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Google, Apple, eBay shouldn't pay taxes - people should pay taxes



Because they do business here they should pay tax here, if we just tax people (the shareholders) and they all live in (say) the US then the rest of us are screwed.

Unless you can a figure a way for HMG to tax Californians on their share bonuses based on business done in the UK

The alternative is trade barriers.

And this is not just the UK, multinationals are screwing over developing countries all the time




Re: Money circulates; tax anywhere in the loop

>it doesn't matter where in the loop you siphon off the tax.

It matters which country (to the country)! That's why people are p*ssed off with google, starbucks etc. Someone, somewhere pays some tax - I'd rather it was google corp paying to HMG than Mr Shareholder to Cayman Islands Gvmt.


I hope not, I want my local hospital paid for and it seems fair if it comes out of business "transacted" here - ie where I pay for & receive the goods, even if the "transaction" actually happens on line in Luxemburg

I also want multinationals to cough up in other countries where they "should" do



Pirate cops bust LITTLE GIRL, take her Winnie-the-Pooh laptop


Re: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

>if I made an identical copy of your car

Not to mention illegal registration or driving on false plates / lack of tax or forgery of tax disk


COPYRIGHT THEFT of the CD's in CD player!!!


British Ruby conference cancelled after diversity row


The Obvious solution....

Make all the speakers speak from inside a sack(*) and call them all Dominic(**) then no one knows their gender, colour,....

Or just make it a virtual conference with avatars, or do we worry that'll just be a grooming session?

(*Could be behind a screen but not as much fun.)

(**Well known gender neutral name(!?!!) - maybe dress them as maids & require a French accent?)

How can the BBC be saved from itself without destroying it?


Simple cure...

The BBC should employ some scientists "Roger Harrabin ... studied English at St Catharine's College, Cambridge" (my exclusive research at wikipedia informs me).

Oh it does - Brian Cox, but he was in a band so he's OK.

You shouldn't be allowed to comment on air or set editorial policy about stuff you know nothing!

Everyone is entitle to their informed opinion!


Restaurateur jailed for customer sex profile revenge plan


Re: So...

So if you're a veggie married to a steak lover you should never eat out together?

The restaurant can always say "[sorry] we can't serve anything without olives". If they agree to provide something and you don't get what you've asked for you have a right to complain. They have been known to do that for my daughter to whom nuts may be fatal, we just have to say sorry we can't here then.

There is often a case to complain to the boss, minions can't change things, may not change their own ways, ... If the waiter/ess ordered no olives and the chef put them in then it requires the management to sort that out, bollocking the serving staff about what isn't their fault is no help to anyone.



Re: And I thought the UK was bad?

And what is this "UK citizen"? Did you mean British Subject ;-)

Why IT chiefs are irrelevant to Microsoft's Windows 8 strategy


the cult of celebrity

Even boards seem to allow themselves to be influenced by image not profit. They want something that people love, that celebs use, that makes good photos, that their friends use...

When Balmer goes to a party he sick of people waving their iPhones saying you don't make anything cool like this. The fact MS is on more desktops that Apple doesn't have the same kudos.


Brit retailers tell Amazon and Google to pay their taxes


Re: Amazon and book VAT

Only recently - anything from indigostarfish amazon shipped out of (via?) Jersey which was VAT free (arranged so they could ship flowers a long time ago). Gvmnt did tighten that one up


Take away bad drivers' mobile phones, they still crash their cars


So I'm stationary in a q of traffic for 30 mins but it's illegal for me to phone home & say I'm going to be late? 3 key presses that I don't have to look at?

The times I've had to brake sharply or pull out because some clot has taken a phone call so has pulled over unsafely or in everybody's way.

You should be able to do whatever as long as you are paying due care & attention, if you are not paying attention then not talking & having both hands on the wheel is not going to make you a good driver.

Get rid of the air bags for drivers & nice safe feeling 4x4's - a glass floor so you can see how fast you're travelling & a big pointy stake sticking out of the steering wheel might help us all concentrate. It would cut down on NHS bills too, fewer accidents and most of them fatal. Could even clean up the gene pool.

Facebook says it's LOSING money in the UK ... pays hardly any tax


Only the poor pay taxes...

...because only the rich can afford accountants.

Like Robin Hood the government has noticed robbing the poor isn't all that rewarding and as robbing the rich is difficult (they buy locks & employ thugs (or tax accountants)) they rely on the "squeezed middle". Which (I suspect) is most of us.

HP's PC boss caught napping by Lenovo raid


work stations

The difference between the two reports is workstations - if you include them HP are still No 1 (just).

