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Microsoft Defender goes cross-platform for the masses


Anyone who pays for security software on a personal computer is an idiot.

Windows Defender works great on Windows and Android. I'm not a Mac person so I have no way to try it on MacOS or iOS. If you are a windows user and you aren't just using the free Defender you should have your wallet examined.

Microsoft's problem child, Windows 11, is here. Will you run it? Can you run it? Do you even WANT to run it?


Re: Not until I can move the task bar to the right

You have the choice of centered left or right task bar. Right click on the task bar and there are quite a few options. Centered is the default on 11, left was default on 10. You are an outlier but it's easy to go right.


Windows 11 on all three of my computers, no problems.

I'm running various builds fo Windows 11 on two laptops and a desktop. No problems, after a couple of months now, the GUI changes are enjoyable. I especially like the new context menus and you can still get the old context menu by selecting "more choices" in the new menu.

It's snappier and cleaner for me than my Win 10 installs were.

No problems....go Microsoft!

It had to happen: Microsoft's cloudy Windows 365 desktops are due to land next month


Re: The way forward?

Microsoft is clearly doing research....


Big Tech to face its Ma Bell moment? US House Dems demand break-up of 'monopolists' Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google


Re: Poking a Grizzly in the Forest in the Bread Basket with the Blunt Instrument of a Cleft Stick ..

"And what of Microsoft?"

In case you've been on some other planet.... Microsoft got slapped hard 20 years ago. In the ensuing years their stock price tumbled, they got rid of the angry Ballmer monkey, they promoted Satya Nadella to the helm and he has returned them to respectable glory, restored their stock prices and actually plays by the rules. Few would have expected such a turn around yet turnaround they have.

Huawei's first Google-free phone stripped and searched: Repair not too painful... once you're in


Re: Still no Moron Mode

I just don't understand why there isn't a user setting to choose a default video orientation. At least then, once someone realizes that's not how it should be they can default to the phone locked in landscape for video with portrait mode just a button push away if that's really what they want.

Google to offer users a choice of default search engine on Android in the EU – but it's pay to play


Re: Solution made by beancounters

Not everyone. Bing has been my primary search engine for a long time. Get's me everything I need.

Imagine an Upside Down world where a vastly inferior OS went on to dominate... Stranger Things have happened


I just find it delightfully ironic that for all the hating done in The Reg, all the prognostication of demise over the years (yes, go back and check it out) that Microsoft would be THE most valuable company in the world today must really sting a bit. I'm ok with it because I own enough shares of MSFT stock to retire if I don't live too extravagantly. I'll just piss away my days in my power recliner reading your venomous posts on my current Surface Book 2 which BTW is the finest laptop I've ever owned....and I've had a lot of them.



Just for the Microsoft haters who have been hating so consistently all these years on The Register. Microsoft's market capitalization is at 1.03 trillion US dollars and they are the most valuable company in the world. Oh man.....all these years of hating have done nothing but put Satya at the top to reinvent Microsoft. Your great grandchildren will probably be using Microsoft products and technology.

Microsoft: 2TB or not 2... OK, OK! 2TB. OneDrive dragged kicking and screaming into selling more storage


It's not the size it's the speed I have a problem with.

Sure, I'd happily pay for 2TB of space but I'd rather pay for unthrottled upload and download. I'm getting over 900mbps up and 900mbps down pretty reliably from my home fiber connection yet I'm lucky to get 30 or 40mbps throughput when accessing any of these cloud storage services...often considerably less.

Someone needs to make a One Drive Pro and offer unthrottled connections. I want to just have a hard drive in the sky I can access at the full speed of my internet connection.

If most punters are unlikely to pay more for 5G, why all the rush?


I'm looking forward to watching 8k television on my cell phone. ;)

Microsoft polishes up Chromium as EdgeHTML peers into the abyss


Re: Take your browser and fuck off

"I do anything sensitive on my iPad or Android phone."

I think restricting your viewing of pornography to those devices makes sense.


Re: I did use Edge...

Menu / bookbar?

