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China orders its telcos to rip and replace US chips with homegrown silicon by 2027


Re: Predictable

And it has been proven they do, dual elliptical curve?

Amazon search results now less self-centered, boffin says


An admission of guilt?

So since the pressure made then jump before pushed that is clear evidence that they were manipulating the market.

So historical fines going back how many year are in order now? 4% a year or something right? So apply that to all of their finances that have been reported going back that many years.

Because we could use some of it to upgrade the power grid the are leeching off.

Ex-Microsoft engineer gets seven years after trying to hire hitman for double murder


Child Protective Services

How would one get in contact with them regarding this. It wasn't stated if they still have custody over the adopted children but I'm pretty sure being convicted of soliciting murder for hire excludes you from being an adoption parent.

Despite two previous court victories, Tesla settles third Autopilot liability case


Is there a better advertisement

For the state of Tesla.

My reading it is that the settlement was so high that if it was let out, others would demand the same and quickly lead to insolvency.

It also hints at flaws so damning that it would itself ruin the business.

Silence says it all.

Irish power crunch could be prompting AWS to ration compute resources


We enjoy a level of service

One that we have come to expect and rely on.

It is a point of pride that we have not had a non weather related or unannounced power outage in years. Something that many Americans I talk to say is a monthly occurrence.

There is already growing and verbal concern amongst the regular people. It is very good to see that EirGrid is limiting what can be used where and when rather than bowing to the corporate Yankee dollar.

But there will be, no doubt about it, wide scale civil unrest if companies that don't pay fair tax and get other breaks start to bring down the power grid at the expense of public services and the people of the country.

It would likely be a building problem, the first times will be outrage, and then when it co tinues to happen people will take to the streets.

It is worth noting that while I don't know the locations of googles or Microsoft's data centers, amazon were far less conspicuous setting up a massive series of branded warehouses next to one of the busiest motorways, not very far from a very rough part of Dublin, one known for its tendency to set things they don't like on fire.

Industrial robots make people feel worse about jobs and themselves


No shot, really?

Who would have thunk it.

Being tasked with installing and maintaining the machine that took your job would be unfulfilling.

From able bodied worker, to just an assistant to a machine. Knowing you will be replaced and another person will carrying on in your place if you can't serve the machine well enough.

And it's a wonder why depression and suicide are increasing.

Academics probe Apple's privacy settings and get lost and confused


Its almost like that was the plan

"Centralizing these options would also prevent users from getting frustrated and giving up on finding the settings they're looking for."

US government excoriates Microsoft for 'avoidable errors' but keeps paying for its products


Real recognise real

That's all that happening here.

You start by saying a company should be punished for not fulfilling their duties to the government.

But the government frequently fails to.fulfill anything they say, and what punishment do they get, a fat paycheck, a government car and driver (in a massive great Mercedes) and a massive pension for life.

So all that happening here is Microsoft , coughed gently and nodded back to the accuser and shrugged it shoulders.

Ivanti commits to secure-by-design overhaul after vulnerability nightmare


Only after the fact

This is infuriating to me. They know there is serious security concerns with holding sensitive information, yet design the business such that security is the later thoughts after money.

Anyone operating with this sort of information should be default security before all and then have it verified and tested, not just call it good and expect it not to be pushed, that's how we end up here with sensible, but in context utterly idiotic statements like "we have been humbled" and going forward with security-by-design now that it has happened.

Nah, that should be grounds for the company board and engineers fired and the project given to more responsible people.

Security should be the default JOB 1. Then the functionality while maintaining the security.

UK and US to jointly develop AI test suites to tackle risks


Like history means nothing

Two previous major collaborations between the US and UK, nuclear weapons, and passing the speed of sound in flight, resulted in the UK info being stolen and none provided in return.

Basically using the UK as an unpaid dev office.

And now... Here it is again. Hope its worth the tax payer investment.

Time to examine the anatomy of the British Library ransomware nightmare


Re: Reason #854637

"and that was paying £500 a day. WTF do they think they'll get for that?"

£3,500 a week

£14,000 a month

£168,000 a year

That doesn't sound terrible.