Maybe they should spin off their PC business!!!

Once upon a time HP were about quality, I don't think selling more cheap tat than anyone else was on Bill & Dave's goal list.

Apple files disappearing-feature iPhone patent


dont get me start barred

Don't all computers have features that are only visible when you want them? The difference here is they are hardware sensors not software widgits and they are hidden / revealed again by h/w.

A start button that brings up a list of programs, a command typed that displays a program...

Come to think of it, my display is a plain black surface until you press the "power on" switch and then all the stuff you want appears - magic!

I am amazed at what the US will allow you to patent.

Want to know what 5G mobile is? Ask this British university


oh dear

So the government won't be able to make money selling 5G? Has anyone told them?


German ebook firm aims low with cheap 'n' simple €10 ereader



Some people are saying you need your phone on for this to work, others are saying it only holds 5 books...

Surely you buy/download the book to your phone, it renders it into a simple display format and chucks that on to the device.

Because the display format is simple it is big so only 5 books but you don't need the phone to read those 5.

Once you've finished a book you use the phone to delete it from the device & add another.

Why "five books" why not "2000 pages"? Surely it depends on the size of the book??

Why 1 year, why not "5000" pages? I guess standby, bluetooth, display time all make battery life a complex issue.

'It's not a post-PC world: Just a post Windows one, maybe'


Re: Why do people find it so hard to see ...

Too right, I've just said the same thing on the

http://www.channelregister.co.uk/2012/10/09/hp_windows_8/ comments

I also have a suggestion as a part solution, RDP. For those times when you do want to run full office or just use the old UI on your phone / tablet / net book run it on a real PC & RDP into it from your device.

Both UI's, all legacy apps all available.

Using the Windows (or Linux) UI on your "device" is messy but you' only do it on odd occasions, if you need to do much you go to the PC

New British tax-cuts-for-patents scheme criticised


acquisitions and mergers

All the more reason for big (out of ideas) fish to snap up the little (start-up with new ideas) ones & we know how well that works - HP / Autonomy anyone?

HP: PC industry has forgotten how to innovate


one size doesn't fit all

If I have a computer in the lounge or that I carry around a bit of style is good and it doesn't do much but surf and a bit of WP. The one I use for serious work needs lots of oomph & I don't care what it looks like.

Manufacturers want to "reduce the SKU's", but they could be selling me 2 devices.

The whole BYO is b*llocks - if I'd have said can I bring in my TV & typewriter because it looks like the VT100 I use at work I wouldn't have got far.

OK - who just bought a biz PC? Oh wait, none of you did


Re: Catch up

> I can't think of a single job that's not improved by a portable device.<

I am using a laptop & occasionally it goes on the road but most of the time its plugged into a docking station & 2 x 24" monitors, 2 x 1TB external disks, 100Mb ethernet & yes I need that lot to do my job so it is hardly "mobile".

but it isn't a desktop...

Simon Cowell plans X Factor for Tech


IP will belong to Cowell

Well that's how the music works, once on the show he owns you & all your o/p for including future incarnations - maybe I exagerate but it works something like that.


'Replace crypto-couple Alice and Bob with Sita and Rama'


if it aint broke

A wants to speak to B without an eavesdropper understanding

Alice, Bob, Eve

pretty damn simple, I'd leave it alone but I'll prob cope if individuals chose to use R, S & B (a rude word for fornicator? f*cker? really?)


HP's Whitman promises 'more beautiful' PCs


Re: Pretty isn't everything

It is if you're a 13 year old TOWIE watching chav who seem to the market for "computers" - or at least a sizable enough chunk of market to make bling a necessairy element.

As for the rest of us ... given 90+% of all computers will do what I need and cost differences (discounting Apple's extortion) are small AND the computer lays about the lounge / is seen under my arm looks get to have a significance.

It's a consumer product not a technical buy.

How many Fords would they sell if Henry was still spec'ing the colour chart?


Re: Where is the innovation?"

HP Incompetent

seems to be the order of the day :(

Google engineer finds British spyware on PCs and smartphones


Re: "legitimate spyware"

You can have legal spyware the same as you can have legal phone taps, legal guns, legal imprisonment, legal forced entry, ....

Normal / Legal are what "we" define them to be where "we" is a majority in a democracy - y'know the Tories got over 50% of the country voting for them ... or not.



Demo version

You mean it kept popping up a "Do you wish to continue using this spyware" dlg???


The dead reanimates as HP ships Open webOS beta


Wot no file system?