Click the three dots in upper right corner and everything you could want is there. It's safe to assume that most of the commenters here haven't looked at EDGE in a few years. As for the article's headline...it's NOT unloved, it's just unused. Oh well...they will move to another engine and it will give Reg haters one less thing to complain about with Microsoft. Meantime.....I'm productive on Windows 10 and my MSFT stock investments have never looked rosier.

Windows 10 Pro goes Home as Microsoft fires up downgrade server


It's a beta program folks!

Come on people. If you are in the beta program, especially in the fast ring, you have no reason to complain. You provide feedback and roll back to a previous build if you are dead in the water.

Windows 10 1809: Now arriving on a desktop near you (if you want it)


Updated home build older desktop, Surface 3 and Surface Book 2. No problems.

Uneventful update. No issues on anything.

Microsoft accidentally let encrypted Windows 10 out into the world


Well folks, I've been running insider builds since 2014 on three different computers as time has progressed and I've yet to brick one of them. Sure, there are some clunker builds with various issues but all in all, it's been a pretty smooth process and feedback is well received and things get fixed.

Just since 1803 I've probably done 20 installs of upgrades on my laptop and not ONE has been a deal breaker.

There are hundreds of thousands of insiders. Sometimes I think ALL of the people who can't run windows properly inhabit the readership of The Register. Thanks for your consistent hatred of something most of you probably lie about having used. I'm betting most of you still have XP on whatever POS old computer you use for windows.

If you weren't rich enough to buy a Surface before, you may as well let that dream die


Surface Book 2

I've owned probably a dozen laptops since the late 90's. My Surface Book 2 is hands down the finest laptop hardware I've ever owned or used.


Re: Ah, but...

An avowed Microsoft hater like yourself probably wouldn't want a Surface.

Official: The shape of the smartphone is changing forever


Re: Wouldn't it be nice ..

I don't blame Microsoft for the Windows Phone death. They played the best hand they had left to play. Just could not convince enough app makers to support the platform. Could not gain the traction it needed. If you use a variety of apps (I don't) there just wasn't any way to stick with the platform. I'm still using a Lumia 950XL every day of the week. I use it to talk on the phone, send txt messages and access my email. I'll kill time on the internet with it if I'm stuck in a doctors office waiting room but for the most part, it's a communications device for me. I'll use it till it dies or is broken.

It walks, it talks, it falls over a bit. Windows 10 is three years old


Re: "the Windows 7 hold-outs should finally feel able to make the upgrade"

P. Lee says..."I have noticed recently that start menu searching for "update" gets you nothing, but searching for "windows update" finds the "are we up to date" control. They seem to be progressively hiding more stuff."

I just typed "up... " into the search menu and "check for updates" popped up before I could get to the third letter.

Don't know what build of Win 10 you are using or what you might have changed to handicap its functionality but what you describe is not the way it behaves.

And there is not and never has been a "are we up to date" control. Not a clue what you are talking about.

Microsoft commits: We're buying GitHub for $7.5 beeeeeeellion


GitHub was basically free.

Microsoft's stock price and market cap have risen more than 8 billion USD in the last two days. GitHub was free.

Half of all Windows 10 users thought: BSOD it, let's get the latest build


Another mostly bogus posting from The Register.



Re: This update is shit

Win 10 is perfect for seniors. You can default it to the tablet type of GUI, install or show only a few big icons for consumption activities, web browser etc. Very easy for the elderly.


Running Great...no problems.

Windows 10 1803 running on four computers without any issues. Best OS ever!

GDPR for everyone, cries Microsoft: We'll extend Europe's privacy rights worldwide



About to install the Windows 10 April 2018 Update? You might want to wait a little bit longer


Opera works fine on Windows 10

Opera works just fine with every build of Windows 10 including ALL the beta builds. It's been my alternate browser for a few years and when there were EDGE growing pains, Opera is always there for me.

Version: 53.0.2907.68 - Opera is up to date

Update stream: Stable

System: Windows 10 64-bit

I'm on 1803 build #17134.48 no issues.


You folks are comical.

I just have to laugh at all of the Microsoft haters who congregate here and fantasize about the evils of an update or Microsoft in general. It's your own little echo chamber.