Even being generous and assuming a 5 day week


£10,000 a month

£120,000 a year

A lot closer to the needed standard for buying a house but still 20k clear a year.

For reference, I get £500 a week, for structural steel. Stuff that carries traffic and hangs above traffic, actual life on the line stuff. If I could get pair 5x for am office job, with much lower hazard risks and mental stress that would be a done deal.

Yes I know there's education in there but that's true for any job.

Fujitsu to shutter operations in Republic of Ireland


Well that's nice.

Shame it doesn't extend to the people they ctimised, imprisoned and indeed had a large hand in more than a couple of deaths related to their mistake.

Sure a printer repairman really needs the suicide counciling that deserves to be with the families of those lost.

Whizkids jimmy OpenAI, Google's closed models


*One of the recommendations of the report is "that the US government urgently explore approaches to restrict the open-access release or sale of advanced AI models above key thresholds of capability or total training compute." That includes "[enacting] adequate security measures to protect critical IP including model weights."*

Guys, we made it too good, now we have to try to stop people using it.

At this stage, every day is some catastrophe, not even centered around AI, just general incompetency of those in control of most everything.

Please please, stop trying to fix this and just take the brakes off. Its already a fucked up mess, let's just get to the conclusion rather than drip feed life altering doom every week.

Sunak's defunct SaaS scheme spent seven percent of budget designed to help 100,000 SMEs


Standard government fare

Been this way for as long as in remember. Promise the world, deliver nothing. As long as it sounds good and keep them.elected who cares

Windows 10 failing to patch properly? You are most definitely not alone


Just forgetting the past now?

"However, the issue speaks of a greater malaise within Microsoft and the Windows team."

This has been a constant problem since XP.

This isn't odd, this is "the way its done".

A change in behaviour would be notable, but this isn't that. Its been this way for over a decade. This is just standard operating procedure, no one has done anything about it in that time, so why would Microsoft feel pressured to do anything about it.

Boeing paper trail goes cold over door plug blowout


Re: What is going on?

"Both the above destroy confidence in the honesty and integrity of air safety."

At this stage, replace Boeing with any large influential IS business, and we are there.

By zero cause of our own doing we are regularly subjected to american idiocy, where ultimately the non Americans paynwoth their lives, but we still support this bullshit.

The USA need to be treated like the third world dictatorship it is, placed under sanction for war crimes and held account able for murdering hundreds of people outside their borders.


Re: Ranking

But didn't you know? America runs the world. If america, can tell dutch companies to ignore their government and do what they say, why is it surprising that simple language has gone their way.

We live in a wine country system. Long past then two party option within our, its all just america now, what they say goes.

Its a good thing this planet is beyond our control now, hopefully it just gets quicker now and wipes out humans.

Apple's had it with Epic's app store shenanigans, terminates dev account


Hire a private developer.

Just have one work on behalf of an mutual benefactor (Epic) and release a third party app(store) under them and funnel the Fortnite downloads that way.

Apple can stop every developer they want, but if that turns into every developer, then they will have to ban all third party development.

Not sure if they are that insane for control but that would be a good test. Turn all apple developers into now rival third party app makers through contracts to make Epics stuff for apple products on their behalf. Sure not as profitable for epic but potentially a scorched earth approach for apple if epic really want to try run them down.

Dutch government in panic mode over keeping ASML in the country


Blind to the US?

The vast majority of the comments I see are debating this like its an internal thing to the Dutch, but this is all because the US are forcing laws on companies outside their physical borders or control. Its messed up and incredibly worrying that the US is able to exert country changing influence on companies they are no part of and thus get to directly influence global markets by telling various companies to do what america says, not what their own country says.

And of.course everyone agree with the tyrannical US because "they know best"

.*Ah-merica! Ah-merica!*



EU users can't update 3rd party iOS apps if abroad too long


Oh, always on, individualised, global, localtion tracking.

This is going to be fun to watch. That's pretty much the bingo card for getting yourself in EU courts.

I see what they are doing though, using the broadness of law to push it as far as they can, so the wording will end up getting so specific after rewrites to pin it down, they will then just rename/switch technology and the ultra specific laws now won't apply to them any more and the circus starts again.