What hacks me off about webOS is it hides the file system. I have hundreds of PDF books all sorted into directories by genre / author. The PDF reader lists all the PDF's by title - thanks.

Ditto MP3's although it does take some notice of the tags for those - not that all my MP3's are correctly tagged, I tend to rely on folders to organise things.

I can use the brilliant Internalz Pro but why an add on for basic functionality?

Fired Toyota coder trashes systems, steals data


Re: Was sacked once

That's got to be illegal!

RIP Brian Wynne Oakley: Saviour of Bletchley Park


Re: North South Divide

North of Watford GAP is north, Watford is well south

Korean boffins discover secret to quick-charge batteries


Re: Fast charging

Now if only we knew in advance where & when lightening would strike... To the town hall Marty, I have a plan for the flux capacitor!

How one bad algorithm cost traders $440m


ask / buy

As there seems so much confusion on which is ask / buy maybe they got backwards and then tested it on a dummy system that also had it backwards.

Testing is only as good as the spec (and usually a lot worse!).

Lenovo CEO Yang doles out US$3m bonus to staff


Thanks Jake...

... for screwing it up for the rest of us. I'm sure CEO's all over the world are citing your comment as a good reason to hang on to their money!!!

Yes it's a crap world where my old boss got $50M in bonuses a couple of years back & then $9M just to leave quietly but it would have been a nice gesture for him to have GIVEN IT AWAY to the (other?) people that earned it. Would have been nice if I could imagine it occurring to him!

I'm not in favour of Lady Bountiful stealing all our money & expecting us to be grateful if she gives a bit back but given these CEO's are getting huge wedges, sharing some is a step in the right direction & a personal gesture from an individual not "the board" & rubber stamped by the share holders (probably represented by pension companies & fund managers who want an excuse to pay themselves massive bonuses).

Watching Olympics at work? How to avoid a £1k telly-tax fine


It is a few seconds behind!

Or is that just because I'm watching on a WfW x386 machine?

BIG BOOBS banished from Linux kernel


A valid term

"whenever Hyper-V virtualises Linux "

sounds like a recipe for a cock up or major mistake or a big boob.

Didn't algol 68 init vars to F00F because you were a fool if you used an uninitialised variable?

Boffins demo passwords even users don’t know


If you can reproduce it doesn't that mean you know it???

So do you play the game or just reproduce the key strokes?

If you actually play the game any small kid who can REALLY play can access everything!

Either way you can be rubber hosed into reproducing the keys. They could add a polygraph to check you aren't stressed - but having a system deny your password because you aren't relaxed enough would be a stress feedback loop!!!

The only way to avert rubber hose attacks is to have a dummy login - same username but different password which gives access to a reduced / false a/c and locks / deletes the original. The "hosers" have less incentive to get the real password once they know it is locked - doesn't mean they won't "hose" the victim some more though!

This would be handy for bank card PINs (I've known people frog marched to the hole in the wall to withdraw as much as they can & hand it over). If they could enter a 2ndary PIN which said they only had a tenner left at the same time alerting the police...

Half the team at the heart of the RBS disaster WERE in India


pay peanuts...

The fact that FTSE 100 companies directors salaries have risen 12% in the last 12 months because "we need to pay the market rate to get good people" would imply these people know that that paying the least possible tends not to get the best work.

Doesn't apply to people who actually do something apparently.

I've worked with a few (developers) from China - all young, keen, pleasant but very little experience and some with poor english / communications. Sounds like the RBS / India experience was similar.

Being UK based doesn't make you a better worker (and certainly not a better human being!!!) but 20 or 30 years experience and working in your native language makes a difference.


Re: One, two, three, jump! But where?

Co-op for me dudes!

Users still slack about passwords: Trustwave



American express wouldn't let me use the password I wanted as to was too long, I think they limit to 8 chars, Amex!?!!

Just had three goes to remember the memorable name for my bank which I haven't used for years... Yes it was memorable but so are a few hundred others!

Length beats special chars - hmmm, what length, what chars? there must be a formula for that...

Stonehenge WASN'T built by ALIENS - Boffins' shock claim


No Aliens?!?

Who do you think brought about the unification? Who could have travelled south coast to orkneys bringing peace and unification?

The whole thing is was an attempt to create a blue box bigger on the inside than the outside, duh!

Powering your iPad costs $1.36 per year


I may hang my fondle slab in the stair well, it gives out about as much light as my low energy bulb and apparently costs less to run.

Microsoft's Surface proves software is dead


Re: Uuuh, it seems to prove the opposite

People buy "solutions" - h/w without s/w is a paperweight, s/w without h/w isn't even that.

