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BlackBerry's new Motion will move you neither to tears of joy nor sadness

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Re: Big battery, waterproof, secure,

This is the ideal device for ex BlackBerry users with an iPhone looking to jump ship to a broadly similar UX i.e. vanilla with no toppings, but in a fashion-free shell that you won't need to buy a case for or mind dropping into the side pocket of your rucksack. Have iPhone 6S Plus presently but can pretty much guarantee the Motion will be next.

Well, hot-diggity-damn, BlackBerry's KEYone is one hell of a comeback

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Re: Hyped up nonsense...

Say, do you still use a computer? Because if you don't get the whole idea of a keyboard, you might want to try one.

T= go to top of page or list

B = go to bottom

C = create new message

U = next unread

D = delete

M = mark read/unread

CTRL + B, I, U = bold, italic, underline

CTRL + Z= undo

CTRL + X, C, V = you know the drill

For me, the keyboard doubling as cursor keys plus the "T" and "B" buttons alone make the whole physical thing a worthwhile addition. I so miss all that on a smudgey screen, from which you can't help feeling strangely divorced a lot of the time.

Subaru Outback Lineartronic: The thinking person’s 4x4

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Re: Questions

penis extension, noun, offensive slang / A facile put-down made by someone who wants to come over as dismissive, discriminating, aloof etc.; crucially would jump at the chance given the money.

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Re: I have

Fragile lifestyle appliances marketed to status-ambitious nincompoops (and, as the insurance premium might reveal, thieves).

Plus if an Audi goes off road, how on earth can the tow truck reach it?

Spotify tethers future to Facebook

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Don't have a Wastebook account and Spotify has continued to work fine for me.

The login screen has changed in appearance and, as others have already mentioned, there are puke-inducing nags entitled "Spotify Loves Social" - in addition to existing nags about me connecting the iPod I don't own - but with judicious clicking on 'Close' and/or 'No thanks' buttons it goes away and everything underneath still works.

I would also wager that Spotify couldn't care less about the comparatively tiny number of us who don't care to sign up to Wastebook.

Sites downed by 1&1 web outage

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Successful cowboy outfit

The update they posted to Twitter and to Facebook long after the problem first occurred was subsequently deleted once an angry mob of customers - presumably unable to get through on support lines, which weren't working either - started laying into them.

While their uptime has improved, their customer service has always been lower than whale shit, worsened by the fact you can't understand what their offshore slaves are saying as they parrot lines from the scripts on their screens. And in any case, during such outages it has been impossible to contact them anyway.

You just need to look at their naff advertising to realise 1&1 are now primarily a marketing company. A marketing company prunes negative customer feedback; a marketing company keeps its fingers crossed that any actual downtime is swiftly rectified so they have no need of tarnishing their status page with anything useful.

In fact, the 1&1 status page at status.oneandone.co.uk currently says:

All systems functional

Last updated at 04.08.2011

So much for German efficiency.


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