3 million users were involved in some aspect of beta testing 1803 and now the newer builds you still aren't complaining about. Updating, rolling back and update and pausing updates is pretty easy to accomplish.

Pausing for 7 days at a time is a no brainer. Update/Security, Advanced, Pause.

Meanwhile there are a few hundreds of million Windows 10 users and amazingly the majority of the people with problems seem to congregate here.

You know that silly fear about Alexa recording everything and leaking it online? It just happened


I've gotten benefit from a smart speaker in my home.

I've got the Harmon Kardon Invoke Cortana speaker. I put it in my kitchen' and it's given a mentally handicapped person in my household new found abilities to play music, tell jokes, and provide random "tell me something interesting" tidbits that fascinate and engage her. Prior to this she was a technology shut in and I had to look up or do everything for her on the internet or with audio devices.

I don't use it for much else but it's nice to have radio and music hands free in the kitchen and a few other similar perks. I've used to create an ongoing shopping list which also appears on my mobile phone which is handy in the store. "Hey Cortana, add oregano and paper towels to my shopping list."

Springwatch: Windows 10 spotters May have to wait a few more weeks


Haven't personally had any issues to speak of with the last few fast ring builds of Windows 10. Been running an 1803 build for many months now. Some of you folks are just blinded by your hatred of Microsoft. Meanwhile, the OS continues to move forward and Microsoft as a company is having yet another renaissance, rewarding users and shareholders alike.


NASA's TESS mission in distress, Mars Express restart is a success


Re: @ Mark 85

Guys.....Windows 10 and Office 365 have been on autopilot for a long time now. Updates without issue, new features occasionally. BSOD's? A distant memory for my from a decade ago. I hate to say it but Microsoft has never been performing better as a company and for the most part "it just works!"

The Quantum of Firefox: Why is this one unlike any other Firefox?


I'm surprised at the civility.

Can't believe I read a story and dozens of responses and not one The Register reader took the opportunity to make any comparisons to Microsoft's two browsers. So...just so there will be some sort of celestial equilibrium, I just want to say that I'll download it and compare it to EDGE. My current, rarely used alternate browser is Opera.

Microsoft silently fixes security holes in Windows 10 – dumps Win 7, 8 out in the cold


Nuts, the lot of you.

I use Windows 10 many hours a day ever day of the year, before that I used Windows 8, before that Windows 7 etc....

I use Windows Defender for any security needs. I've not had a virus or any other malware problem since sometime back in my Windows 95 days.

WTF is wrong with your people? Are you just big consumers of pornography and at great risk?

Microsoft hits new low: Threatens to axe classic Paint from Windows 10


Just tested, Paint 3D took a full 3 seconds to fully open on my four year old Lenovo laptop running Windows 10. Oh man.....I feel like I've aged.


Legacy Paint will continue for free in the app store.



Paint 3d is simple to use in 2d/flat and provides more conversion options. You folks are just a bunch of whiners who will roll over in your graves before you will complement Microsoft on anything. If you really had the morals you profess to, you would stop using Microsoft products and quit supporting them in your networking or what have you jobs out of principle. NOPE, you are sluts who will happily take money and continue to whine.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is soaring and resurgent as you folks age and decline in misplaced anger.


Are you folks nuts or just whiners?

Honestly, you geeks are too much. Paint 3D is simple to use, had a much cleaner interface then does legacy Paint and works in flat 2d as easily as it does in 3D.

Is there anything Microsoft can do that you will applaud? Paint 3D is light years ahead of legacy Paint while retaining it's simplicity. WTF do you guys want?

Heaps of Windows 10 internal builds, private source code leak online


Re: Ooooh, goody...

No one on this thread is "we users!" You folks are all a bunch of computer geeks who hate Microsoft and have zero bearing on any reality other than your own. Few people in the world want a stripped down OS that doesn't update drivers, software and security. Reading your posts is my tech comedy hour.