The change is h/w is now cheap & fashionable. Only geeks buy PC's because of the look & the spec, everyone else bought them because they needed them for apps (business, games, ...). People do buy handhelds / phones /laptops because of the look & spec so h/w has a mass market appeal it never had before.

Apple made h/w a consumer product - blue iMacs, white phones, ... They also tied s/w to h/w making it expensive and reliable but the cost can be hidden in the packaged solution.

However, there are plenty of business users who want beige boxes to run apps to do something.

Alan Turing 100: Visionary, war winner ... game maker?


Re: Untimely death...?!

Check out


He had finished the hormone treatment a year before his death, was regarded as in good spirits, he was conducting experiments using cyanide, there is no evidence "the poisoned apple" was poisoned.

The main evidence for suicide seems to be "it's the sort of thing his type do."

Not diminishing the appalling nature of his treatment but the suicide judgement seems deeply questionable.

On the other hand Turing was clever enough (and then some!) to disguise his actions if he had wanted to.

Chinese search newbie Jike takes on Baidu and Google


keep the stones out of the glass houses

If you don't like these guys say so but using the Urban Dictionary to "dis" them is such a reg thing - as in

" a type of weed that is below average, could be considered either brick weed or schwag."


And "Ping Pong"? Not Table Tennis then?

Former Acer CEO Lanci trousered £27m after PC-mountain cockup


Well, that's what these bosses keep saying, you have to pay to get the best (while outsourcing actual real jobs to the lowest bidder).

Rare AutoCAD worm lifted blueprints from Peru, sent them to China


Re: China?

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

...it probably needs longer in the oven

Amount of meat we eat will barely affect future climate change


Re: grain 2 beef bad, grass to beef good

Grass to mutton better? I'm still waiting to see some campaigning veggies trying to get their combine harvester up a Welsh mountain.

There are figures on grain / meat ratios here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feed_conversion_ratio (wikipedia MUST be true) but don't deal with land usage.

Vatican subtly shifts its position on The Blues Brothers


Re: Lets get to the gig

Although she's not a fan of the movie, at the start of any exciting journey, my wife will say

"It's 106 miles to [destination], we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark... and we're wearing sunglasses."

As a muso I AM a fan I will say (with the least provocation)

[ are you boys the police? ]

"No ma'am, were musicians"

Great band, I have all the albums - sad to have lost Donald “Duck” Dunn recently :-(

Tech boffins: Spend gov money on catching cyber crooks, not on AV


Re: Oh really?

I would not be happy buying new locks every year because the police / locksmiths kept letting the crims find the pass key...

It's not just the money I object to, my m/c runs like a slug which I'm blaming (on no real evidence) on all the AV checking that goes on. As for the Mcafee crap on my work PC, I don't have time to list all the woes it has caused me.

It would be interesting to do a carbon footprint on the energy expended on AV processes, h/w upgrades required, ...

CERN confirms neutrinos don't break light speed


science vs religion

science can (attempt to) tell us how, religion and philosophy can (theorise) why - unfortunately there are many people who extend the remit both ways.

>> 'science' never claimed to have 'power' in dealing with moral and existential questions; <<

and 'religion' never claimed to have the power over facts - plenty of religious people do claim that but plenty of scientific people (scientists? prob not!) claim the right to answer existential questions.

The clots who said the earth is the centre of the universe because there is a god are only marginally worse than the idiots who say there is no god because we live in some out of the way corner of a not very interesting galaxy.

GCHQ to encrypt your tweets with Enigma - for science


Not to diss Mr T but I thought the Poles "invented" the bombe:

>> It was a substantial development from a device that had been designed in 1938 by Polish Cipher Bureau cryptologist Marian Rejewski, and known as the "cryptologic bomb" (Polish: "bomba kryptologiczna"). <<

& thats wikipedia so it must be right!


>>Before World War II, Polish crypto-analysts had already designed an electro-mechanical machine to test Enigma rotor settings called a ‘Bomba’. However, in December 1938 the German military changed their system slightly thus thwarting the Poles’ ability to decrypt Enigma messages.<<

that's from http://www.bletchleypark.org.uk/content/machines.rhtm which may be more reliable.

Windows 8: Not even Microsoft thinks businesses will use it

IT Angle

Re: Good thing for Linux

Doesn't the database have reports that (combine to) print everything? Print to file as generic text run a shitload of PERL, import into (insert DB here) and spend a whole bunch have time manually checking the data - for a huge fee I can even help out ;-)