years had to fight against constant claims in the gaming and electronics media that it was a flop, I'd say Sony have a lot to shout about and MS must be pretty gutted.

Oh, you forgot to mention that MS have to subtract at least a million of their figure for retail-replaced RRoDs (we don't know the true figure, which is probably higher, because MS have never been prepared to discuss how many consoles were taken back to stores after they broke down; the factory-replacement programme took a while to come remember). Given that, I'd say the PS3 is ahead in number of consoles bought.

Sony's iOS Reader app hits iTunes - TWO YEARS LATE


MS bundles Internet Explorer with software packages, but stops no-one from choosing any alternative. The US and the EU fine it hundreds of millions of dollars and ride its back for years (they still are) and forces it to offer its customers a link to its competitors.

Apple bans apps which allows owners of iDevices to buy things outside of iTunes. Neither the US nor the EU bats an eyelid.

Apple iPod Touch 5G review


Re: popular with kids

I've never been a fan of Apple products. Tried many in the past, but never bought one. My phone is Android.

Recently I decided I wanted a good media player (I won't bore you with why I wanted one separate to my smartphone). Off I went to the shopping centre to try a number of devices including the iTouch 4, iTouch 5 and the new Android-powered Samsung Galaxy Player. I went home with the iTouch 4; the Galaxy player was poor - the hardware is relatively cheap and flimsy and the screen not as responsive as it should be.

The iTouch 5? I would have bought one if it was £50 cheaper. No way it's worth £250.


Re: "Recess the lens please!"

Hi. Please direct us to the law that says this device has to be 6mm thick and not 7mm.

Maybe they could have used an extra millimetre to put in a larger battery that doesn't die as quickly as it does on the iTouch 4 (40 hours of music you say Jony? Not even if you have the device on permanent screen lock, EQ, wifi and bluetooth off. Yes, I tried it.) Ditto for the stupid loop.

Apple's online store goes offline


For the love of god. "Apple site down" articles? What is this, Gizmodo? Has Jesus Diaz started writing for Reg?


Re: Eh?

Adding new product pages and doing site maintenance are two different things. What other online vendors have to go offline to add new products?

It's designed as part of the pathetic cult ritual.

Cameron's F-35 U-turn: BAE Systems still calls the shots at No 10


Scrap the RAF

There is a partial solution to this problem. High time the RAF was put to sleep and divided up between the Army and the Navy.

What's it for? They haven't shot down a plane in 70 years and they couldn't even close the runway at Stanley while the FAA were busy shooting down the enemy's planes.

Closing it will save billions, halve the amount of high-grade desk-jockey officers in MoD, and prepare our forces for the century which started over a decade ago.

Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy S III


S-Voice is Samsung's version of Google Voice, not Siri. Siri is Apple's version of Google Voice.

Adonit Jot Flip precision tablet stylus


Jobs also said no-one would buy a phone with a screen bigger than the iPhone's.

Easily in the top 10 of worst technology predictions.

And he insisted that tablets smaller than iPad were pointless and unnecessary.

Any more news on the smaller iPad?

Sony Xperia P glows for advance orders


Re: The Barge Phone

Sony have three of these phones out in three different sizes. It's not their fault you're not clever enough to choose the right one for you.

Sony 3D PlayStation TV to hit UK at last


Re: How long until it breaks itself?

So, you're not buying this because they might replace it with a less-featured one in a year and a half?

How...utterly ridiculous. I suspect trollery.

How Apple revived publisher-set pricing and got sued for it


This article is so full of nonsense, lousy analysis and ridiculous non-sequiturs I am actually at a loss as to where to begin in a response.

Seriously, I don't know where to start. How did this make it past the editor? It reads like a press release from the desk of Steve Jobs.

High Court asked to keep 'cheap DVD' VAT loophole open


Re: Re cortezcortez

I do know what I'm talking about. I've provided evidence. You have provided none. Here is more:

Westminster is responsible for defence, immigration, nationality and representations at international fora (the latter by consent; the others are binding by existing agreements). The British Nationality Act 1981 covers the Channel Islands. Many UK laws cover the Channel Islands and under current constitutional law Westminster may impose ANY law on them (though this is exceptional - I think the last time this happened was in the 60s). On the latter, Jersey claims this right is now defunct though a ruling in the House of Lords on behalf of the Department of Constitutional Affairs has said it remains in force. Jersey also passed a law to try and stop Westminster's rights, but this is not constitutionally recognised by the UK. London can also apply UK laws to the Channel Island by "Orders in Council".

