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Channel 5 snubs Freeview HD again


We need to be moving towards HD by default

99.54% * of the UK have HD Ready TVs. Isn't about time we had some HD content broadcast, even if its the same old crapola thats available on SD. At least it will be HD crapola.

*Statistics have been made up.

BT bitchslapped for misleading 'Join now' Infinity ad

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RE: I still think BT's "best product" is BT Vision..


To be fair to BT they give you a free 160GB PVR recorder and you pay £4 a month for access to the catchup TV services - all done over thier QOS line to ensure no stuttering. After your contract is up you can cancel the monthy fee if you want and stay PAYG. So for an 18 month contract typically £4x18 = £72 for a PVR with access to the BBC,ITV,CH4,CH5 catchup channels. Plus their is Music, Tv Series and Movies you can subscribe to or watch on a PAYG basis.

We are lucky in N. Ireland, most of us seem to have BT Infinity Coverage now.


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