‪There's a ransom-free fix for WannaCry‬pt. Oh snap, you've rebooted your XP box


Re: @John 104

When you look at how many computers are running Windows today, the percentage of people having any issues on modern versions of Windows that keep them updated is pretty damn low. The pocket pen protector crowd that gathers here are far from normal. I keep coming back for the comedy of watching geeks bitch and moan.

Don't install our buggy Windows 10 Creators Update, begs Microsoft


Re: I refer to my earlier post!

"manglers destroying Microsoft? Oh man, I guess you haven't seen their financial numbers or the stock price. Since Ballmer left it's all roses.


Really haters? They had 10,000,000 people using it before released on probably half that many permutations of hardware, they announced well before the release date that it would be a slow rollout. Can't win with any of you haters. If they had done a small secret beta test and rolled it out with issues you would have called them names. Now they do one of the largest and most thorough beta tests ever on any platform and want to continue to fine tune and you call them names.

Tell me what perfect build of what in your lives you have ever been happy with on day one?

So few use Windows Phone, Microsoft can't be bothered: Security app is iOS, Android only


I'm dealing with my sorrow.


All you haters can keep on hating. Microsoft keeps on posting big gains and big numbers.

Grumpy Trump trumped, now he's got the hump: Muslim ban beaten back by appeals court


Don't let Trump speak officially in the UK.

Hello my UK tech friends and enemies. You know me as an avowed Microsoft apologist but just this once I hope you will actually listen to me. Do not let the nutcase who is President of the US come and speak officially in the UK. When he does come to visit, if you will do me the favor of protesting, I will accept a single negative post about Microsoft without retort from each of you who choose to protest. I honestly don't know what else I might have to offer you.

Thank you from the bottom of my Microsoft loving heart.


The rise, fall, and rise (again) of Microsoft's killer People feature


Re: Talking to people at the computer

Sounds to me like you don't really understand what the feature is/was all about. With one basic OS on both your phone and computer, along with an aggregation of contact information from every social source you may have friends in....it was all there and pretty damn slick. I'll welcome it back when/if it gets reintroduced.

Google may just have silently snuffed the tablet computer


I remember when I used to show people how great the suction cup worked on my "desktop" pencil sharpener.

Microsoft thought of the children and decided to ban some browsers


Re: Nanny Microsoft strikes again

Or maybe El Reg is just a place for Microsoft haters to hang out? I guess you folks have to be somewhere. Meanwhile back on the farm, my Microsoft stock is kicking arse and not taking prisoners. Amazing, actually, considering that I've been reading about the death of Microsoft for the last decade on El Reg. I can only imagine your disgust as Microsoft turns the corner, profits grow, and embrace and extend is back in action.

Smartwatches: I hate to say ‘I told you so’. But I told you so.


Smart watches are for young folks with good vision. Once you get past your 40's you can't see the numbers on a regular wristwatch at arms length. God forbid one tries to read messages or select icons.

Adobe scrambles to untangle itself from QuickTime after Apple throws it over a cliff


Re: Chuckle ...

I'm sure glad I've had Adobe in my portfolio for years.



Comcast stabs set-top boxes in the back, pipes directly into smart TVs


Analog TV via cable is a waste of bandwidth.

I wish the cable companies had dumped analog completely 10 years ago with about a 12:1 data use ratio analog is a big waste of bandwidth. Sadly, most of the recovered bandwidth goes into providing more channels we don't need rather than less compression. In either case...analog is a waste of space.

Stalled cloud growth, software flatlining, hated Lumias unsold... It's all fine, says Microsoft CEO


Re: And in other news

You already got back your W7 type desktop in Windows 10 with a better OS as well. You can set up a Surface with just a touch GUI that's great for consumption, kids, elderly etc or you can have it boot to the 7 type of desktop you are used to....and have it stay there.

Buy low, sell high. Pick up a few shares of Microsoft when the market opens and reap your rewards. Been making me good coin for the last few years. You folks should study investing rather than sit around hating Microsoft which is so often the case in these threads.

Big-screen Skype gets small farewell note


I'll miss the ability to sit naked on my couch ogling my Skype partner unencumbered by worries about staying centered or filling the screen.