You claim all you want that I know nothing. I'll just keep posting facts you'll choose to ignore.

The Crown Dependencies benefit MASSIVELY from their connections with and protections from UK taxpayers. Why do you think they have no intention of breaking the links? London holds the power over them; they should use it.


Ooh I forgot....

I suggest you also read the British Nationality Act 1981 and learn how else the Channel Islands benefit massively from being protected and supported by British taxpayers.

And you are wrong on tax evasion/money laundering. At best guess, the Channel Island is home to at least £500billions of UK taxpayers' money on which there are few checks, almost no monitoring, and on which the local authorities usually ask no questions. The islands have precisely zero financial crimes/fraud investigators and routinely obstruct HM Treasury and HMRC investigations. E.g. It is perfectly legal for UK residents to hold off-shore bank accounts in the Channel Islands as long as they declare any interest income earned to the Inland Revenue. Many refuse to do this, and the Channel Islands protect their anonymity and refuse to disclose the data to UK tax investigators (even Switzerland and Luxembourg comply much of the time).

You talk like you know about the subject, but clearly you don't.

PS Saying "the US" is worse doesn't change a jot about the fact there is a problem there from which they benefit massively - and then whine when UK Plc tries to close a loophole which shafts many UK retailers and independent businesses.


The UK has a right to set any tax rules it wants

Incidentally, some posters miss a rather salient point: the UK has the right to make any tax rules it likes so long as it is in accordance with UK and European law. If it wants to change the LVCR rules or choose to whom and how it applies them then it is perfectly entitled to do so.

Utterly ridiculous to claim that is is discriminatory to the Channel Islands, unfair or illegal. But alas we live in an age of sanctimonious complaining - usually from people with vested interests.


Re: cortezcortez - a loophole isn't a violation of the law

"A loophole is something that the law PERMITS."


No it is not. A loophole is a loophole. If the law permits something there wouldn't be a loophole for it. That's why it is called a loophole. Duh.

What you mean to say is that loopholes are not illegal. If you knew what you were talking about you would know the difference. It is for this reason the UK government is currently working on something called a "general anti-avoidance rule".

"You seem to be suggesting that the Jersey and Guernsey governments should be threatened with sanctions for applying the law !?!"

Stop talking utter tripe. They are not applying the law, they are finding a way AROUND the law and taking advantage of it in a way that was not intended (which again, is why it is called a loophole).

You really need to do some reading.


Re: Re cortezcortez

"And how do you propose London orders an entirely different country to adopt their laws?"

They are not countries, as you say yourself (talk about inconsistency) they are Crown Dependencies. Learn the difference. If you had any idea whatsoever what you were talking about you would know that Westminster is permitted to IMPOSE ANY LAW on Crown Dependencies if it wishes.

Give them a choice: bring your rules in line with ours or we cut you off and you lose the benefits you currently enjoy (including defence, international representation, citizenship, border controls....).


The attitude of Jersey and Guernsey is disgraceful. They are hotbeds of tax evasion/avoidance and of money laundering yet enjoy the full protections of the British Government. London should order them to adopt 100% of UK laws and regulations or be cut off entirely - non-EU border controls, import taxes, trade tariffs and all. They'll soon come begging and agreeing to close those loopholes.

Sony intros Xperia Sola with no-need-to-touch screen


I don't think so. Just held my phone loosely and did a few thumb swipes and actions without trying to touch the screen and it felt perfectly natural and comfortable. Support your phone on your fingertips and one edge in the crook of your hand (i.e. where the bases of your fingers meet your palm) and your thumb doesn't naturally reach the screen.

As for thumb ache, you'll be using exactly the same actions and less energy.

Sony shifts more than a million PS Vitas


Re: Moar games?

Who told you that? Certainly Sony never said it.

Hands on with the Sony Xperia S, P and U

Thumb Up

It's so pretty!

I've never been a fan of Sony phones, so why are these three calling out to me in sultry, honeyed tones? I'm no fan of gimmicks either (hello NFC tags) but that colour-changing illuminated strip is frickin' cool - every time I'm reminded of the lack of an expansion slot and removable battery I keep thinking of that warm glow......