What a surprise! Apple found a way to deliver browser engine and app store choice



So before we had the "choice" of a locked down system, and an open system that allows you to lock it down.

Now we "only" have the option of 2 systems.that can be locked down, or open.

You will note there were 3 choices in the first statement, and 4 in the second... Yes... Somehow to you 4 is less than 3.

World-plus-dog booted out of Facebook, Instagram, Threads


Re: 'Link', not 'Nexus'.

Hey. Someone was paid good money to rul that jargon up the flagpole of the world of corpo/pol world.


Re: I've got a tenner...

Yeah, couldn't be, its never DNS.

Who. ould make such changes on a production environment anyway...

US accuses Army vet cyber-Casanova of sharing Russia-Ukraine war secrets


And didn't even get to try it.

That's some expensive "personal services". A fine and jail time over some skin.

Spam crusade lands charity in hot water with data watchdog


No fine?

So just willfully advertising that you can do this and be given leeway to 30 days. So realistically that means they have 11 months of free message abuse. Just take a break out every 29 days.

Updates are plenty but fans are few in Windows 11 land


Waits for patch Tuesday for impact.

China warns of fake digital currency wallets fleecing netizens


Just a question, what do you define as fake currency?

Back from the dead: LockBit taunts cops, threatens to leak Trump docs


Sooner than expected!

Though it foes fall into my "In next weeks news" time frame.

I wonder if anyone would have taken the bet. Maybe I should make friends with financially unsound FBI agents and bet them they can't do their job properly.

LockBit identity reveal a bigger letdown than Game of Thrones Season 8


In next weeks news

*LockBit are back, stronger and more aggressive than before!*

If I didn't despise gambling it would certainly be worth the bet, if anyone is unwise enough to take it.

X protests forced suspension of accounts on orders of India's government


Re: Free Speech?

Freeze peach

Infosys enjoyed a boom in UK government invoices in 2023


Likely yes. They will be out of power by the time the 5+ year o

Inquiry is over, having cost the tax payer millions, to turn up nothing and he will be kicking it in India with his wife.

Upstart retrofits an Nvidia GH200 server into a €47,500 workstation


Cities skylines 2 I think?

Seems that its just horrifically badly optimised though, so that might change.

Fake LastPass lookalike made it into Apple App Store


So much for the AppStore safety claims

I really hope this and other examples are brought up in the on going "make apple open the phone to others" cases happening.

The main point apple always fall back on is the the app store means safety. Well that's demonstrably and repeatedly false.

I don't really expect law makers to actually read relevant news about the thing the a working on. But this is a serious win for them if they see it.

IT suppliers hacked off with Uncle Sam's demands in aftermath of cyberattacks


Re: "Trust us. We're with the government, and we're here to help."

I know the thought behind then post is a different direction but I had a thought too reading the headline.

Contractor reports intrusion, the submitted report gets intercepted by "bad guys" and instead of the authorities showing up demanding full access to their physical systems it is just more hackers who now have actual physical access.

IBM Japan and NTT think they can make datacenter aircon adjust to different workloads


Re: How does it work currently?

Thank you.

I had kind of assumed it was variable but yeah the writing is just bad. Like bad in its execution and bad in its premise if this is already a thing and couldn't explain or reference other systems for comparison.


How does it work currently?

Is cooling just on or off? Is temperature monitor and cooling adjustment a new thing?

Chinese Coathanger malware hung out to dry by Dutch defense department


"State backed malware"

Is that term becoming meaningless to anyone else yet?

Just barely specific enough to say "it was this country" but not at all specific about who, when, where, or how.

Mozilla adds paid-for data-deletion tier to Monitor, its privacy-breach radar


Re: The genies have escaped the bottles; the crap is everywhere

Then perfect blend of technology and magic.

US research body sues chip tech company Japan’s government plans to buy


Yeah was going to say the same

Wikileaks source and former CIA worker Joshua Schulte sentenced to 40 years jail


Re: Really?

