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Ew! HTC jams pop-up adverts into people's smartphone keyboards



I had this over the weekend, was quite annoying although seems to have stopped now.

The shame of it that when they did the "One" series of handsets, their in-house keyboard was one of the best in the industry. Touchpal was quite a downgrade. Come to think of it, their keyboards have been well ahead of the game since the Windows Mobile era.

Gaming souk Steam spews credit card, personal info in Xmas Day security meltdown


Its been up and down all day as as of 21:45 its down for me.

Tor exit node mashes malware into downloads


Won't work on Windows either. The article hints that Windows Update will reject the compromised updates. At most its diversionary to install a compromised iFixIt tool with administrative rights.

Android SMS worm punts dodgy downloads... from your MATES


Re: Do people really click these links??

No to mention heading to the settings app and enabling "allow installation of apps from untrusted sources" if you haven't already...

Traditional RAID is outdated and dying on its feet


Re: Eh?

I guess IBM is talking about a similar thing to ZFS where it it only rebuilds used blocks on the disc. Also on our ZFS filer with a factory configuration, we effectively have a JBOD of RAID 6 groups so only part of the file system is affected by a failure and it doesnt end up rebuilding the whole pool.

Scottish NHS bosses say soz after 2-day IT ballsup scrubs 700 appointments


Re: Bullshit

The way it reads to me is that they're using something on top of Active Directory to grant access to various databases.However, Unless they publicly release an analysis of the root cause we'll never know

Finns, roamers, Nokia: So long, and thanks for all the phones


"So, from 2002 Nokia began preparing for the day when mobile computers with some telephony integrated took over from telephones with some computer-like aspects... which began to happen when Apple announced the iPhone."

I'm not so sure this is accurate. There was a Windows Mobile 2003 phone edition and HTC were building o2's XDA well before the iPhone was released..

Build a BONKERS test lab: Everything you need before you deploy


Linux Storage Server

I built a small VMWare test lab from some recycled HP DL380G4's for work a while ago. Its not very powerful, but for small scale testing and "playing" it does the job.

To build a budget iscsi storage server I used another DL380G4 complete with 6 x 146GB SCSI drives and stuck Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS on it. Using iscsitarget from the repository its quite simple to set up a single target to point to the disk presented by the RAID controller. Its just a test system, I don't need auth, or any advanced iscsi configuration. Performance is good enough for several VM's.

Not so long ago I came across ZFS on Linux and decided to have a go. Its still very experimental, but I was only going to use it as a block device and none of the more advanced features ZFS has. I configured an MSA500 to present each drive an an individual drive and built a RAID Z pool. This can then be presented as a ZVOL which you can point iscsitarget to. Performance is very decent and often hits the GB NIC limit. I've not had any problems or data loss yet..

EE sets October date to power up UK 4G network



Doesn't support LTE 800Mhz? Is there definate word on what edition we're getting as the German version does.. http://www.htc.com/de/smartphones/htc-one-xl/#specs

Made for each other: liquid nitrogen and 1,500 ping-pong balls


Re: Interesting point

I would guess that as the Nitrogen returning to a gas expands and, its weight at a given volume and pressure reduces. Having disposed of the rest of the contents of the bin in the expansion, perhaps the bin becomes lighter than air and floats for a brief second before mixing with air and sinking.

But then, I'm just an IT bod..

UK.gov lays out what cities will get in broadband cash divvy


Re: Here We Go Again

There are a few rural project that are being bid for currently.

In this article http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/09/17/bt_preferred_bidder_for_norfolk/ it states the Broadband Delivery UK cash pot is £530M for rural broadband services. Norfolk, Cumbria and Surry are stated as preferred / won.

However, the EU is complaining they're breaking competition law picking BT all the time...

iPhone 5: skinny li'l fella with better display, camera, software


Re: That's all?

