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Vista SP1 customers get free support

Ed Ebert Jr.

Vista SP1

Last Thursday 3/21 I updated my Vista Home Premium notebook with SP1 ... downloaded the "fat" multi-language SP1, since that's the only version offered at the Windows Update website and installed it with NO hassles. The install takes 45+ minutes with three reboots, but I'm "happy"; although there is NOT ANY startling difference in desktop response times.

From my vantage point, it seems that MS spent an inordinate amount of time-manpower "fixing" buggy code, etc., but NOTHING addressing the authentic PIG system response time when compared to my (so far) all time favorite OS ... W2K SR4. Now that both HD & Blu Ray DVD encryption schemes have been cracked, along with the various audio encryption(s) used there IS NO REASON for MS to perpetuate their BS OS security architecture!

Microsoft re-assures partners on Vista compatibility

Ed Ebert Jr.

Vista Sucks

I have five systems on Win2K-SR4 ... speedy and clean. A new notebook came with Vista Home Basic. What a difficult environment (for no good reason ... DRM?) to maneuver around in, especially with UAC ... even when "turned off". Separately, many of the "traditional" Windows tools are now "hidden" in the most inane places. Primary tool functionality hasn't changed too much, but finding them is absolute "change for change's sake only" BS!

Now the killer ... Vista is a total PIG regarding memory requirements AND disk I/O. I have 2GB RAM and Vista is still a SLUG. Aaarrrgghh! Although Sisoft BM numbers are consistent with the CPU under other OS's, the system response times are excruciatingly long, thus illuminating the crudy OS coding. I'd honestly have to recommend a first time PC buyer to get an Apple system.

Three critical flaws mark July Patch Tuesday

Ed Ebert Jr.

7-10-07 Update Dorked Outlook

Since the automatic VIsta Update last night, my Outlook email does NOT show up under the Personal Folder/Sent Items folder! WTF? I uninstalled the MS updates but to no avail. What a genuine piece of shite this Vista is! My Outlook 2003 is correctly configured, so I am at a loss to explain let alone "fix" this problem. Anyone have a ideas here?

Acer outlook not so sunny after all

Ed Ebert Jr.

Vista Woes

I acquired an ACER Aspire 3100 notebook mid-January. It came with Vista Basic. Being a nine year Symantec-Norton user I acquired N360 based on the PC Magazine review of the same month, and then I needed backup swe as Vista Basic comes with none, unlike earlier Windows versions. Acronis has been well reviewed, so I licensed True Image v10.

Since then, Symantec's N360 automatic (daily ongoing) virus definition update kept things nicely handled. Then, the May 30th update dorked N360, which then dorked any-all network access. Symantec Tech Support has been totally broke-dicked regarding Vista. They asked that I remove all Registry keys for Symantec (anything) but the VIsta problem blocking LAN-WAN access persists. My conclusion: Vista (DRM Hell) is stashing App data in it's own internal format such that complete Registry cleansing for a given App DOES NOT remove offending code ... and Symantec Tech Support is totally unaware of that.

Separately Acronis True Image and Disk Director Suite both employ SNAPapi, which under Vista goes into a loop consuming every available machine CPU cycle. AArrgghh!