Re: Re: Battery?

Didn't the worrying come after the pre-ordering? How does that make him/her a sheep?

Sony conjures up 'magic' Xperias


If the P sits between the S and the U, why isn't it called the T?

Court defies Apple demand to ban Samsung tablet


Dear Apple,

HP/Compaq tablet from 2003 says hi.


iPad users 'risk shoulder pain', say US gov, Microsoft boffins


What a ridiculous load of crap

Reminds me of a similar report last year which warned of a hidden time bomb of neck problems on a massive scale from the use of phones, tablets et al. That's funny: centuries of looking down at books hasn't rendered us all cripples in neck braces.

Windows Phone to overtake iOS in 2015


We understand the premise; it's the conclusion we disagree with. Past performance is not an indication of future performance, and there is little on the horizon which suggests MS is going to take leaps forward in this sector in short to medium term.


As bad as all those "Apple is worth more than..." articles which show utter illiteracy when it comes to business and economics.

Tip to journalists: comparing market cap to GDP is stupid.

Kodak's moment: Camera biz files for bankruptcy


This is what happens when you stop innovating, try to live off past successes, and spend too much time trying to sue as many of your competitors as you can so you can earn more income from your patent portfolio.

Apple iPhone 4S grabs back ground lost to Android


Doh, I meant S III.

But surely, you could have worked that out?

Big Brother

I remember the day the iPhone was first announced. It was referred to on it's newly-updated Wikipedia article as a smartphone, until someone dared put their head above the parapet to point out that - according to the long-standing definition of a smartphone on that subject's Wiki page - the new Apple device didn't actually qualify as one. Within minutes, the smartphone page was rewritten (by people with long Apple-article-editing histories) and hey presto, the iPhone suddenly met fully the criteria found there. Anyone (like me) who dared reverse or amend the edits or questioned the motives in the comments page was attacked and/or reported for "vandalism".

I think a similar thing happened across the tech community at the same time....


All that, and yet only slighter better than a 4. What a triumph.


Yes a better camera (well done Sony) but you said it twice.

Not new antenna, antenna that works.

New OS, yes, that can be used on older iPhones (admittedly without Siri which is crap anyway, though the plain old 4 is in fact perfectly capable of running it).

Not that much of an upgrade.


Let's take another look a few months after the Galaxy S II is released, and the 4S is old.

ASA upholds complaint against 'best gaming' Virgin ads


I pay for 10Mb/s and get on average around 2Mb/s. A few days ago SpeedTest gave me a reading of 0.09Mb/s. I know it's "up to" but Jesus Effing Christ.

Vodafone customers fume over iPhone 4S delays


In other news. Motorola's Droid Razr was announced, and Galaxy Nexus specs and images were leaked.

Virgin Media broadband in two-day wobble


Going on longer than that, and still happening now. It's taken me an hour to open any web page this evening.

Also, major speed issues. Speedtest gave me a download score of 0.09Mbps Saturday. I believe I'm paying for 10Mbps.


Just 7?

Xmas 2010 I lost internet for two days. When I called Hyderabad - sorry, Virgin Media Customer Services - I was told this:

"We can send an engineer on 24 January."

Slammed the phone down, I did, and started looking for a new supplier. As it happened I got my service back that night (somehow) and never bothered changing. But recent poor performance and this week's problems have got me looking again.

Which actor should play Steve in upcoming biopic?



Who will play the Xerox PARC guys who showed a young and up-and-coming tech industry dude round the office in the 1970s.......?


Jonathan Ives? Who?

There's no way Ives will be in the film. Jobs was responsible for EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of EVERY SINGLE APPLE PRODUCT, remember.


Basically the same guy...

...L Ron Hubbard.

Oh damn it, that's right.

Samsung and Google's next Nexus specs leak


You sound like Steve Jobs a couple of years ago when he said phones with screens bigger than 4 inches would flop.

How did that piece of futurology work out?

Samsung shows second second-gen 7in Galaxy Tab


Thieves! Can't they do anything original?

For those who believe that Apple pioneered the minimalist touchscreen slate design, I give you the HP/Compaq TC 1100.....from 200andfrickin'3:


Look familiar? It wasn't even HP/Compaq'f first touchscreen slate.

First-person shooter swaps guns for cameras




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