" in an encrypted container beneath three layers of password protection,"

That to me looks like theatrics to get the idiot public to get on their side.

He knew what the CIA was capable of computer wise considering the content of the leak. He would know that password protected folders are not secure against brute force attacks. So adding two more layers is not something they would likely bother doing.

But does it sound like HACKERMAN behaviour? To the average layman yeah.


Re: Really?

Do keep in mind the the FBI took over, maintained, hosted and operated a fully functional CSAM website/forum for more than a year "to catch more criminals"

The FBI served and supplied CSAM willingly.

So apart from the FBI being a literal CSAM producing entity... They clearly have access to as much of it as they like for what ever reason. Wouldn't be a huge should to get some buddies in contact to make some files appear where they would be convenient if found.

Dems and Repubs agree on something – a law to tackle unauthorized NSFW deepfakes


Let me introduce you to Mr. Krabs

*I like money*

Mr. Krabs here likes money, in this fictional universe he is a lawyer.

Many cases from poor people show up asking to get protection/compensation from a nebulous non entity making pictures online from potentially anywhere in the world, further it may not even be a person but just a AI doing random things.

There is zero financial incentive to work on this. The amount of work needed to just find the creator is not worth it.


What if... Enough controversy could be gathered in one place and force an insane outcome.

One say where lawyers are suddenly in demand for very VERY wealthy clients, but shock horror, there's no actual law for them to protect or sue against.

Again suddenly you find the higher ups will be very busy making those laws.

Who cares about the people, MONEY IS IN DANGER HERE!


Americans are braindead

This has been an issue for years, and regarding teens in schools too. Police, FBI and senators were contacted to try and get them to do something.

Nothing was done.

Happens to a pop star, the white house immediate speaks out asking with all the previously contacted authorities.

They knew this was a thing and did not care at all, even actively refusing to do anything when it happened to actual children.

Its times like these I actively wish for colossal world threatening events, like yellow stone exploding, just to get a fresh start for the human race, or maybe just wipe us out entirely. Seems the best outcome for everyone.

Congress told how Chinese goons plan to incite 'societal chaos' in the US


Not easy problems?

You say they are not easy problems to solve but reading the article its the very people warning of this that are causing the biggest problems

You want to solve this, education!

Right now people don't even know what's vulnerable to worry about. And instead of educate them, and help them protect themselves and their equipment they put out a general fear mongering statement that "China is already here"

That's just moving the responsibility from the manufacturers, maintainers and users to the army branches to try and stop China.

That's also not going to happen. You need the nation to work as a whole, understanding and mitigating their own flaws.

Pushing this to "we must stop China" is just insiting war.

SolarWinds slams SEC lawsuit against it as 'unprecedented' victim blaming


"But guuuyyyysssssss, we told.you it was vulnerable, you all.still used it anyway. Not our problem"

Also sounds like victim blaming.

And if they knew there was the potential for attack then security should be on constant high alert and looking for the "known" vulnerability.

It took Taylor Swift deepfake nudes to focus Uncle Sam, Microsoft on AI safety


Re: Just AI?

Only when it becomes easy apparently.

AI-driven booze bouncers can ID you with face scan


Re: Brave New World

"God help the youngsters of today. What a dystopian future they have ahead of them!"

Suicidal though is a daily mental challenge, largely brought on by the state of the world and the constant barrage of "thing are getting worse" while being told to be happy about it.

Missed expectations, zero guidance: Tesla's 'great year' was anything but


Re: Right

In genuinely curious, what do you use?


Re: FSD on old Hardware

And yet, existing black boxes have been appr9ved, and have subsequently murdered people, and they were/are.still.out there doing their thing.

I appreciate the optimism, but this is the USA we are talking about, land of the free, home of the money hungry sociopath with no regard for other people.

Self driving will be approved and unleashed, people will continue to be murdered by Tesla engineers and nothing will be don't about it as long the money flows.

*points at previous stories/court cases*

United Airlines’ patience with Boeing is maxed out after repeated safety issues


Choose better words

"We have let down our airline customers..."

Yes, rapidly, and from a great height, more than once, and its not your customers you should apologise to for that.