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FBI logs its millionth zombie address


Solutions to botnets available or nearly available

Greylists are becoming more popular.

This is where the mailserver sends a re-affirmation of the originator

when it discovers a mismatch between the email domain and the originated server.

Most spammers won't want to take that extra cost and it will stop much spam.

Open standards mail servers are becoming more popular with this ability.


The next thing to happen is Antivirus growing up and becoming a whitelist authenticator of software as part of a verification program to keep installations sanitized against a certified list of "known-good" software.

Microsoft is trying to do this in order to corner PC marketshare and controlling what goes on PCs. It has failed. But from this we now have 5 or 6 Whitelist startup companies. AVs like Norton and Trend will undoubtedly bring this sort of technology into their fold and we should get the current forms of nefarious activities under control.

This only slows criminals down. Where there is a criminal mind there is dark innovation.