We can put it in a class of performance. As the A6 is based on the ARM Cortex A15 architecture, and the Qualcomm S4, Krait processors are very similar to Cortex A15, we can say that they're quite comparable..

That said, Apple are known to tweak the CPU architecture.

Microsoft to comply with Brussels over browser choice gaffe


Re: somewhere someone is missing the point....

"Because no one cared whatsoever." Indeed..

Any techy type people would have already considered their choice of browser and installed their favourite.

Any non techy people don't actually care what software they use to browse the Internet, as long as it works (yeah yeah, I know)

O2 looses legal torpedo at Everything Everywhere 4G monopoly


Re: Spend wisely

TBH I'd rather they use their 3G@900Mhz licence for 3G than 2G. I don't find their 2G coverage that bad even in the wilderness outside the cities.

Hiccups in Apple's iCloud after yesterday's hack of hapless hack


Re: Hmmm

Who said anything about malware? Fact is someone bypassed Apples security procedures with scarily little information and gained full access to an account. Further to that, the Apple bit is not even a hack but a blag!!

Apple demands Samsung flogged for 'unethical' court doc leak


Re: really.... long before... yet couldn't introduce it till after the iPhone?

Honkj is also on Dailytech saying exactly the same thing in the same story...

British 4G mobile data rollout 'will mean NO TELLY for 2m homes'


Not a problem

To be honest, by the time we've had the spectrum auction, the telco's will have spent all their money on licensing the frequencies so wont be able to deploy 4G let alone maintain it, 2G and 3G all together.

Joke icon as hey, it hasn't happened before eh?

Samsung Galaxy S III: A Swiss army knife of wireless tech


How about the HTC Desire Z

Have a look on amazon for the Desire Z. Getting on a bit now but can be had cheap and does the job. 3.7 inch screen, large pop out qwerty keyboard and quick enough with Gingerbread. Unofficial ICS is highly likely.

Had HTC bothered to market it over the Desire HD and other models, they may have been more popular but hey, up until the One series, marketing wasn't on HTC's mind at all..

Ice Cream Sandwich gives Android mobes brainfreeze – Sony


Sony's own making really

A quick look into the phones in the article shows they all have 512MB of RAM, +1GHz CPU's with Adreno 205. My Desire Z has the same specs (i overclock from 800Mhz to 1GHZ) yet I can run an XDA port of the HTC One V which is buttery smooth with good RAM usage. The HTC One V itself has 512MB of RAM so this looks like an issue with Sony's bloatware. HTC have been quite open recently in saying Sense is bloated and re-written a Lite version for the V. Their ICS upgrade program sucks though..

Even then, it seems native GB phones from other manufacturers are sporting 768+ MB so most should be fine.

Ps, the Xperia Play also has a 1GHz CPU, Adreno 205 and 512MB of RAM.. Ooops.

Has virtualization really ended all your worries?



Not really..

Its another layer for the support team to take care to. Rather than software to hardware mapping, we now have software - hypervisor - hardware.

As mentioned above, virtualisation provides many benefits when it comes to high availability. However, while virtualisation provides all the benefits mentioned in the article and many more, it requires its own support to maintain the infrastructure in a state that will support the benefits its supposed to offer and quickly becomes a hinerance if things aren't up to scratch or fail.. Not to mention, a hardware failure could take out multiple services.

Apple tightens grip on tablet market with iPad 2 and 3 pincer move


Re: Sure

Thats quite a poor analogy.. If I had a company and personal car, their general interface would actually be the same. ie, they have a steering wheel, pedals and gearstick. The iPad and Android tabs both have a touchscreen, some hardware buttons and are used in the same way. There is a difference in the dashboard, ie the software but as I can drive multiple makes of car, I can use multiple brands of tablet without much thought..

Also what you don't seem to realise is that I don't want the same experience from my phone as from a tablet. I have a HTC Desire Z which I've set the Sense overlay to show me everything I need on my phone in widgets. If I had a tablet, it would have a different purpose to my phone and thus would be set up differently to my requirements. As it happens, I have an ultraportable laptop which fulfills my tablet requirements and more.

Android a photo-slurper too: report


Matter of trust

So we've established that both Android and the iPhone suffer from unprotected parts of the file system that allows unscrupulous apps to access photos and probably other media. There is no difference between this and my desktop and to deny all access would completely limit anything any app could do.

Anyway, the issue is trust, 1) you have to trust the author not to have written a backdoor and 2) Starting with Google, and ending up with the law authorities, the author of such software would be done over, dragged through thorn bushes and prosecuted to the full extent of the law for EVERY person effected.

Unfortunately, having an app store gives the impression of increased security for both platforms yet its simply not the case. (Yes, even Apple let some slip through despite the rigorous approval procedures in their walled garden)

Apple goes to European Commission with complaint about Motorola

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Re: Wrong - read

Wrong? If you're referencing Ammaross Danan's post, I don't agree.

Lets look at some facts:

The iPhone 4S uses a Qualcomm baseband chip

The iPhone 4S was NOT the subject of the Motorola ban in Germany rumored to be because its a Qualcomm chip powering the radio.

The iPhone 3GS / 4 (maybe more) uses an Infineon baseband chip

Motorola changes their licensing terms with Qualcomm's license with Apple

Motorola offers the FRAND license to which Apple decline.

My guess:

The iPhone 4S chip is licensed through Qualcomm and unaffected. I guess its iicensed through Qualcomm.

The iPhone 3GS / 4 chip now requires separate licensing. I can only guess it was licensed before..

My guess would be that Apple is trying to license the 3GS and 4 through the Qualcomm license. (Purely my interpretation with the evidence)

I have however just found that late 2011, the 3GS uses another different baseband chip, a Toshiba one - see Wikipedia.

While we're here, many of the major phone makers have contributed years of R&D to various telephony standards. Why should a newcomer ie. Apple, pay the same as say Nokia / Moto who have pumped billions in R&D over many years. Cross licensing is what makes this situation extremely complex.


Re: Re: How in hell can "standards-essential patents" exist?

Erm, older iPhones don't use the Qualcomm baseband chip. Indeed, the iPhone 4S is safe from Motorola's licensing because it is a Qualcomm chipset and (I assume) covered by Qualcomm's licensing. Motorola is complaining about FRAND licensing because Apple isn't paying them licensing for the older iPhones chipset when Motorola believe they should and disagreeing about the cost.

Thats my understanding of a complex situation.

O2 leaks 3G users' mobile numbers to every website visited



Good job I've been using mobile.o2.co.uk and bypass since I got my first Windows Mobile smartphone (O2 Orbit / WinMo 6) though it was for the image compression reasons.

I think 3 may be at least using the headers too as I can auto log in to my mobile broadband account just by opening the page. Whether or not it leaks I'll have to find out.

Comet 'sold 94,000 pirate Windows CDs', claims Microsoft


I'm thinking that MS may have been supplying Windows to these companies slightly cheaper because they weren't supplying recovery disks, as mentioned, probably to reduce "piracy" by having less full Windows discs around. Its a shady business, and I will probably find I cannot use a standard Windows 7 disc (which I also legally own) to restore my Sony laptop. It will probably install, but never activate. I will have to use the disc image on the drive / DVD. Thats been happening since the XP days.

I think I may be the only one that reads the popup when I first switch on my shiny new laptop which clearly states "Insert x DVD('s) to burn your recovery media" I have recovered so many laptops now where people have ignored such a warning, and wondered which it takes 10 times longer to recover at 10 times the cost.

I personally couldn't care whether I have a Windows disc, or a disc image, so long as I can reinstall Windows to my laptop somehow.

Apple to conquer connected TVs? Steady on, lad

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A very valid point!

As for price, I'll reserve judgement until I see a price list. Don't forget to include a high usage broadband account. The basic Sky / Virgin packages are not that much these day and often come with on-demand features.


Interesting concept

This is an interesting concept, maybe just a little late in the day now. I fail to see how it will be different to Sky + Anytime or Virgin Media on demand which is available free of charge if you subscribe to their broadcast service. Maybe if it became a media center for connected devices, but then there's Sky Go for that.

The next technical challenge is bandwidth. If you have Sky, you have the option for unlimited broadband through them, Virgin Media pipes their on demand straight to the box via the tv cable. It will be interesting to see how Apple will deal with the often quite meager broadband allowances we have in the UK. An hour's quite poor HD quality (tbh) iPlayer comes out about 1gb while a Blu-Ray will be over 10Gb for the feature depending on sound options etc.

We'll have to see what comes out, but I'll be sticking to my Virgin Media box.

UK's solar 'leccy cash slash ruled unlawful



"4 kilowatt hours (kWh)" - Its 4 kilowatts used / generated in an hour.

Go Contacts EX


HTC Sense

All depends on your take of things. I quite happen to like the HTC dialer, contacts and Sense integration overall.

Then again, the best thing about Android is if you don't like it, you can change it relatively easily.

Malicious apps infiltrate Google's Android Market


Permissions - Could be better

I'd like to see the app giving justification for the permissions they need so if you see "SEND SMS" you can tap it and the developer must justify that permission. There are a number of legitimate apps coming through with "read sensitive system logs" which frankly, see next point..

I'd also like to see deny permissions though so if I don't want that app to see my messages, I can deny it completely.

There is an app for rooted users to deny certain permissions for certain apps if you want that level of control. Search the market for "Permissions Denied"

BUSTED! Secret app on millions of phones logs key taps


2 -

2 - Find out what ADB Logcat is and what it does.


Not Google??

I was under the impression this is not Google's software, rather a 3rd party package..

I would think its more mobile carrier integration rather than HTC, Samsungs, etc but I could be wrong. Its not on my sim free Desire Z with stock firmware..


XDA-Devs explanation

Having a look around at the wonderful XDA resource, I came across this which explains what it is, what it does and how to find if you have it. Search further and there are ways to remove it.

I certainly would not want this on my phone...


Apple's US bid to ban Samsung tabs hinges on design


Law'y stuff

Surely a more valid question would be to hold them up and ask if one could see they were physically different then probably demo them to show their software differences.

Ah, there's a reason I'm in IT, not law..

iPhone 4S pre-orders obliterate sales records


If I'm honest, I don't know either, its just the way it is.

I can guess Ofcom (UK) or Europe decided that it would be too confusing to consumers so haven't embraced it.

More likely though is that if HSPA+ became 4G, Ofcom's 4G auction for LTE at 800MHz would become less valuable and are thus keeping quiet.

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Not in the UK

In the UK, HSPA+ is a 3G technology, LTE is going to be considered 4G. The Register is a UK based publication so therefore its 3G.

Again, HTC phones are not marketed with 4G in their name in the UK. From a quick search the Inspire 4G is the same as the Desire HD with an American radio in it.

Its the phone operators that put the 4G icons into Android, mine goes to H when on HSPA+

Facebook suggests sharing everything all the time


one step too far.. as usual

Facebook was once good for keeping in touch with old friends etc... However, recently, its been pushing more emphasis to advertising what people do with the aid of external advertisers.

For example, i never used top stories becuase it was rubbish but thats the only choice now, recent stories are an afterthought, bolted on to the bottom and only a small selection. I'd rather choose what i want to see, not facebook.

Maybe time to see Google+

Samsung may try to block next iPhone in Europe too


A title...

Apple have brought this on themselves to be honest, I really hope Samsung win for the good of "innovation" in a broken system.

I wonder though if Apple have found a new supplier for components or even fabing them themselves without necessary playing ball with the complex wireless licensing system. Be a bit silly if they are..


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